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Twenty-one years of history behind the art of brewing gourmet coffee has not dampened O’Coffee Club’s spirit of innovation. Every steaming cup of java, scrumptious morsel of food, and intricate twirl of dessert is a meal served as an orchestrated, holistic, experience of delight to satisfy each and every customer. Today, O’Coffee Club’s 21 outlets embody the ideal contemporary, pleasant all-day dining affair. More than a refreshing beverage and a warm meal, it offers heart warming reprieve for the thirsty and hungry. continue reading
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Level3 2016-06-07
Full review with photo at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/31/o-coffee-club-new-all-day-breakfast-menu-in-2016/O Coffee Club has introduced 3 new breakfast items. The first is the ever popular Eggs Benedict ($10.90). The serving size is considerably huge for the price. Diners have the choice of smoked salmon, ham or Mangalica bacon. We had the third option. Ciabatta is used instead of white bread of English Muffin.Next is the Waffle Stacker ($19.90). It is gigantic. There are 3 thick waffles that are denser in texture. At the top, it is with Manglica bacon while the bottom is with scrambled egg. Diners could opt for either coffee maple syrup or gula melaka cream.Last but not least is the French Toast ($7.90). At O Coffee Club,the bread is cut it into smaller cube before deep frying. Uniquely, the French Toast is serrved with a orange infused mascarpone cheese. Likewise, diners could opt for either the Coffee Syrup or Gula Melaka cream.All Time FavouriteFirst is the Classic Caesar Salad with Cheese Crisp. Diner can choose either the Chicken Picante ($11.90) or Smoked Salmon ($12.90) for the salad. They paired it with Poached Egg instead. The highlight in the dish is the cheese crisp which added more cheese flavour to the dish.The Country Pie ($12.90) is another All Time Favourite item. Don't under estimate this small bowl of comfort food.The Garlic Prawn Pasta ($15.90) is with spaghetti tossed in pesto. A simple but yet satisfying dish.Lastly is the Muddy Mud Pie ($11.90). This is my must have dessert whenever I dine at O Coffee Club.Gourmet CoffeeMany coffee drinkers might not have noticed that O Coffee Club provide a range of Gourmet Coffee. 8 single origin beans and a blend were offered.We have the O Coffee Club Classic with French Press and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with Syphon Brew.There are many other drinks available with my all time favourite the Iced Earl Vanilla. O Coffee Club has introduced 4 new drinks, Frozen Espresso Latte ($6.40), Iced Blended Matcha Green ($6.90), Very Berries ($6.90) and Sunny Orange ($6.90).We tried the Frozen Espresso Latte ($6.40) and Iced Blended Matcha Green ($6.90). The Frozen Espresso Latte is a very cute drink. The Espresso is frozen with either a cute polar bear or twin penguins floating in the milk. One have the option of sweetening it with syrup. The Iced Blended Matcha Green is equally good.More reviews at http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-24
I was tired after a long walk along Orchard Road and wanted to rest my aching feet so I decided to entered the Coffee Club and order 2 cup of latte coffee. The crew took sometime to heat the coffee maker. However, the wait was not long as we were enjoying the ambience. The restaurant was quiet and the crew was courtesy in his service. The place was also clean and there were sufficient seat arrangement such as round table for a large group. When the hot coffee was placed on our dining table, the decoration make over the coffee top was lovely. I delayed my drink as I did not want to damage the drawing done by the crew. I supposed that it required a long of time to reach to level of drawing wonderful drawing on the coffee. The coffee was smooth and thick in texture. There was strong coffee aroma. As I love hot drink, I finished the cup of coffee before the steam vanished. continue reading
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The husband and I decided to drop by Coffee Club to utilise our Singtel birthday rewards voucher which entitled a free slice of cake with purchase of two mains. The restaurant spots of a contemporary décor and we found it to be quite cozy for a relaxing weekend luncheon. However, as their name suggests, this is a place for cakes, coffee & tea and not for mains… Beef Daube ($17++) Although the beef was tender, it was not very fresh and had a stale taste. Baked Shrimp-crusted Salmon ($16.50++)Like the beef, the salmon was not very fresh either. To make things worse, the shrimp-crust (which we thought was essentially ‘hebi’ crust) was overpowering and did not blend well with the fish. Choc ‘n’ Apricot Rum-ba ($6.80++)After a round of disappointing mains, this is when our taste buds were finally revived. The Choc ‘n’ Apricot Rum-ba was ‘oh-so-rumba-dumba-doo’… Coated with a rich chocolaty flavour with an added zesty twist of apricot fragrance, this is definitely a must-order! The cake was soft and moist with a crunchy base, making each bite bursting with flavour and ecstasy. As suggested, forget the mains and indulge in the sweet temptations… continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-03
I haven't been much of a fann of main courses at coffee outlets as I got disappointed by the standard numerous times. Hence, I always prefer to have desserts and beverages. I love the Paragon outlet as its never as crowded as the rest and there's always room for customers. I tried out a certain dessert; which was basically a cake with ice cream tucked under. The serving was huge and I had to force my friends to share it with me. The chocolate cake was very rich though I wasn't very impressed with the ice cream as it tasted like ordinary chocolate; the kind with a lot of sweetness but lacks flavor.I do fancy the espresso's here though and will always come back to fulfill my caffeine needs before hitting the books. continue reading
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Level4 2011-07-10
Conveniently located in town, yet not as crowded as the other outlets. The place is nice and cozy too. There was a 1 for 1 sandwich or pasta for this GSS period, and I ordered the Sandwich Royale. The prawns inside were fresh and crunchy, chicken were tender. It comes together with a sauce, which tasted very much like the sweet thai chili sauce. The sandwich tasted good even without the sauce. continue reading
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