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Nazt Bistro Lounge is a restaurant along Club Street which serves a variety of Italian fare. Relax away in its quiet and laidback ambience for dinner after a long day of work or an afternoon tea. continue reading
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Level4 2011-06-23
My wife always sharing with me how good the mushroom soup at Nazt Bistro Lounge. She also told me that this bistro is opened by ex-chief Pan Pacific Hotel. One day, my boss called me for meeting at Shenton Way in the morning. After our meeting, my boss asked me to join him for lunch and asked me any nice place ti dine. I recalled abt this Bistro that my wife keep promoting and i told my boss why don't we go checked it out. When we reached there, we did not wait very long to get seated down. The environment is very cosy and both of us started to order the food. Of coz, i orderd mushroom as well which my boss promoted how good it taste. After trying the soup, there is only one word i will say is "GOOD". Overall we like the place and also the food. Strongly recommend to go there to dine. continue reading
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Level4 2011-06-21
I found this restaurant by purchased a discount coupon online for dine-in. The environment is cosy. I m impressed with their presentation of the food. One of the waitress told me the chef was from Pan Pacific Hotel previously. The bread is soft. The main course pork is tender. I like the watermelon dessert. It was so special that its my first time to eat the watermelon which is cooked with caramel at the outer layer. I will definitely go back and try on other dishes. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Contrary to the noisy and crowded pubs that line Club Street, Nazt Bistro Lounge offers a cozy ambience suitable for a quiet night out. The dim lighting, however, did make food photography a rather arduous task.Warm and fluffy slices of herb bread and white bread were served after we placed our orders, I preferred the former.Seafood Delight ($22++): Oven baked fillet of sole, grilled prawn & clams served with clam chowder, caviar & crab oilCooked to flaky doneness, the mild-flavored sole proved to be a good match with the rich clam chowder perfumed with crab oil. The caviar-topped freshwater prawn that was the centerpiece of this dish didn't disappoint either, with its fresh and sweet flesh. Pan Seared Watermelon ($8++): Caramelized watermelon with berries & ice creamWarm watermelon's not my thing but I certainly enjoyed the delicious scoop of honey ice cream. This was made all the more delicious when paired with crunchy bits of buttery crumble.While the friendly and unobstrusive service would be ideal for couples, I've got to admit that it was difficult to attract the waiter's attention when it was time to pay the bill! For those watching their wallets, there is also a $18++ three-course set lunch available at bNazt. continue reading
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Level2 2010-07-08
Nazt is located some 50m away from Birds & Co., one of my favourite vintage bookstores that I frequent whenever I come to Ann Siang. Despite its humble outside, Nazt is the type of place that enthralls guests the monent they set foot into the interior. If you are here for lunch, lunch menu items are available at an afforable price of $15, while addtional $3 will get you a 3-course set lunch which include a salad/soup of the day and dessert. My companion chose <STRONG>Chicken Kiev</STRONG> which was breaded chicken breast stuffed with melted butter. Well seasoned with butter before breading, the melted butter sipped through chicken breast during the cooking process, leaving there a moist and savoury inside. Flavoursome juice oozed out to meet the knife as it travelled effortlessly across. As for me, their Rib Eye Steak was my answer to my recently craving for a hearty steak. Grilled to perfection and served with homemade red wine sauce, this piece of succulent steak will send many go weak in the knees upon the first bite. The refreshing bite of the rocket leaves cut through the tender beef, providing a much welcomed balance.If you think the $18 set lunch is the best part, guess what? Lunch menu here gets a revamp every two weeks. Here I have yet another reason to hit Nazt again. Check out their <A href="http://www.nazt.sg/ourmenu.html">menu</A> here. For more yummy photos, feel free to visit me at <A href="http://amasou-umasou.blogspot.com/2010/06/nazt.html">Amasou-Umasou</A>. continue reading
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