<br>O'Bean is Singapore's first organic soya store that advocates good taste in healthy eating. The USP of O'Bean is the removal of purine from its Puresoy organic soy bean, making it safe for daily consumption by people with gout, arthritis and diabetes. continue reading
Signature Dishes
Signature Soya Porridge Soya Ramen with Dumplings
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Level4 2014-03-31
Unlike most of other eateries, O’Bean provided a somewhat detailed info in their Menu. Specialized healthy dishes, it always combined with healthy soya bean. Occupied a small space, the place was decent and neat. Friendly staff and welcoming décor, price was rather average. Only thing I want to feedback was the preparation time, it took too long to get our orders done.Fantastically, the plate was less oily yet nothing short of flavours. Tender vegan shrimp tossed with unknown fiery sauce, it turned into appetizing dish. Generous amount of sesame were drizzled on prawns, created another layer of taste. Sunny side up on top, egg was pan-fried to perfection without overly cooked. Little Broccoli was put aside, as a dressing and lighten up the whole. Thoughtfully served along with soup of the day, the broths moisten the rice. $6.80 was reasonable for me, I would come down again next time if I have plenty of time. continue reading
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