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Mitsuba serves authentic yet inexpensive Japanese meals by going light on the presentation. This has become the hallmark of Mitsuba – famous for its premium quality Thick Cut sashimi and sushi, and wide selection of dishes in both its Ala-carte Buffet and Simply Ala-carte menus. continue reading
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A same old brand new Japanese restaurant located at Clarke Quay area, the former Mitsuba by Yurine has been reborn, retaining merely the first part of the name, now known proudly as Mistuba Japanese Restaurant simply.  There has been a total overhaul - management, signboard, menu, concept, aesthetics and feel. Mistuba Japanese Restaurant offers a la carte buffet dinner with over 130 dishes at merely SGD$36.90++ for adults and SGD$23.90++ for children.They started us with the Chirashi Sushi (assorted sashimi with sushi rice) - these lovely sets range from SGD$28.00 to SGD$68.00, and are served with a Miso Soup, an Otoshi (starter) and Fruits, making it a really worthwhile choice.  The assortment of raw fish was all very thickly-sliced and fresh, bouncy in texture and tasty in their natural flavour. It was utterly delicious, especially for sashimi lovers like me.Then we had the Unatama Maki (SGD$16.00) - unagi (eel) and BBQ egg sushi roll; it was a splendid concoction that married the soft sweetness of the omelet and the slightly acidic flavor of eel into a successful gastronomical union.Next up, two of the most delicious items here - Ebi Mentaiyaki (SGD$18.00) and Hotate Mentaikayi (SGD$18.00) - prawns and scallops smeared generously with marinated roe of pollock and cod! Taste the saccharine flavours of the seafood amongst the rich, buttery coating of mentaiko, with ever the slightest hint of 'popping' crackling from the very tiny cod grains - every palate's dream.The festive promotion of Horse Hair Crab (SGD$38.00++) known as "Kegani" from Hokkaido and steamed perfectly and served with the Chef's secret recipe sauce, how could one resist this crab? The shell was full of fine hairs indeed, but rest assured the Chef has opened up the shell skillfully enough to keep it covered yet diners can pry the top shell open very easily. This juicy and saccharine dish left us raving, and there were plenty of flesh even within the hairy legs themselves.The Yuzu ice-cream was resplendant with the refreshing and citrusy qualities always associated with the fruit itself; there were even tiny pieces of yuzu peel within - the perfect conclusion to a sumptuous meal.For full review and more photographs, please refer here thanks:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/04/media-invite-dinner-at-mitsuba-japanese.html continue reading
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Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant is the 3rd restaurant started by Chef Peter, a well known grumpy chef of the famed Chikuwa Tei and Wasabi Tei. There have been a loyal following of customers who have sworn their soul to his famous Chirashi Bento. I didnt get to try it this time, so maybe the next!I think I died and went to heaven, the moment I shove the first mouthful of minced tuna into my mouth. Damn blardy good. Just look at how thick and juicy each piece of sashimi was!I really really enjoyed every single item I tried here in Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant. The sashimi was fresh, thick, juicy and generous. The rice is also worth a special mention cause it is so fluffy and sweet and deliciously mixed with the Japanese vinegar, I am having a hard time resisting it!Prices are at SGD20++ for a bowl of salmon don, ,but trust me. You will be darn willingly to pay that price for this bowl of heaven on earthREAD MORE FOOD REVIEWS @ ROUNDTUMTUMS.COM continue reading
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Went there once for lunch for their set meals and was pretty impressed by the freshness of the Sashimi. The Hotate is really sweet and melts in your mouth kind. It was that nice that I went back with a group of friends for dinner, and that is when I get to try the best Tamago Sushi I ever tried. The sweetness is just right, and it's soft and fluffy. Might seem a bit pricey at $3 for two but it's super worth it. Sashimi are fresh and really value for money for that kind of standard. You have to try for yourself as it's hard to describe.The Haru Chirashi set is super value for money at $28++, you get 5 different assortments of fresh, thick slices of sashimi along with warm sushi rice that is of good standard too. Service is a little meh at Mitsuba but I must say the food is worth dismissing the not up to par service standards. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-19
The presentation comes in this bento box with 2 levels. One part is the rice and one part is the sashimis. Usually for Chirashi, the fish will already be laid out on top of the rice but at Mitsuba, they decided to go for this unique display. The rice is quite nice, a hint of vinegar so that there is a light sharpness to it. The sashimis are lovely and fresh but it wasn't a "blow me away" standard. But for the price of $28 for a variety of delicious fish plus sides like pickles, soups and fruits, it's very worth it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-18
Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant may come across as expensive when it comes to sashimi but they are definitely very very fresh. The scallops were huge and simply melted in my mouth. We also had the sushi platter which served up quite a significant variety of sushi. The salmon sushi was good because the salmon used was as fresh as the sashimi one. The wasabi was also hand grated and therefore also really tasty when mixed with the sushi. continue reading
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