<br>Led by culinary legend Chef Jack Teo (pioneer of Adam Rd Prawn noodle), who himself has more than 20 years of various cuisine expertise under his belt, is committed to delivering new food culture with local cooking style inspired by western dishes. Some of his new recipes include strawberry sauce prawn noodle and also grilled seafood with special house-made white pepper sauce. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-19
Was wanting to grab a fast dinner around Bugis area and saw this restaurant was totally not crowded and decided to try it. Restaurant environment was quite cosy and comfortable. Service was warm and friendly too. Have ordered their signature dried prawn noodles which priced at $6.90per serving. Serving was quite alright and noodles are very chewy. Especially enjoyed having the large prawns which are very fresh and crunchy. The chilli sauce used to mix the noodles are also very flavourful and spicy, yummy! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-30
Noodle Around is located opposite Bugis Junction and near to Liang Seah Street. It is popular for their prawn mee which originated from Adam Road. However this time we decided to check out their steamboat as well as their crab dishes.The steamboat is served with a fresh platter of prawns, fish, chicken and vegetables, together with a refillable soup base. The platter that you see below is a 2pax option which was definitely generous for the both of us. Sadly the meal was marred by a discovery we made when we were starting to dig in.Yup. That was a worm on a leaf for us to have an additional “protein boost” it kind of turn me off the entire meal even though the platter was changed. We were more cautious of every ingredient that we had placed in the pot after that.It definitely smell yummy but they were more sweet then peppery. The crab was obviously not fresh as the meat stuck to the shell of the crab, which we had to scrap of with our fingernails and teeth. Not the most pleasant experience when trying to enjoying the crab.In terms of flavor, the chilli crab is definitely the more preferred choice compared to the black pepper crab. it isn’t very spicy so it will suit those who cant take spiciness well! However similar to the black pepper crab, the meat was stuck stubbornly to the shell of the crab.I wouldn’t be heading back to Noodle Around for the items listed above, but I would still get it another go, for the highly recommended prawn noodles. Perhaps only after trying that would I be able to decide if this restaurant is a write off or a place which is worth heading back. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-19
I am always looking out for F&B deals online so when I saw this deal featuring the Grouper Steamboat which my dad loves, I decided to bring the family there (okay, the dad brought us there). We arrived half an hour past its opening time and were still the first customers to arrive. The place was well furnished, very clean and had a warm and friendly vibe.homemade barley drink that came with the set. I felt that it was too sweet and tasted more like barley syrup than a homemade drink.We ordered 4 coupons - $10.80 per person for the grouper steamboat. As the tables were not very big enough to accomodate 2 pots (2 persons to 1 pot), we went for 1 large pot and all the raw ingredients were placed together on one huge plate. For 4 persons, the amount of vegetables and mushrooms were quite little. I reckoned that this was probably because everything was placed in one large plate and so they did not bother to give us the "correct" amount. It seemed that the table next to us (who ordered 2 deals but had 3 persons dining) had the same amount of vegetables as us.The soup was excellent. Flavourings were natural with no preservatives or m.s.g. as claimed by the boss and it was boiled with the bones of the grouper fish for several hours. The taste was rich and sweet, and the flavour was strengthened by the fish meat which we later put in. It is indeed hard to find places where they actually put in effort to boil the steamboat soup since it is so easy to simply add in artificial flavourings so thumbs up to Noodle Around for going that extra mile.The prawns and the other ingredients were rather fresh. Only the white and harder parts of the cabbage were provided and it was not very pleasant to eat them as compared to the greener and softer parts. Service was meticulous but slightly slow even though we were the first customers to arrive. We had to wait at least 10 minutes before the food came. If you love eating grouper steamboat, you will definitely love this.Visit http://rachelays.blogspot.sg for more reviews continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-17
Was having my shopping trip at Bugis and have my dinner in this restaurant. Here is quite quiet and spacious, the staffs are very friendly and helpful too. Have bought their prawn noodles soup, which taste quite alright. The soup base was filled with the thick fragrant of the prawn, but it was too salty. The noodles were chewy and portion was just right for per person. The prawns are quite huge in size but was not really that fresh. At $6.90 per bowl, it may be a bit expensive to me. continue reading
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Level3 2013-01-16
I decided to bring my mom here as she loves prawn noodle after reading the many good review published by the other openricers. They were having a set lunch promotion when i visited, where a bowl of their prawn noodle, with a side salad and crispy fried tofu cost only $6.80. I had a soup been hoon prawn noodle set while my mom had a dry noodle mix bee hoon prawn noodle set.The beehoon served are of those thick kind that are cooked to prefection- not too soft yet breaks gently upon biting. it was served in their painstakingly prepared broth topped with 3 big prawns and sliced pork. The prawns were crunchy and sweet, while the pork were really tender despite having the tendency to be too tough when boiled in soup. A special mention to their soup as it was really light and clear, not likesome of those i have tried elsewhere where the broth is cloudy and full of msg. They really meet what their claim to be! =)My mom's dry noodle come tossed in a slightly spicy sauce that really makes the noodle taste superb. There was also a bowl of their delicious soup at the side. The accompanied salad was tossed in a sauce that taste like soya sauce, which i find a bit weird. Nevertheless, the fried tofu was fabulous. The tofu is not just plain tofu but is actually a combination of tofu and fish paste that they cut into cubes to coat with a layer of batter and deep-fried. The thin crispy batter goes really well with the soft tofu within. A recommended side to order. continue reading
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