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Nalan is a legendary chef and king from Indian mythology, famed as much for his righteousness as for his culinary skills. nALAn is not just the inspiration for our name, but it also defines the underlying ethos of our food: freshly made-to-order, using the finest ingredients, and maintaining the authenticity of the original time-honoured recipes from North and South India . One of the Singapore’s leading vegetarian restaurants, nALAn specialises in incredibly healthy preparations filled with the best of nature's goodness, while still pandering to all the five senses. The love and attention we lavish upon every serving rejuvenates your body and mind, and our carefully curated menu tantalises the palate with its amazing variety of Indian vegetarian cuisine from all across the sub-continent .nALAn’s skilled chefs are able to accommodate almost any dietary restrictions or food allergy without sacrificing taste or quality. continue reading
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Level4 2017-09-21
The restaurant was located just walking distance from the MRT station. For a weekday night, it enjoyed a healthy flow of crowd. The restaurant offered Indian vegetarian cuisine and Fusion cuisine.We started with some drinks which took us by surprise when served.Mango Lassi (S$5)The color of the drink was the yellow which one used expected, Instead it was orange in colour. The drink was not sweet.Badam Milk ($5)It was almond milk and the colour of the drink was in bright yellow. Although the almond taste was not very distinct, the drink was slightly sweet and tasted not bad.Butter Milk (S$3)The drink had a sour yoghurt like taste.Cream of Mushroom (S$7)The soup was cooked in western style with cream on top. While it was rich and creamy with bites of mushroom in it, it was rather peppery in taste. So hold off the pepper.Daaba Salad (S$6)The salad consisted of crunchy vegetables and tasted slightly spicy.Tandoori Platter (S$25)irresistible assorted five flavours of kebab : Tandoori Cauliflower, Tandoori mushroom, vegetable sheek kebab, Tandoori Paneer, and hara bara kebab.Interesting of having vegetables in kebab form. Very tasty.Gobi Manchurian (Dry) (S$12)cauliflower deep fry with capsicum, onion & spicy sauceAlthough the cauliflower was not light crispy, the dish was simply addictive. Kadai Paneer (S$14)cottage cheese cubes with capsicum & onion cubesNot sure why but the dish reminded of the sauce of chilli crab.Aloo Palak (S$11)potatoes cooked with spinach & spices The sauce was rich and creamy while potato remained firm and crunchy.Mushroom Mutter Methi (S$13)mushroom & green peas with onion, garlic & chilli Everyone's favourite main dish which went very well with rice or flatbread.Dal Makhani (S$11)black dal with spices, butter & creamThe dish reminded one of the gravy from butter chicken, buttery and rich.Jeera Rice (S$8)an Indian dish consisting of rice and cumin seeds The rice was buttery and went nicely with mains.Rumali Roti (S$4.50)thin indian flatbread prepared with maida or all purpose flour Everyone's favourite flatbread as it's plainness made it easy to go with any dish.Chappathi (S$2.50)flat bread made from whole wheat flour and water The flatbread was light and chewy.Flavoured Naan (S$4.50)(Butter/ Garlic)leavened, oven-baked flatbreadThe flatbread was buttery and garlicky. Kashmiri NaanIt was more like a dessert, with the flatbread topped with assorted dried fruit and nuts. Slightly sweet and nutty.Gulab Jamun (S$4.50)made mainly from milk solids, traditionally from freshly curdled milk.The balls are then soaked in a light sugary syrup Although the dough looked like fully soaked, it was soft and not too sweet.Carrot Halwa (S$5.50)made with grated carrots, whole milk, dried fruit, and nuts It tasted milky and sweet with nutty texture. continue reading
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Level1 2017-05-31
A colleague brought us to this establishment for lunch. This restaurant serves only vegetarian Indian food. Tried the South Indian set and found it to be very good and value for money 👍🏻 First time trying fried unripe banana. Will come here again to try other dishes continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)