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The Nigiro Cafe, headed by Chef Kensuke Sakai, is a casual dining place which serves Japanese-Italian cuisine. continue reading
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11:00 - 22:30
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11:00 - 22:30
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Level3 2016-04-25
A Japanese friend told me in Japan there are authentic western cuisines and adopted Japanese western cuisine, and Nigiro is the latter and it carried itself a really nice way as a Japanese Western cafe.It's detailed in taste and presentation of food brought you to Japan. The place is cosy and at the end of the corridor of this Japanese food court. Also it gives a great balance of the taste... Just like the salad the cheese would never be overwhelming and you could still feel the freshness of the leaves, and the fruit tart is not overly sweet but you could feel the juiciness in the fruits.Ambience is great as if you're in Japan... The colour tone of the coffee shop is light, tidy and warm, with some pictures of Singapore made you feel the existence of the willingness of adaptation to this lion city. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-16
Introducing the third concept of Eat at Seven, Nigiro Cafe has a more contemporary, elegant and Italian-Japanese fusion twist to the menu. This cafe has a compelling appeal for those seeking for a more polished cafe experience... as opposed to the usual grungy, hipster sort. This cafe employs the iPad system for ordering too!The Hamburg Steak (SGD24) is not particularly photogenic with the tin foil wrap, and while its assorted mushrooms and tender beef were delicious and drizzled with its house sauce, I found the portion small for its price.Short Pasta Melazane (SGD29) was refreshingly tasty, tossed with three cheeses, tomato and eggplant without being cloying at all. Just like the Hamburg Steak, I found the pasta similarly overpriced for what it is, it is unlikely that I would pay so much for pasta.The highlight of Nigiro's Cafe did not disappoint - its Grilled Prawn Nigiro Caesar Salad, priced at SGD9.50 for half-size and SGD20 for full size. I would recommend ordering the full size if there is two people plan to share this - and if you come, you should because this is the famous award-winning Caesar Salad. This salad is created by by Chef Kensuke Sakai, the youngest challenger to compete on the Iron Chef competition.I liked the vibes in this cafe, but most of the menu felt like they were tagged with rather expensive prices. Much of the value definitely comes from the attentive service and laidback yet classy atmosphere rather than the food itself. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)