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Nando's is a casual dining place that originated from the Mozambiquan-Portuguese community and the interior reflects the theme. Nando's is famous for their flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken, an Afro-Portuguese chicken. It is available in 4 levels of spiciness, from lemon & herb to extra hot. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-17
Nando's is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating from South Africa. It specializes in flame-grilled chicken dishes with lemon and herb, mango and lime, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot peri-peri marinades, serves with lemon and herb, mango and lime, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot peri-peri sauces. The chickens are marinated for 24 hours in our secret sauce until the flavour goes right through to the bone. They're then flame-grilled and basted in your choice of Nando's PERi-PERi sauce.Currently there are 11 outlets in Singapore. One of the outlets is located at Junction 8 Shopping Centre, taking over the space formerly occupied by Ramen Play. The outlet has 2 floors with its own toilet at the first floor, so one do not have to walk all the way to the mall's toilets. The place was brightly decorated in red, yellow and brown colors.We were showed to a table at the second floor. It was right next to the drink counter, which the staff remarked that we could help ourselves to the water and ice, as well as, soft drinks (if we order the bottomless soft drink).Peri Soup ($5.90++)It was mushroom soup and served with 2 pieces of fresh garlic roll.The roll was soft and fluffy. The soup had the flavours of mushrooms, but felt like a bit too much of flour in it.Full Platter ($43.90++)For 2 - 3 people to share.Whole Chicken+ 2 Large Sides OR 4 REG SidesThe set consists of a whole grilled chicken and 4 regular side dishes. As Nana could not take spicy food, she selected the chicken to in lemon and herb flavour. For the sides, we had selected Mediterranean Rice ($2.90 a la carte), Coleslaw ($2.90 a la carte), Grilled Vegetables ($2.90 a la carte), and PERi Chips ($2.90 a la carte).The rice tasted like buttered rice.The coleslaw was crunchy and milky.The grilled vegetables was consisted of onions, red peppers, carrot slices, sliced mushrooms, and sliced zucchini. Well grilled but a bit oily.As for the fries, it was supposed to be served with seasoning on top, we requested it to be served plain so that little JJ could enjoy it too. Sadly the fries was not crispy when served.The flame grilled chicken ($36.90++ ala carte), was served in 2 pieces and flattened. It tasted a bit sour and a bit dry. We could spicy it up ourselves with the various Nando's PERi-PERi sauces available on the counter. The sauces reminded me of tabasco sauce with its sour taste.Rainbow Cake ($5.90++)The staff had served the slice of cake with a candle on top, much to the delight of little JJ. He tried to light up the candle which was difficult due to the strong air con around. The cake looked very colourful. The cake was soft and sponge but could not taste any flavour in it.Overall the food was not bad. Service was great. Although the place was packed (there was a crying baby from downstairs throughout the meal), we had a pleasant meal. If one is paying by cash or by vouchers (like us), then you have to proceed to the counter at first floor, else bill will be brought to you and settle at your table. continue reading
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