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Olive Vine serves fusion cuisine including pasta and meatballs. Top-up $4 for a drink, soup and dessert. continue reading
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Pasta Spaghetti Arabbiata With Chicken Cutlet
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Level4 2014-01-28
A very welcoming and friendly western style restaurant in town, Olive Vine was definitely a great place to chill out with friends or family. Relaxed environment, the café promised a healthy food without adding of any MSG. In addition to that, there was a good service and affordable price too.Original typical pasta in general, the plate was a decent delicious. No luxury ingredients, no heavily-flavoured, my order was simple purely satisfied. Noodles remained springy and portion was generous. For additional $4.00 added, you may upgrade your meal to a valuable set. Having to say, I never regret to come here for lunch. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-19
At merely $4.90 per set of this curry chicken with rice, I think is very affordable and portion is quite generous as well. The curry gravy is very thick in texture and the gravy is flavourful and quite spicy, which suits me. The chicken meat is very soft and easy to chewy and the cut potatoes are also very soft and fragrant. Rice is not too soggy and goes very well with the curry. Restaurant is quite squeezy but cooling, and the staffs here are friendly. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-22
I could always appreciate Italian cuisines, particular pastas. You see, it's one of those few dishes out there which takes so many forms or I should sauce! I could have my favourite Genovese Spaghetti, how about vegetarian-dominated Mediterranean Penne? Anyone daring to try Squid Ink Linguine as well?It's never easy to searching a good eatery/cafe/restaurant that offers not just affordable but well worth pastas!I'm not saying Saizeriya is inferior compared to Olive Vine but you know it's always good to explore new places to dine! Afterall, Liang Court and City Square Mall ain't located in the east right? That's Carbonara Fettuccine ($8.90) for you. Such a happy boy I was, toying with my new found friend! Easily the better ones I tasted. Guys, Meet Cheesecake... Please don't judge her for her looks. She might look plain or average compared to other cheesecake but trust me she's a sweet little angel. Everything about her could be sum up into one word. Divine.When lesser beings like us think of Carrot Cake, the image that conjure up would be small bits of flour cakes fried with eggs and evenly coated with sweet sauce. How wrong we were... Yes, even a food fanatic like me can sometimes be mislead whenever some of my friends say they wanna have carrot cakes. I am such a confused boy!Trust me, when they said it's carrot cake, be expected to find strands of carrots hidden deep inside. Fun to socialise with that's for sure.Considering where it's located, I would dare say it's worth your money just to dine at Olive Vine. I can't really remember the exact price of the cakes but it was definitely under $4. What makes me soo sure? Well, because I almost wanted to order one more if my friends weren't there to stop me. Hehehe, I am just too excessive when it comes to cakes. Specially when it's cheap! Real cheap! continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-21
Wanted to try something new...This place offers a good mix of Western cuisine, pasta, and newly added Asian dishes like Nyonya Curry Chicken...Most of them comes in a set meal which includes soup, drink (such as fruit punch) and a small slice of cake (which you can choose ranging from western Carrot Cake to Peranakan kueh)...I find that most, if not all, are very value-for-money and especially suited for those who want to have a quick, cheap dinner and very affordable prices...Tried the Spaghetti & Chicken Chop, The price is reasonable... no comment about it, a healthy dish when as they are using Olive on it...The shop itself is small and a little squeeze...Nevertheless, I would definitely come back to eat... continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-29
Olive Vine's newest cafe is located along Marina Square's B1 extension which links it with the Circle Line's Esplanade MRT Station. For the uninitiated, Olive Vine is a cluster of casual diners in the CBD offering wholesome homestyle meals to the office crowd, though their clientele includes students and tourists with smaller budgets too. Olive Vine's specialties include sandwiches, salads, pastas and a couple of local dishes such as stews and curries.We ordered the Bolognese Pasta, Beef Stew and Chicken Curry. For an additional $4 we upgraded our entrees to a set meal which includes the soup of the day, a choice of beverages and cakes for dessert. Great value. There is no service charge at Olive Vine - a rarity in cafes/restaurants located in the city's malls.The homemade creamy mushroom soup was topped with chunks of their own crunchy croutons; it was a pleasant surprise to find whole stalks of honjimeshi mushrooms inside the soup. The bolognese pasta ($8.90 ala carte) was bathed in a rich sauce redolent with chunks of fresh tomatoes, minced beef and sliced sausages. The generous ingredients makes every mouthful of the pasta sheer joy. This entree has all the goodness of mum's cooking - fresh ingredients assembled together to create a simple yet delicious and wholesome dish.The beef stew ($9.90 ala carte or $13.90 as a set meal) was likewise chockful of tender chunks of beef in a hearty sauce laced with carrots and celery, making this entree a balanced one dish meal with protein and fibre. I was glad I chose bread rather than rice to go with the stew. Olive Vine bakes its own artisanal bread daily and I savoured coating the warm toasted bread into the thick gravy.The chicken curry was one of the lowest priced items on the a la carte menu at $4.90. It was served in a deep medium sized bowl - half chicken pieces and half potato chunks. My lunchmate liked the spicy curry - here the spice level is for locals and not compromised and toned down to suit foreign palates with low chilli threshold.As the tables are quite small, the waitress had to clear our used crockery before serving dessert - a choice of sliced cakes which were thoughtfully warmed up just before being served to us.The chocolate cake was moist and rich in cocoa taste. The carrot cake was studded with bits of chopped walnuts.The local style tapioca cake was good and thankfully did not stick to our teeth. Three of us liked that the baker had a light hand with the sugar so we could enjoy the cakes without guilt. Our bill of $38.20 for 3 pax inclusive of 7% GST makes our lunch at Olive Vine a pleasurable and wholesome dining experience that is very easy on the pocket too. continue reading
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