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Bali's famous Naughty Nuri's has opened an outlet in Capitol Piazza. Well-known for their pork ribs and chops, they also serves a range of dishes from ‘appeteasers’ to salads, soups, sandwiches, steaks, Asian selections, and burgers, not to mention, notorious signature martinis. continue reading
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Pork Ribs
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The ever famous ribs from Bali has landed on the shores of Singapore. Yeap, I am talking about Naughy Nuri's! Indonesia's reknown bbq glazed pork ribs opens at Capitol Piazza. Pork ribs are one of my favourite food and after hearing of the opening, decided to venture there during their first couple days.How was it ? Well, compared to the Naughty Nuri in Bali, it was so much more expensive. LOL! However, this is probably one of the better places to get your ribs now in Singapore. We ordered the full rack which cost about $35 (pretty decent serving and pricing). The meat slid off the bones and were tender and very flavourful. We followed up with some Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and sides like fries, corncob and skin. Besides the pork, the other items were rather average. Fries though was one of the better sides that came out from the kitchen. overallreview @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2016/02/naughty-nuris-singapore-capitol-piazza.html continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-04
Tonight I was invited to a media tasting at this restaurant called Naughty Nuri. It has take over the space formerly occupied by a Japanese restaurant called ZAKU. The restaurant retains some of the modern decoration by the formerly restaurant, with addition of artworks around the place. Naughty Nuri origins from Ubad in Bali, Indonesia, and is known to have the best barbecued pork ribs in town. The outlet in Singapore is operated by Massive Collective which is known for its chain of restaurants and nightlife outlets in Singapore. The restaurant cum bar has 2 levels with a seating capacity of over 100 people.Indon Buffalo Drumlets ($7.80)Sweet, sour chili glazeAlthough it was spicy sweet, both of us finished it in no time. It was the best item of the meal. One piece was simply not enough.Crispy Pig Ears ($6.80)Spicy curry powder, limeThe crispy chewy ears were super addictive especially for the big pieces. The big ones had fatty melt in the mouth texture inside, which one felt got collagen in it. One could not help wanting to reach out for a glass of iced cold beer. Grilled 'Porn Corn' ($6.80)Lemon, chiliIt was actually grilled corn, although one could not help but think very far with word 'porn' on the menu. Simple and juicy.Wagyu Steak ($23.50)Burnt asparagus, fries, bernaiseAlthough bernaise was written on the sampling menu, but we were not served any of it. The meat was quite tender and juicy.Signature Authentic Naughty Nuri's ribs ($18.80/ Half Rack, $35.80/ Full Rack)For 20 years, Naughty Nuri's is said to have the best sticky ribs in Bali. The ribs are marinated in balinese spicies and glazed on charcoal with its Asian BBQ sauce.The ribs was fork tender and easily removed from the bone, I felt that the taste was a bit too bland.Don't forget to have the meats with the sambal (chilli sauce) for an even spicier kick. It gave a sweet and spicy taste at the same time. I could not help but keep dipping all the meat with this sauce. It was very addictive one.Burnt Squid ($8.80)Garlic, cumin, red pepper sauceThe plain looking, smoky squid rings was a well match with the tangy and slightly spicy sauce. However I felt it would be better had the squid be slightly undercooked, as it was a bit too chewy for me.Baked Potato With Sour Cream & Bacon ($5.80)The potato was soft and fluffy, topped with lots of sour cream. Nice but I wished that there could be shredded cheese and chopped chives too. Felt that the sour cream was a bit too watery too.Mango Mousse ($8.80)lychee granita, pomelo, limeThe mango mousse was rich and creamy, and balanced quite well with the bitter pomelo, juicy sweet mango cubes. Could not taste the lychee in the granita. More like just shaved ice to me.In line with the Bali's beach theme, the cocktails here offers a tropical feel with the use of local fruits such lemongrass, coconut and pineapple in its drinks. By the way the bartender here was Ricky Paiva formerly Head Bartender from Manhattan Bar (Regent Hotel).Nuri's Signature Martini ($19.50)It was a rich coconut base milky drink with a hint of pineapple juice in it, topped with a piece of grilled pineapple wrapped in pandan leaves. Coco De Aqua ($16.50)Plantation 3-star, fresh lime juice, coconut water (carbonated)It was quite a tangy and refreshing drink which cooled one quickly.Peanut Mai Tai ($19.50)Plantation 3-star, fresh lime juice, cointreau, peanut butter orgeat, angostura bittersThe drink reminds one of the peanut sauce used for satay, just without the spiciness. One could taste the smoothiness of the grounded peanut.Non Alcoholic Coconut Smoothie An interesting drink which reminded one of the local dessert chendol. A coconut base milky filled with the green chendol jelly, grass jelly and Attap Chee (palm fruit).Overall the food was good, but not that great, a bit overhypered. Maybe I was expecting a bit too much. continue reading
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