The stall is located in the S11 Coffeeshop at Blk 304 Woodlands St 31 continue reading
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11:30 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 22:30
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Cash Only
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This review is long, long overdue! I have always wanted to share how a low-profile Western Food stall can beat Astons flat!!!   The menu style is similar to that of Astons - you get to choose up to 2 side dishes. Usually, I'd always order a slab of meat, with 2 sides - coleslaw/ mashed potato/ potato salad. They never disappoint! Delicious, unique and substantial!  Special mention about the mashed potato.  It's shaped like a volcano, with the gravy in the middle.  I mean, some kick-ass food art is going on in this stall!  Today I attempted something different - Prawn Arrabiata.Other than knowing I've ordered a pasta, I wasn't sure what "Arrabiata" entails. Well, look at it! So much stuff! It was rich with ingredients, and at least 5 crunchy prawns!  It was also awesome in taste, not those diluted Tomato Sauce-type.Pasta was served with Mushroom Soup. The soup was also rich with mushroom bits. Certainly not poured out directly from Campbell's! Oh, oh, oh, no words can describe!  I am going to order the Jumbo Beef Burger next time round, just to see what it looks like and come with.  The location is not readily accessible (an uphill walk from Marsiling MRT). But really, folks in Woodlands, if you want an economic and satisfying Western Food fix, pop over here!Total Cost: Prawn Arrabiata - $7.50 continue reading
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With modern western stalls sprouting in neighbourhood coffeeshops, many budding entrepreaneurs had started opening western stalls in such locations and following closely to the theme of offering burgers, chicken, pork and beef dishes as well as pasta. These shops often have eye-catching signboards above their stalls and another board that is filled up with the menu, very much unlike western stalls from the past.Noelle’s Signatures is just the sort of place mentioned. It isn’t hard to miss given its red signboard which distinguishes itself from the rest of the stalls in the coffeeshop. They specialise in selling their mains; no matter its fish, beef, chicken etc. Apart from those, they do sell burgers and pastas as well.I had decided to order Herbed Spiced Fish, breaking away from the usual chicken dishes I would usually order. For that item, you would be entitled to get 2 sides, which I opted for Mac and Cheese and Cheese Fries as usual. The Herb Spiced Fish was pan-fried and was crusty. The fish was also smooth and easy to cut without being flaky by leaving flakes of fish all over the plate. The fish also didn’t taste muddy and was fresh. Mac and Cheese is hard to find, especially in a western coffeeshop stall. Noelle’s do serve them. It was well expected that it wouldn’t taste as authentic as it doesn’t use real cheese but cheese sauce, but they were really generous with the cheese sauce to ensure every single macaroni is doused in it. It wasn’t shabby in anyway as it was full of cheesy goodness, and the corn chips does help in providing the extra crunch and something to dip the cheese sauce with. The cheese fries was pretty much normal. The fries were fluffy and the same cheese sauce from the Mac and Cheese were used with a splash of mayonnaise. While it was nothing worth screaming about, it can resolve one’s craving for cheese fries at the very least, and there wasn’t anything to pick on either.My visits to Noelle’s often involves the Hawaiian Smoked Chicken with the same Mac & Cheese and a Baked Potato. Hawaiian Smoked Chicken in most places are served with chicken, spicy tomato sauce and pineapples. Their chicken is soft, tender and juicy without being oily. The sauce for the dish does differ slightly from some others that I have tasted. While it’s full of taste from the tomatoes, it’s not in any way spicy. The baked potato was very decent considering it coming out as a product from a coffeeshop stall. The potato didn’t felt hard nor overly soft and was rather clean to eat, and was well baked giving the skin a roasted taste without being too overwhelming. A pity for me was that it was only topped with sour cream. I might be thinking of Jack’s Place too much, but I always liked the idea of having bacon bits and some spring onions on my Baked Potatoes.For more photos and the full reviews, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/noelles-signatures-blk-304-woodlands-street-31/ continue reading
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Level3 2012-08-17
newly open shop at woodlands s11 .variety of western set to choose from , so i had difficultly to choose what to buy .after all decision and consider . i finally brought this set .1 main course with 2 side dishes . i like the fries and mashed potato ~ tried the coleslaw too nice ! crunchy overall the taste not bad , the price not very exp . u should try ! (; maybe u like it . continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)