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NeNe Chicken offers a range of crispy fried chicken coated with a delectable selection of secret recipe sauces, each with its own distinct character. continue reading
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Level1 2015-09-05
This is the NENE stall at PP foodcourt.   I ordered the $9.90 set that came with 3 chicken parts, some skinny fries and small dish of radish.  It was quite a big portion for one person, considering the size of the parts.  But, this is smallest availabe for the Swicy flavour.  The chicken was cool and the sweet and not spicy sauce was thick and gooey on the chicken.  Does not taste good.  I reckon it will taste better if the chicken was refried to hot and then the sauce will not be so thick when applied to the hot chickent.  To serve such standard to a customer is not acceptable to me, so I will not return.  The radish serving is miserable.  Plus point, the fries tastes nice, esp with the swicy sauce, maybe because the fries came hot. continue reading
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Full NeNe Chicken review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/11/nene-chicken.htmlFounded in Korea in 1999, the popularity of their signature Korean style sauce fried chicken has seen NeNe Chicken franchises blossom worldwide. Since opening its 1st outlet in Singapore the Star Vista mall in December 2012, NeNe Chicken, whose name means 'Yes Yes' in Korea, has consistently drawn long queues for its tasty, affordable fast food.Ambience at NeNe Chicken is akin to other fast food franchises, with colourful, modern looking furniture that is packed tightly within the small floor space of its outlets. And just like other fast food joints, there is a slight uncleanliness of scruff marks and litter that sometimes dot the tables. The menu board is large, attractive and colouful, though I find the lack of detail uncomforting.Service at NeNe Chicken is fast food style self service, where you order, make payment, and collect your order at the counter. You're also encouraged to clear your waste when done, as staff take quite some time to clear dirty tables. I do find staff rather knowledgeable if you ask them general questions about the food or menu. But I like that they're probably the 1st fast food franchise to provide hygiene items like plastic gloves!Food at NeNe Chicken revolves around their Korean style sauce fried chicken, using cuts such as wings, thighs, tenders / strips, or drumlets. Portions are sufficient for 1 person, and generally cost less than SGD $10 per meal. I love that they offer a good variety of sauces for their fried chicken, which makes repeat visits worthwhile.Each NeNe Chicken Set Meal (SGD $6.90 - $9.90) typically includes a NeNe Chicken Drink, usually a soft drink of some kind, and sour, tangy Kkakdugi / Cubed Pickled Daikon Radish, along with Buffalo Sticks, and your choice of Korean sauce fried chicken. You can also choose to swap out 1 side dish for a Coleslaw, which features crabmeat!I love the crisp, thin, Buffalo Sticks! The taste calls to mind the familiar taste of A & W Curly Fries, tasting exactly the same! Good potato flavour, hot, crunchy, lovely!The Original Crispy Chicken With Honey Mustard is a star on the menu. Juicy, moist chicken meat, and a crisp, crunchy, savoury skin, with fat that peels away easily. Paired with a tangy, slightly sour, slightly sweet honey mustard sauce that wakes the palate, totally delicious! I love that it's not too oily, and tastes fresh! Highly recommended!The popular Swicy Chicken is doused with a sticky, sweet and sour sauce, with a mild hint of spice, and a garnish of black and white sesame seeds. I like that the meat is juicy without being dry, and the skin remains crisp for some time despite being completely covered with sauce. Very good! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-17
It was my second time at nene and i decided to try out other flavours. I ordered swicy flavour previously and it was quite average. After reading some reviews i have decided to order the cheese flavour chicken set meal (sgd $7.90++). And indeed this is nice! I really love the rich cheese taste and the chicken is tender and soft. The skin is crispy and hot. A wonderful combination with the cheese flavour too. My only complaint is the portion is quite small. Or maybe it is so delicious that i just want to have it more. Overall, i like this alot. The fries are nice too. Will definitely come back and have it soon! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)