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Twenty-one years of history behind the art of brewing gourmet coffee has not dampened O’Coffee Club’s spirit of innovation. Every steaming cup of java, scrumptious morsel of food, and intricate twirl of dessert is a meal served as an orchestrated, holistic, experience of delight to satisfy each and every customer. Today, O’Coffee Club’s 21 outlets embody the ideal contemporary, pleasant all-day dining affair. More than a refreshing beverage and a warm meal, it offers heart warming reprieve for the thirsty and hungry. continue reading
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Hawaiian Focaccia House Luscious Club Shellfish Bisque
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Level2 2014-01-12
Went there as it is consider one of the more quiet restaurant in Tampines Central.Like the dish, only thing is if you don't like 'sweet duck', you might not like it. For me, I find it a bit sweet but I enjoy the taste that the black pepper did not over-powered the dish and the duck meat is sliced thinly and not much fats.Black Pepper Smoked Duck Linguine @ SGD$16.90This is not ordered by me, but I get to taste a spoonful and like the sweet and spicy sauce, only thing is, the sauce have covered the crab taste Chilli Crab Linguine SGD$18.90Generally I prefer cake to mousse but this feels nice. It's just right, not too sweet.Orange Mile Chocolate Mousse @ SGD$7.20 (contain Gelatine and alcohol)Standard latte and slightly steeper place, but people pay for the atmosphere... =) This is not ordered by me, since friend do not have comments i guess it's standard taste. =)Latte @ SGD$6.90The linguine portion is decent so I guess most people will feel filling after the main dish, but still have room for a cup of drink or dessert.The service is decent also, waiting time is shorter than previously but some servers still a bit 'blur' - either tell us they do not serve customer plain water or forgot to bring us dessert forks for our desserts.There is a promotion on Jan 2014 so we got 20% discount off our food and the 'spending per head' price is the final price after discount.I have blogged on the whole experience at: http://goo.gl/3PBsIw continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-11
I was heading to coffee club with a friend to visit a friend of ours who was working there. You can’t miss Coffee Club if you’re heading to Tampines 1! Turn right after exiting the gantry at the control station and after walking down the short flight of stairs, to your left is coffee club, located in an open area. I’ve previously tried the tea because I needed some place to sit, but this time it’s visiting my friend at work! The best thing is she recommended some good cakes! She recommended quite a few cakes but I couldn’t make up my mind I just told her to give us two slice of cakes that she thinks is good.Presenting to you the first cake: Apricot Passion Fruit Heaven ($7.20). This little black fella needs more than just one mouth to be fully appreciated by the taste buds. The first taste of it for me was like, “Weird” because the apricot was a little sour and it made the whole cake just tastes funny. But for every subsequent mouthful, I grew to like it a lot! The sweet and sour taste complement each other.The second slice of cake that we had was Blackforest Cake ($6.90). It may just be very ordinary to some but this blackforest cake is really quite rich in flavour. The drink we ordered was Iced Hazelnut Choco Latte ($7.50). My friend actually recommended the blackforest latte but because we had a blackforest cake already, we choose something else. She said the latter was nice because of the rum in the drink. Anyway our hazelnut latte was kind of diluted, and it’s hazelnut because there’s really hazelnuts in the latte. Kind of weird right! I couldn’t taste the hazelnut though. I don't recommend this drink at all! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-13
As today is the last day of my mom's off-day (she took a week plus of leave from work), my parents & I decided to have breakfast together! It's been so long since we last ate together so early on a weekday! Breakfast is served until 11am daily. All breakfast sets are served with regular coffee or English Breakfast tea.We could also choose to top-up a little for another drink. My mom chose Caramel Hazelnut Latte while I chose the Iced Latte. My drink tasted very bland as compared to the Caramel Hazelnut Latte and I kept stealing sips from her drink My dad had the regular hot coffee.Being a salmon lover, I knew I had to order the Salmon on a Holiday breakfast set! It consists of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, tomato slices, vegetables and bagel. The lemon cream spread on the salmon was a good combination! My dad had the All Star American Breakfast set which consists of crispy bacon, chicken sausages, chicken patty, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, scrambled eggs and toast bread. The mushrooms were tasty! I ate a pancake from my mom's Picnic Pancakes set and the strawberry together with the maple syrup was deli! The set also came with chicken sausages, crispy bacon and sauteed mushrooms.The service and ambience was also good, it is open air by the way and I left the place feeling very happy and satisfied! continue reading
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Level3 2013-04-19
I am a fan for cakes and desserts so I had to try the cakes from coffee club, especially when all of them look so pretty and appetizing. Bought a chocolate one and a mango one as takeaway. The chocolate one looks cute and is really huge; it is extremely rich in chocolate taste, so I couldn't finish more than half of it, it's best to share with another person. As for the mango one, nothing special, just your normal mango cake. continue reading
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Level2 2013-03-11
I can remember the name of this slice of cake but it has different layers with different taste. i personally love cakes but i think it taste ok only. its quite expensive though.Coffee my friend ordered. can remember the name too. i dont really drink coffee so didnt try it out!passion fruit ice blended drink. i dont like this. it has LOT of the passion fruit seeds and makes drinking really irritating. its a little sour too.i ordered this and its lychee mint ice blended. i love this drink as i really like minty stuff so this is it. refreshing and not so sweet. blended quite nicely as well continue reading
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