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The ambience of OldTown White Coffee gives that unmistakable air of warmth and camaraderie. From the very first outlet to the 211th outlet currently, OldTown White Coffee is the earliest to bring that legendary cup of white coffee from 1958 out of Ipoh. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-31
OldTown White Coffee origins from Malaysia, with outlets all over Malaysia and Singapore. It is well known for its white coffee from Ipoh, Perak. It is halal-certified and offers traditional Malaysian local cuisine as well as western cuisine to suit both old and young people. One of its outlets is located at Square 2. The outlet had both indoor and outdoor which are both air conditioned.As it was peak dinner period, the place was packed, so we had to take a table outdoor. Although there was buzzer for service at the table, it was more than 15 minutes before a staff finally came to assist with a order list where we had to write down our order even when we have already decided what to order. Took another 15 minutes to finally get a staff to place the order even when I had to walk to the staff.Signature Asam Laksa ($8.90)Although it was stated spicy on the menu, the soup base was light and tangy. But I would prefer it to be stronger in taste as it felt weak. Quite a refreshing appetizing dish to have. It was filled with raw onion slices, juicy pineapple cubes, shredded cucumber, chunky mackerel, thick rice noodles, served with black prawn paste (petis).Mixed Grill Platter (Black Pepper Sauce) ($12.90)I asked the staff if could replace the black pepper sauce with sesame sauce as it was stated spicy on the menu but was rejected. The dish was consisted of grilled chicken, sausage, ham, fries, vegetables, sunny side up egg and buttered toast. The black pepper sauce was not as spicy as I though it would be. The boiled vegetables was slightly tossed with fried chopped garlic which added flavours to the simple vegetables. The grilled chicken was juicy and tender. The ham had a unique taste which different from the usual type. Not sure what type of meat it was made of.OLDTOWN Steam Mushroom and Chicken Rice ($8.50)The dish had a 20 minutes wait which the staff informed us upon order. The rice was quite fragrant and with savoury taste similar to the chicken rice. It was served pipping hot.For order of items from the noodles, rice and western series section, one can make it a combo with a drink by adding $1.80, or topup another $0.60 more to upsize the drink. The drink selection was wide and consisted of OLDTOWN White Coffee (hot/cold), OLDTOWN Nan Yang - O (hot/cold), Black Tea (hot/cold), OLDTOWN Teh Tarik (hot/cold), Lime Juice, Fresh Lemon Tea (hot/cold), OLDTOWN Enchiched Chocolate (hot/cold), Soya Milk (hot/cold), Coca-cola, sprite and Fanta Grape.OLDTOWN White Coffee (Hot) ($1.80/ combo)The coffee was rich and hot, although mom remarked that it tasted machine made, not the traditional handmade way.OLDTOWN Enchiched Chocolate (Cold) ($2.40/ upsized with combo)The drink was just iced milo. It was rich and smooth.OLDTOWN Gula Melaka Ice Kacang with Ice Cream ($4.90)It was different from the usual ice kacang. Instead of colorful syrup, colorful jelly, grass jelly, creamed corn, and red beans, it was served with red bean paste, rice balls, chendol (swollen green worm-like rice flour jelly), topped with a scoop of ice cream and chopped peanut. The gula melaka (brown sugar) syrup was light and not too sweet. The dessert was quite nice except for the shaved ice which was quite hard and difficult to melt. It was like scraping against a block of ice.Luo Han Guo ($2.60/ Hot)As the air condition was quite strong, mom decided to opt for a hot drink for dessert. The drink was hot when served and I had to remind the staff about the order. Guess she had forgotten about it.Overall the food was nice. Not bad except for the service which we had problems getting the attention from the staffs throughout the meal. I guess it would be better if one was seated indoor just in front of the kitchen, based on my experience dining in here. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-06
Old Town in SG serves many more menu options than in JB. The last time I tried the East Coast Park outlet, the food was great (if memory served me well). Over here in Novena, the decor was likened to a Chinese teahouse.  Tastefully decorated, but its food wasn't so.  I had ordered the Hainanese Chicken Chop Rice. At first, the waitresses kept serving wrong dishes to our table. When mine finally came, I was informed that they ran out of Mixed Vegetables for sides as they would be changing their menu soon. So, they gave me cucumber slices instead. I accepted that (not that I had a choice anyway).  The chicken was tender, but not tasty enough. The sauce on it didn't succeed in its purpose to enhance the overall taste. The rice was simply "chicken rice wannabe". The only item I could draw flavour from, was the fried egg strands, to which I thought, they could have given me a full fried egg instead. In addition, I find the White Coffee here somewhat diluted. My mum made the same comment.Even though the service staff was friendly, it was still an overall disappointment (I wouldn't travel all the way to Novena for this). New menu coming? I'm not considering a 2nd visit.Total Cost:Hainanese Chicken Chop Rice - $9.50 continue reading
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Level2 2013-02-02
A similar concept to that of Xin Wang and a typical HK cafe. Selling bread and butter stuff, with the caffeine drinks of Coffee and Tea, there are also the blended drinks and smoothies to cater to the Singaporeans. The outlet here is rather cramp and seating was a little tough. The staff are also not very attentive to you, it would require some bit of waving to get their attention. Ordered the Fried wanton noodle meal and the Sardine tomyum noodle soup. The Tomyum was ahhh.. spicy! It was very much like those you find in Malaysia.. looks mild but, hard on the tongue. Clear soup, it was light though. The Wanton noodle, as usual, I have gripes about the fillings in local wantons. I feel as if I'm just eating the fried skin, with maybe just a drop of minced meat. Liked the noodles though. It was not soggy and had a light 'spring' to it. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-28
Sometimes, or maybe, all the time when you're a true-blue Singaporean, you get hunger pangs, you get cravings for our very own delicious Soft-boiled eggs. Maybe if you're a tourist you won't understand that this is really a part of our asian culture, to eat half-boiled eggs. Does it appear disgusting to you? Well I ate these almost forever and had no stomachache, and it tastes really delicious, the runny texture and all!So I decided on the spot, okay, i want to eat soft-boiled eggs when I saw how Old Town White Coffee hang a portrait of delicious looking eggs. AND I walked in and just ordered that. The waitress wasn't judgmental at all, they gave my cracked eggs quite quickly and I just gobbled it down.Really large egg yolks and I think it's really good-quality low-cholesterol eggs. Quite cheap as well, about $2 only. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-30
I was waiting for my appointment timing to come so I headed to old town to sit down and wait for time to pass. I ordered their iced teh, it was really good. the tea was very milky and creamy. the sweetness of this tea is just right. I dun like those teh that is too sweet, makes you very sick of it. The tea they used is very fragrance, goes well with the milk. It even had a layer of froth on top. continue reading
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