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Level4 2017-05-02
The place was located quite a walking distance from the MRT station. Retro theme desserts and cakes will be available till end of the month.Singapore Breakfast (S$13.90++) Coconut panna cotta "soft boiled egg " with bursting exotic yolk,top with gula melaka "soy sauce" & cinnamon "pepper power" & kaya parfait toast on the sideTopup S$4++ for a cup of white coffee to go with itSuper light crispy toast. It was like having the usual kaya toast but icy cold version. The yolk tasted of pineapple.The flat white was average in taste, as I preferred it to be stronger.Gem Biscuit (S$10.90++)Milk Chocolate, Apricot, AlmondIt was light mousse with apricot filling, topped with meringue.Coconut panna cottaTu Tu Kueh (S$8.90++)Coconut Vanilla, Gula Melaka, AlmondIt was a giant version of the actual stuff with gula melaka filling. Best come early. The place packed up quite fast. continue reading
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Non Entrée Desserts, a name popular for serving its unique and interesting desserts. It was located in Rangoon Road where there are an uprising number of cafes sprucing up in the same vicinity. It takes about 10 minute walk from Farrer Park Mrt station.Non Entrée Desserts was located beside a condominium, away from the rest of the café. It has a very brightly-coloured door for easy recognition.It does not have any fanciful interior, only simple decoration that gives an industrial vibe.  You will be tempted by the prettily decorated cakes in the display. This is what happen to my friend and I, hoping that we have enough tummy and money to indulgence in these delights. There are also a variety of ice cream flavour for diner to choose . In this café, it serves only desserts and beverage. There is a wide selection of desserts to choose – Cakes, waffles, ice cream, etc. I love how they display their menu. It was in a photo frame for easy referencing and acts as a decoration.We have order a Matcha Avalanche, a Rubber Ducky, a lemon tart and a pot of tea (Sakura) to share. Despite the place being crowded, it was not noisy. You can have a easy time having small talks and chill around with friends.Rubber Ducky consists of wrapped “exotic ducky sorbet” with the crème fraiche pudding. It was topped with chewy sago pearls and fresh mango puree. To create the bubbles for the rubber duck to swim in, the cloud was made from lemongrass. The entire desserts taste like a mango sorbet within a pudding. Delicious and sour~ Love the cute presentation of this dessert.Lemon Tart was pretty decent. The tart base was crispy and buttery. The baked lemon custard was sweet and sour. A nice blend of sweet-sour taste. Those big white droplets are actually solidified sugar. As we are not a fan of overly sweet food, we removed these droplets before consuming.Matcha Avalanche was our favourite. The cake was soft and fluffy. Upon cutting, thick and warm matcha lava oozes out of the cake. You can even see red beans within. Love this slightly bitter and sweet dessert.  In case you are wondering what was included in the dessert, it consists of warm matcha green tea lava with azuki beans flowing onto smokey roasted green tea gelato, crunchy almond nougatine and chocolate soil.Non Entrée Desserts really serve cute and delicious desserts. Despite it being slightly in accessible, I will definitely revisit for their yummy desserts.   continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-10
Original Review on http://www.nahmj.com/2015/11/10/non-entree-dessert-cafe-farrer-park-singapore/Non Entree Desserts has chosen a bring sunshine yellow as the main colour theme. And with some mix-and-match furniture in the dining area too. You could find some cushy 80s looking kind of sofa and the normal tables in the area. At the very least the colour theme of the furniture is pretty considerably brown of various tones.Orders are at the counter while food and drinks were served. And they charged service charge too. As such, my friend would complain about the need for self order at counter since service charge was implemented at the cafe. She would expect a full service from order to billing by the cafe.Non Entree Desserts Cafe is yet another cafe to offer the plated desserts. A total of 7 plated creations with some selections of cakes and pastries too. Looks like the plated desserts may be here to stay for some time or rather up and coming.One of a very cute dessert offered at the cafe is the Rubber Ducky ($12.90). As the name suggested, you could see a rubber ducky shaped mango pudding swimming in a “bath foam” which is a lemongrass cloud. And sago is hidden within the cloud. The entire taste is similar to the Hong Kong dessert version of Mango Sago Dessert.A hot favourite at Non Entree Desserts cafe is the Chocolate Avalanche ($13.90). The Valrhona Chocolate is hidden in the cake above with an orange infused chocolate vanilla ice cream at the bottom waiting to receive the chocolate lava. This is my fave dessert at Non Entree Desserts.Non Entree Desserts has recently introduced the Matcha Avalanche ($13.90). It has a good sense of Matcha and it was mixed with red bean in the matcha lava. An scoop of Houjicha ice cream is in the glass that complemented all the ingredients.If you prefer some of the more classics desserts such as gelato and cakes, both were also offered at Non Entree Desserts.We tried only one of the cake, La Rose ($8.90) among the displayed. A nice cake with rose flavour but I don't have much recollection of the taste of this cake.I have been to Non-Entree several times after my first visit and I am still visiting it hoping to complete trying all the desserts on its menu and of course the new one too. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-09
Non Entree Desserts has created a swirl and a twirl up the desserts cafe scene. Despite the off the way location, it’s exquisite and delicate handcrafted plated desserts has definitely attracted many dessert lovers.Just looking at the galore of pretty looking dainty pieces, don’t they make you drool?Simplistic menu concise with their cakes and coffee selections.La Rose ($12.90): Rose mousse layered with Raspberry Jelly & fresh frozen lychees topped with a sexy looking lips raspberry. Mousse was smooth and flavors were pleasant and mellow. With distinct layers of raspberry jelly and frozen lychees, good blend of sweet and sour within this pretty big pink pearl.Rubber Ducky ($12.90): Frozen exotic ducky sorbet sitting in a tub of lemongrass foam, fresh mango puree & creme fraiche pudding with sago! Layers of surprises, varying the texture and flavor level. Flow of sweetness amidst sea of tartness. Just could not take my eyes off such a cutie with such explosive burst of flavors!https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/non-entree/ continue reading
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Taking over the now-defunct Woodshed Cafe, this bright and vibrant exterior is the transformed-entity of Non Entrée Desserts Cafe, a new kid on the block serving modern European desserts in various flavours and beautiful forms. Having seen many photos of the pastries here posted by friends on various platforms, my sweettooth ached and I decided to come by.The Strawberry Shortcake (SGD$8.90) which was a pretty cylinder of pink coating snow-white interior. The cake was soft, smooth and redolent of strawberry flavour; it was easy to eat bite after bite of this without feeling overwhelming. The huge strawberry sitting atop was very sweet!Then the Pistachio Raspberry Cake (SGD$8.90) - layers of pistachio sponge clasping raspberry puree in between; topped with light pistachio cream and coating of chocolate. It was lightly-sapid with the nutty sweetness of pistachio, sharpened by the slight-tartiness of raspberry, a well-balanced mix of flavours. Texture-wise, it was soft, like sponge.This Drunken Babe (SGD$16.90) - walnut brownie, milk chocolate cream pipe infused with Whiskey, smokey bacon crisps on chocolate paper, caramel popcorn and raspberry sorbet. This was a beautiful dessert architect and a burst of flavours all in one. The brownie cubes were moistened and luscious; taste heightened by the Whiskey-infused cream running through it. The popcorn added crunch to the salacious dessert, making it easy to want moreFinally, the Rubber Ducky (SGD$12.50) - Crème Fraîche pudding with fresh mango puree, sago, biscuit, exotic cocktail frozen ducky sitting in a foamy bath of lemongrass cloud. It was one of the most adorable desserts I have ever come across, and it tasted awesome too! The frozen ducky was slightly tarty, redolent of yuzu flavour, going very well with the fragrant lemongrass foam it was pooled in. As for the lemongrass foam, it was sago pearls beneath the bubbles, lovely to chew on.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/11/afternoon-tea-at-non-entree-desserts.html continue reading
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