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If you enjoy dessert and crazy over pastries, you would not want to miss Nick Vina's mouth-watering Artisan French pastries. Every single of their Artisan French pastries is specially crafted by hands. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-13
A revisit this time to Nick Vina had paid off because they have added new cakes and they tasted better than those on my 1st visit. The Lemon Pistachio Mousse $6 consists of pistachio mousseline, pistachio jaconde (a type of sponge), lemon mousseline on digestive short crust. I like this lemon-pistachio combination because the flavors are subtle and the tartness is just right. Perfect to go with the crumbly not sweet base.Millefeuille $6 tastes good overall but the puff pastry layers lack the crunch. But the tinge of saltiness helps to cut the thick icing sugary glaze.I seldom take note of a weight of a cake but this Apricot Praline $6 is exceptionally heavy. But I am not complaining because the components blend very well. The fruity apricot jam sat between hazelnut dacquoise base and 70% chocolate mousse, with chunks of hazelnuts and thin praline feuilettine to provide that sought-after crunch.Another heavy-weight pastry is this gorgeous strawberry matcha tart $6. Do not expect matcha mousse or custard as the green tea is mixed into the baked filling of the tart as matcha almond fragipane (sth like pound cake). Base was very sweet but the fruity strawberry mousse was a nice contrast. What's the best thing about the pastries here? The uber-crunchy pastry shell. However, recently walked past the place again and many items have been changed. I see new faces like carrot cake, new york cheese cake, chocolate banana, but these are too mainstream. I seriously hope they can avoid this route and produce uniquely Nick Vina pastries again.For full review and more photos, please visit http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2013/08/nick-vina-artisan-bakery.html continue reading
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For a full story coverage and pictures; please visit:http://www.epinosh.com/2012/09/nick-vina-artisan-bakery-singapore.htmlIt's a painful fact that not everyone is bestowed with a perfect baking skills. It could be in your blood or you acquired them through extended years of hardship. The job of a true baker is often laborious, with repetitious kneading and knocking the dough all day which cannot be completely replaced with the help of a machine. The willingness to put up with the intensive physique exhaustion came from the the passion and love they have that grow exponentially. Nationality does not differentiate the quality of their bakes but their devotion will.While I rejoiced in the sprouting of many new European bakeries, I have vehement desire for local bakers who do away with large-scale productions. But the truth is such that my yearning has not been quite fulfilled by the limited number of distinguished local bakers who emphasize on handcrafted bread. Among the few, Chef Nick Chua is one (no preferential treatment notwithstanding that we bear the same surname..aw). Nick, who had his training in Germany, had spent some years working in a small but reputable bakery shop in Hanover. He returned to Singapore, bringing with him the competency in crafting delicious artisan bread to serve his fellow countrymen that includes myself. Typically, I am more delighted by the French baguette, Honey oat loaf and Granny sticks. Most renowned bakers would agree that it has been a challenge to maintain the crisp quality of the bread in Singapore, given its high humidity environment. This problem can only be reversed when I pop my baguette back to the oven for a quick toast. Apart from reviving its crispiness to relish at, I get to sniff the aroma from fermented yeast as I bite into the chewy crumb. This may not be the best french wand but it was a good one to have. More heart-warming one, the honey oat loaf. A huge block of mass is masked with rolled oats; looked stiff but is amazingly soft when you slices them. Faintly sweetened with honey, it starts your day sweeter than you ever imagined. If you want something savory instead, try the Granny sticks. It has a sharp cheesy flavor that probably could rouse your taste buds, but the missing crispiness is something that I hope to see in future. On the sweeter side, Nick has brioche, sweet rolls and raisins buns to offer; of which I enjoyed the panettone with the merrily feel. This Christmas bread is definitely not the usual cupola shaped with a dome-like top structure. Here, it is a flat loaf but generously studded with mixed candied orange peels, raisins and lemon zest. Unlike the traditional ones that come with a dry texture, Nick's version is a lot more fluffier and cushiony; the way the Japanese baker crafts. Instead of heavily sugared, Nick showed mercy by keeping it to a minimal yet yielding a rich and flavorful creation.To end your lunch, you may want to try their cakes. I haven't had a time for that though I wish I could return soon. So, for now, if you happened to give it a shot, do let me know if they are as good as they appear? I can only drool over photographs of them now. They are the creations of pastry Chef Vina Wang who partnered Nick in the business (that spells the name of the bakery: Nick Vina). I am seeing chocolate range like the Royale, Plaisir, Sacher, then the Nostaglia which is an earl grey infused cake and a fruity Raspberry mousse cake. Lemon tarts are also on display for someone who loves something tangy. With so many options, I believe one of them will hit the spot. If it doesn't, do let me know! continue reading
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Spelt Sunflower Bread - Just butter on this well toasted bread is enough! Very Tasty!Shop ambience is cozy. The chefs are in the open area and you can see them working on these nice bread and cakes and many more.Mushroom Chicken Ham. The Mushroom is well seasoned and juicy.Raisin Bread well toasted eaten on its own is good enough as there are raisins inside. Adding butter to it is of course even much more tastier.Beetroot Artichoke Sandwich with Dried Tomatoes, Beetroots and Artichokes dressed in light olive oil. A good choice if one wants to try a sandwich with a different taste.Toasted Sesame Bun, be it eaten as it is or some butter spread, it is simply a nice bread!Canele de Bordeaux - Slighty sweet with a chewy centre and bit crispy crust. A cup of nice coffee would be a good match!Pound Cake of the day~A crispy layer of crust wraps round this butter cake. Unlike usual soft cakes, this cake has texture. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)