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The ambience of OldTown White Coffee gives that unmistakable air of warmth and camaraderie. From the very first outlet to the 211th outlet currently, OldTown White Coffee is the earliest to bring that legendary cup of white coffee from 1958 out of Ipoh. continue reading
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Curry Pan Mee Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun Penang Asam Laksa
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Level3 2015-07-11
Googled & further confirmed that the promotion, circulating in FB, is true & the same here, as it is ongoing in Malaysia. Coincidentally, it was the day of the promotion. So I persuaded Hubby to bring us here.The nearest outlet that I could recall was in East Coast. When we reached here, It was already 9 plus at night. The car park was rather packed but we didn't need to wait very long…Lucky for us!I liked the old town screen at the entrance. It was made up of a signage 舊街場 咖啡馆 (meaning Old Street Square Cafe) and tiers of nicely framed old handcrafted glass panels. A nostalgic touch, no doubt.We were ushered to our seats as soon as we walked into the Cafe. The old-style wooden chairs were in tables of fours while some boxed-seats could accommodate up to six people and were mostly occupied. The service staff wore a "Selamat Datang" batch were friendly.It took us a while to realize that we had to fill up the order chit on our own. We were told that two of the five promotional dishes had sold out. So we ordered three different dishes with one in double servings.We were served their signature White Coffee in no time. The cold coffee was concluded as an acquired taste. But Hubby & I agreed that the hot coffee was thick, aromatic and sweet. It was thick but not bitter; aromatic but not overpowering and the light sweetness was from the creamy condensed milk. That was so old-schooled.We liked it.The Steam Minced Chicken Rice looked decent but was not convincingly palatable to us. Perhaps we were more used to the normal sized chicken pieces instead of the minced type.Their Soup BBQ Chicken Wanton Noodles tasted great! Especially with the intended dribble of the good-old prawn oil just before serving…The crunchy-skin, big, deep-fried wantons were soaking up the tasty soup as if it's timed to start as soon as the bowl hit our table!The BBQ Chicken tasted juicy & sweet, you can see that the marinate was well absorbed into the meat. Yummy!The noodles were cooked to al-dente but continued to absorb the tasty soup as we were slurping them up non-stop.The noodle of the Dry Springy Noodles with Chicken Chop tasted like the dry Indomee with soya sauce; the chicken pieces reminded me of a certain fried street food named "小霸王" (one of my favorite fried chicken, which is no longer available). Every item in this dish complimented each other well. This dish tasted even better with the extra Balachan Chilli & the cut Green Chilli. We practically emptied the entire dish, not a drop of sauce left!Our total bill was less than $25. That was really a Good Deal for 3 people!This eatery has made it's way into My Good Book.We would definitely go back to try the other dishes on the same day, next month!Hope you will enjoy as much as we did.Cheers!~ via mobile… continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-07
The dry hor fun at old town white coffee was the dish I had for breakfast one weekend. The noodles were quite tasty with the Ipoh style noodles being tossed with a savory dark sauce and some meat shreds and prawns. The only thing I disliked was that it was very oily. There was quite abit of visible oil in te sauce which was very off putting. The portion was also not very substantial but I guess that's ok for a breakfast portion. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-12
Went to OldTown white coffee to meet some friends over dinner, as usual the they will not be on time. It ended as supper.While we were busy marking out our orders something caught my eyes. There's a brochure showing CNY 2013 reunion set. The set consists of 8 treasures bowl set and a float cost $9.80. We decided to order this since it's CNY afterall. But were told we needed to wait for 20 minutes since they needed time to prepare.We ordered a set of Kaya and butter toast with Mocha white chocolate to fill our hungry stomach.The drinks and toasts came first.The 8 treasures came in a cover bowl. When we opened up sure we were surprised of the contents inside. It consists of char siew, shredded eggs, mince meat,ham, sausage, corn, peas and fresh mushroom cooked together with coconut rice. When we removed the cover we could smell the fragrance of the rice with all the ingredients. The 8 treasures bowl set in my opinion is best eat when all the ingredients are mixed together instead of eating separate. If eaten individually the mince meat will tastes too salthy, all the other ingredients will taste too plain.Orders from the cashier. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-19
This is quite a nice dessert from this coffee house. The vanilla ice cream is very smooth and the vanilla flavour is very fragrant and nice. The liquid coffee syrup added in it really added that extra fragrant to the ice cream, which is cooling and also refreshing as well. The price is reasonable and really suitable as an after meal dessert. One cup of it is never enough for me as well. continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-30
Had a family dinner here as we were craving for some awesome Singaporean dishes! Ordered a variety of dishes (eg. Laksa, Chicken Curry etc.) The Laksa was a little bit too oily but the taste was still good and tangy. The Chicken Curry was also a little bit too oily and a tad too spicy. The steamed kaya bun was really good though! The texture of the bread is really lovely and i really enjoyed that! The drinks here especially the ice lemon tea is really good! continue reading
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