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Bamboo Clams in Garlic Scallops with Garlic Butter
Review (3)
Level4 2014-03-25
see my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/03/25/enjoyable-crab-beehoon-dinner-ming-kee-live-seafood-on-23mar2014/decided to go to ming kee live seafood at macpherson for dinner on sunday 23.3.2014. :-) it was few shops from swa gardens when we had nice teochew food recently.i don’t take crab often as i find it expensive. but this time we were in the mood for crab. we ordered their signature crab beehoon. its S$54/kg so S$75.60 for a 1.4kg sri lankan crab. usually when eating with friends or children, don’t really get to eat much so this time just 2 of us, it was like feasting on crab. i could not resist ordering the S$5 cockles. it was simple dish served with fish sauce & cut chilli. not the raw cockles (血蛤) i had at two chefs, small & not as fleshy..still, enjoyed nonetheless! the beehoon was tasty with sweet crab flavour. the sri lankan crab was meaty & fresh & sweet. i don’t take crab often enough to judge but didn’t find it any special though. it was not bad i think the house of steam fish, golden spoon etc were better than this.we had the coconut jelly dessert. it was just S$8 & the jelly looked like using the coconut juice & adding agar agar. it was good, mildly sweet which was just right & refreshing.dinner was S$101 in total for 2pax. we had only crab, cockles & coconut jelly. there was GST but no service charge but S$3pax charge already for towels etc (no appetisers).ok & very enjoyable for this evening because we were in the mood to have crab, but otherwise not a place i would usually go. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-12
Had a wonderful dinner at ming kee live seafood. The seafood here is really fresh and well prepared.This was my first time tasting bamboo clam, and it was really a delicacy! The clam was huge and steamed with butter and garlic, which gave it a special aroma. The meat was fresh and succulent. Though expensive, it's definitely a must try!The kai lan was pretty poor though. It tasted slightly undercooked and wasn't even cut into decent portions. Though it had that wok hei taste, it was too hard to chew.. The stir fried clams were fresh but it tasted average at best. It was also a chore to filter through the shells for the small pieces of clam meat. The steamed frogs tasted good, with the essence of chicken lending much flavor to the fresh frogs.As for the crabs, the black pepper taste was strong but the sauce was abit too salty. Not poor, but average at best. Freshness is really what you can expect from ming kee. Everything tasted fresh, even though there were hits and misses tastewise. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-15
After doing some research on the restaurant, I realised it used to be a Zi Char stall in Marine Parade before it shifted to the current place in Macpherson. The Crab Bee Hoon was very good. The bee hoon they used absorbed the crab flavour very well. The crabs were excellent too. The pincers are large and the meat is full but at a cost of $45 per kg.The other dish that was really good is the steamed flower clams (Philippine La La). The sauce was your typical steam fish sauce but it was a heavenly combination. The yam paste here was thick and gooey unlike those watery version. Instead of using coconut milk, the dish substituted it with pumpkin. Mashing the pumpkin together with the yam paste was another excellent combination and substitution for the coconut milk. continue reading
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