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OMB prides itself as Singapore's first bacon-inspired cafe. This new cafe serves up a mean range of bacon inspired dishes - from all-day bacon breakfast dishes to bacon burgers and desserts, and even bacon salads. continue reading
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For the full review or more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/food-review-omb-oh-my-bacon.htmlOMB stands for 'Oh My Bacon', and no prizes for guessing what they specialise in! Yeap, almost all their dishes have bacon incorporated, from the usual pasta, breakfast plate to more unconventional ones like bacon ice cream (say what?) and desserts.The interior is playfully decorated with bacon figures and cartoons, plus the mismatched furniture brings out the lively and quirky style in this cafe.Bacon Bomb ($28): This consists of pork, beef, bacon and cheese all rolled into one, and served with mashed potatoes and a few leaves below. It's one giant roll so it's good for two persons to share. However, it was a little hard to share because once we sliced it open, everything seemed to fall apart! Taste wise I felt like there was a lot going on. There was the bacon, beef etc, and they didn't go that well together. Or maybe it's cos I'm not really a meat person so I can't appreciate the flavours all at once...? Otherwise it's a perfect dish for carnivores out there!The Cure ($21): It's more like the usual Big Breakfast plates that most cafes offer, but this one here has a bit more ingredients: sausage, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs (scrambled or sunnyside) and waffles or pancakes. It also comes with a small cup of maple syrup and butter. I love the waffles as it was crispy and not doughy. All the other ingredients were alright, nothing spectacular. Nothing stood out much for me here.Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger ($17): This was a beef patty with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles served in toasted sesame buns, with a side of paprika fries. My dining partner said it tasted ordinary, only slightly better than the run-of-the-mill fastfood burgers.Bacon Love, Truly ($15): This is essentially a BLT. You can choose between classic, candied or spicy bacon, and it is served in pita bread smothered with bacon jam. We went with candied bacon for this sandwich and it was sweet just right. I was hoping they could spice up this sandwich a bit more, because otherwise it's like a Subway sandwich?Waffles with Bacon Ice Cream ($14): As mentioned earlier the waffles were of a good texture, light and crispy and not doughy. The bacon ice cream tasted a bit salty (must be from the bacon haha) but it was injected with bacon bits here and there, which tasted like bak kwa! Haha but this is indeed a unique flavour.Jekyll and Hyde (6 for $12): These are bacon strips dipped in white and dark chocolate. It really was a good combination of sweet and salty! I preferred the dark chocolate as it was slightly less sweet. A good dessert to end the meal!Overall I think OMB is creative with its bacon-inspired food. It doesn't have GST or service charge too. But it has to work harder to improve the taste and quality of the food, otherwise it'll just be quite ordinary. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-23
Nestled amongst the landmarked shophouses between Bugis and Little India district, is another big, bold and beautiful concept of a cafe - well, at least for bacon lovers like me.... OMB stands for "Oh My Bacon" literally, serving dishes all containing or made up of bacon!The Bacon and Egg Cup (SGD$12.00) consists of exactly that - tiny eggs in bacon cups and sundried tomatoes served over a bed of crispy rosti. It was incredibly adorable, these tiny bacon cups, and the eggs sat so firmly within that even when the cup overturned, the egg stayed intact!  Bacon was chewy, good to nibble on - with the eggs, it was exactly our favourite American breakfast being served in an innovative manner! We also enjoyed the tasty rosti that crackled deliciously in the mouths.Next, Beef and Bacon Cheeseburger (SGD$17.00) - thick, juicy slab of beef patty served with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on toasted sesame buns, served with a side of Paprika Fries. The beef patty was so good, so flavourful and tender it was hard not to love it. Bacon and buns were both crispy, adding bite to the overall texture.  The paprika fries were not as crispy or spicy as it looks, but had a strong taste to it so we finished nearly the entire bucket of fries.Finally, Bacon Brownie with Bacon Ice-Cream (SGD$9.00), the sweet scoop of ice-cream (tasted like coffee ice-cream but might have been light caramel) contained tiny pieces of bacon that are unobstrusive, yet delightful when the teeth chances upon the bits and pieces - imagine eating chendol ice-cream? Something like that, only thisi is lightly savoury.The Bacon Brownie was another piece of work altogether - a very rich square of dark chocolate with almost sticky texture, embedded with mini bacon bits. Again, the bacon bits failed to affect the taste here because the dark chocolate brownie was very substantial on its own; the bacon bits added chewy bites and a little bounce in texture; the combination was creative, and quite successful IMHO.For full review and more details, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/07/brunch-at-omb-oh-my-bacon-cafe.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-07-07
Along a stretch of old shophouses near Sim Lim Tower, there is this newly opened bistro which is called OMB which stands for Oh My Bacon. The cafe has a variety of dishes that has bacon in it from starters to mains to desserts.The cafe is decorated in a brightly and colorful look. Even the reservation tag and the number tag is colored in shades of pink and green. So colorful. So cheerful looking.Menu is a simple piece of paper. Remember to help yourself to the water in front of the counter after making order at the counter.Bacon & Egg Cup ($12)Eggs with sun-dried tomatoes in a bacon cup over a bed of rosti.The dish is served on a wooden board. The bacon is quite cute looking with the egg in it. Taste not bad. The rosti is crispy outside while soft and savoury inside. The savoury sauce on the sauce is a bit too little.The NPH Platter ($18)Wine infused smoked duck, prawn and asparagus wrapped in bacon; this combination will make your tastebuds sing, dance and act like a triple threat Neil Patrick Harris is.Although I could not taste the wine in the smoked duck, the combination of smoked duck and bacon is very good with a sweet and savoury taste. The asparagus tastes a bit too old and hard. The prawn and bacon combination tastes a bit off. The prawn has mushy texture feel. Feel not so fresh.Carbonara ($15)Spaghetti with eggs, cheese and bacon based on a non-creamy, traditional Italian recipe.Although it looks a bit dry when served, the dish actually tastes delicious with lots of caramlised chopped onions in it which I like very much. Not the usual cream base type.Bacon Bomb ($28)A delightfully explosive combination of pork, beef, bacon and cheese all rolled into one mouthwatering experience. Served with mashed potatoes. Good for 2 persons.Served on a wooden board, it looks like a huge sausage. When cut opens, one can see the soft melted cheese around. Tastes sinfully cheesy and meaty.Bacon Brownie ($9)Served with Bacon Ice Cream and a piece of Jekyll & Hyde ($2.50).Jekyll & Hyde is bacon strip dipped in dark and white chocolate. A strangely good combination of sweet and salty.The crispy bacon coated with white chocolate is pretty addicitive. As for the brownie, I am a bit disappointed that it is not served hot. I could barely taste the bits of bacon in the brownie. So disappointing. The bacon ice cream is not bad, but it melts quite fast. I feel that it would be better if it is more savoury in taste.Overall the food is not bad, but I feel it is more on the high side especially for the bacon bomb. The staffs are quite friendly and often go around to clear the used cutlery. continue reading
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