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Nolboo Hangari Galbi has received love by developing various items in favor of taste in modern society based on Korean cuisine, promises with customers to keep unchangeable taste. Boasting an extensive Korean menu, Nolboo Hangari Galbi is a place to go to experience pure Korean cuisine. continue reading
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Heungbu Bossam Maeun Galbijjim Soonhan Hangari Galbi
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Level3 2013-10-06
Headed to Nolboo Hangari Galbi for dinner. The restaurant was understaffed, there's only one waitress serving food and tending to customers. Waited a little long for the food. Ordered the Kimchi stew, it was quite delicious. Spicy but might be a little salty for those who prefer their food to be blender. The pork belly was quite a disappointment though. It was still quite frozen when we were bbq-ing it. The side dishes were good, I like the kimchi. All in all, it was a very average dinner. continue reading
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Nolboo Hangari Galbi is a brand part of Nolboo Co Ltd, a Korean Franchise Restaurant with more than 520 branches and 8 brands in Korea. The group of restaurants are popular because they manage to develop various dishes to suits the taste of modern Korean Society and delivery unchangeable taste throughout its franchises.The Little Devil is actually is a fan of this Nolboo in Singapore because they always deliver consistency in their food. Although it is nice to grill our own food, we don't mind them doing the grilling for us on another table. At least we won't be walking out smelling like our food. So what's good here. Wine Sam-gyeop-sal (Pork Belly Marinated in Red Wine) – $25.90 (250g). The pork belly has a right thickness, tender, full of flavour and nicely grilled. They normally serve it with grilled mushroom and grilled onion. If you like your beef, try Kot-deung-sim (Fresh Beef Sirloin) – $42.90 (160g) and Premium Beef – $49.90. The service staff will show you the cut of the beef first before they grill it. If you check out the marble on the beef, you will be drooling now. Both beef are tender and almost melts in the mouth. I have to say, the Korean really know their beef. As I do not eat spicy soup, Little Devil help me order the Han-bang Gal-bi Tang (Beef Short Ribs Stew with Ginseng) – $19.90. Not sure what happen with the beef stock, the first bowl they served is very salty until I can feel my last few hairs falling off. We decided to ask the waiter to check with the chef, it this is the right taste. As we have good view of the kitchen, the chef actually cook a fresh batch. It was better but the soup still salty. The beef is tender and fall off the bone. The good thing is that they have some rice cake inside soup to helps with the saltiness. There is quite a number varieties of 'banchan' – Korean side dishes, one of LD's favorite is their summer kimchi (or water kimchi) is very light and refreshing. For the kimchi, it is always a personal preference, the kimchi served in Nolboo is not really LD's likings. They are very generous with their side dishes and raw vegetables that goes with the grilled dishes.Service is good as they deliver a consistent quality of the grill meat. The pricing is a little on the high side, however the price has a direct correlation with quality of the food. Overall, as promised by Nolboo, they deliver consistently good food in their franchises. Cheers!For the full review and photos, please visithttp://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2013/07/nolboo-hangari-galbi-authentic-korean.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-30
This is one of the popular snack dishes in this Korean restaurant. The pancake is very light and smooth in texture and there are generous amount of kimchi vegetables spreaded all over it which is really spicy and also very appetitizing too. The added shreded cheese melts in the pancake that make it even more chewy and also quite moist in texture as well. Simply yummy and the price is also quite reasonable. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-24
If you are someone who can really take spicy food, this spicy toufu soup will surely be able to impress you. The soup base is filled with the fragrant from the different spicies and chilli paste used in making it. The toufu is very soft and smooth and the portion is consider quite generous. Great to eat with their fragrant rice and after having it, a cup of their hot tea will definitely be able to sooth your throat too. continue reading
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