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MK Restaurants is primarily a mixture of Thai and Chinese cuisine. The main menu features Thai-style suki that is a hot pot of fresh meats and vegetables. continue reading
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MK Suki Platter Tendered Pork MK Signature Ball Jade Noodles Custard Bun Taro Gingko Seed Bun
Review (8)
Level4 2014-05-29
MK Restaurant is one of Little Devil's favourite restaurant. Every time we are in Thailand, it is a definitely-must to have one meal in MK. So when MK re-open its branch in Singapore, she has been pestering me to eat there. We were discouraged by the waiting time at first and following that, we have a few trips to Bangkok, so there is no urge to visit MK. This visit was also by coincidence when we need to do something at 313@Somerset.When you enter the restaurant, you will find the familiar feeling as MK Restaurants in Thailand. Starting from the furniture, decorations, even the cutleries and steamboat induction cooker and pot. Basically 95% “same same”.However when you look through the menu, you will find some items from regular MK Restaurant not available here. Items on the menu are in three languages: English, Chinese and Thai. Apparently they are using the same menu as MK Gold, in Paragon Bangkok. Few of the favourite items, for example rugby and ping pong balls, that we like are not in the menu, great disappointment.We proceed to order their signature dishes such as crispy roast pork & char siew ($12.90/small), jade noodles ($3), crystal fish egg ball ($4), shrimp wanton ($4.50), MK signature ball ($5), pork liver ($4), sliced beef ($16/large), special seaweed roll ($5) and mushrooms and vegetables.The broth are standard. Clear and subtle. The food also come in the dark red plastic bowl that you can stack as high as you can. The jade noodle is very springy with fried garlic on top. The Crispy pork and char siew has the similar taste as in Thailand, however as they are not using Thai pork, the meat is not as tender as those in Thailand.For steamboat items, all the ingredients are quite fresh. The crystal fish egg ball has the crunchy taste in it, together with the shrimp wanton and MK Signature balls. The sliced beef has a good marbling and for the price, quantity given are quite generous. Of course having MK steamboat won't be complete without the MK Sauce. It was spicy and shiok according to LD. It seems they have gone through the re-branding to elevate their brand in Singapore. For Chubby Botak Koala, I sticks with light soya sauce It seems that MK is really serious in relaunching its branch in Singapore. Half of the service staff are Thai and well trained. They brought with them the friendliness of Thailand in their service, and their professionalism ensure everything works without a hitch. I was impressed. Did I mention, they also bring their ice tea here as well.Overall, I find that MK has done very well in the opening of a new branch in Singapore. It almost has not notice any difference whether you are dining in Singapore or Thailand. Price is very competitive, considering the location. Best of all, if LD need to satisfy her MK cravings, she can always pop by here for a meal. Cheers!! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
Ordering at MK is done via the electronic tablet system that is on each table. For those not so technologically inclined, you can order from the waiters that are bustling around the restaurant. There are also physical menus that you can flip towards. If you order through their tablet system, your dishes do arrive relatively fast.There was a waiting line of about 8 tables but we managed to get a table within 30 minutes. However, they didn't do a good job turning the table as there were areas that they had neglected to clean ie. sauce from the previous customers and their paper tab food orders.This time round, the waiters weren't so attentive and the condiments had to be requested by ourselves. ie. their MK sauce and garlic/chili side.We ordered a quarter duck, one large sliced beef, one portion of vegetables, and one coconut. Th total bill racked up to be about $60 for 3 pax. Not exactly a very cheap dinner but it satisfied the hotpot craving.The beef slices were finely sliced and were cooked with just a few swipes within the hotpot. The pieces were rather small though.The duck was surprisingly very tasty and tender. None of the stick in your teeth sort of business.The 3 of us decided to eat the hotpot in a new way by finishing up all the vegetables first before starting to cook the beef. (As opposed to cooking both simultaneously) It allowed us to leave feeling full, but not overstuffed. When you head to the cashier to pay, do take the paper tab which the waiters insert upon presenting your food so that the cashier can get your table number. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-12
Came to Mk restaurant for their steamboat before and now i'm back for their steamboat and ale carte! since i have posted regarding the steamboat standard in my previous post, i will only mention the ale carte dish this time round. This roasted duck meat is to die for!! duck lovers must definitely order this! exactly the same standard as the one i had in Bangkok MK restaurant. The meat is flavorful and tender. The tanned skin is also very tasty! this plate of duck meat cost around $12. continue reading
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Level1 2013-10-06
去过泰国曼谷旅游的朋友、乘捷運、逛商街都好相必对"MK" 不陌生。“MK Reataurant"是 泰国最有名的 火锅店、简称“MK" 因味道可口价格公道、当地人也喜爱、非常受欢迎、在曼谷有很多分店,几乎每个百货商场都有。MK有近五十年历史,深受泰国人欢迎,特色是泰国SUKI火锅 。原是香港人开,取名字开头MK,后来因为移民转让给了现在的老板,经营得法,在泰国特别流行。泰国的MK有自己的农场,几乎所有的蔬果、肉类、海鲜都是新鲜配送到各分店。发展至今,MK在泰国有三百多间分店,日本也有二十间,越南也有分店。对喜欢MK的星加坡朋友、有好消息!MK Restaurant 总于来到星加坡了!我们试了Suki火锅的牛肉和猪肉片、火锅蔬菜和汤头选了原味。火锅份量可2人享用。原味汤头本身己夠味、不沾酱烫川吃也可口。火锅配料种类也多、喜欢辣口味的朋友、必尝冬蔭湯头!MK也研犮自家品牌的酸辣沾酱、沾肉类蔬菜都且适宜 continue reading
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Level1 2013-08-27
I have tried MK several times when I was in Bangkok, and I do like it very much. Unlike Singapore, chinese style steamboat is not so commonly found in Bangkok. MK seems to dominate this market by having outlets in all major shopping malls in Bangkok. I am happy to see MK here in 313. The chicken soup is light but not bland and not oily. I am not sure if it tastes nice because of MSG, I did not feel thristy after the meal. Their own brand chilly sauce is very nice too. For those who like it more spicy, you can spice it up with garlic and chiily padi. We did not order the vegetable platter but ala cart items instead. I find that the vegetable set ($18) a little expensive since it only consists of vegetables, which are very cheap items. We ordered 7 items - 2 meats, 2 mushrooms, 1 Thai fish paste, 1 cabbage, 1 crabstick roll + 2 rice. It cost about $30++ for 2 pax. Price wise, it is reasonable, consider that the restuarant is clean, service is prompt (fast refill of plain water) and location is in Orchard. It depends on what you order really. If you are a small eater, or do not want a heavy meal, MK is a good choice. Personally, I do not like those steamboat outlets commonly found in Bugis area. Though you might be paying $$ for buffet, the food serving counter is messy, jam packed with people, aircon not strong or semi open air dinning. People over indugle in food, there are so much left over on the table. Prawn shells and seafood shells can be seen lying on the floor everywhere. The sight turns me off even before I decided to dine in any one of them. continue reading
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