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Open Farm Community (OFC) is Singapore's pioneering urban farm and restaurant concept; a timely reaction to the increasing disconnect between people and their food. Acting as the missing link in the modern fabric, OFC's vision is to strengthen the understanding and respect for food and its origins. Showcasing local and regional produce like never before, our team aspires to elevate the produce of our land with an international lens. continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-03
See pics @ http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2016/04/open-farm-community.htmlThe fare at Open Farm Community was wholesome, soulful, exquisite, and quite simply, sustainable clean-eating at its most delicious.Be sure to make reservations: we didn't think reservations were necessary on a Thursday evening, but boy were we wrong; the restaurant was a full-house, so we were "banished" to the counter seats at the bar.We had:1) 'Hail Caesar' ($25): a novel deconstruction of the classic green salad, with romaine lettuce cups cradling tender slabs of smoked chicken, layered with 5J jamon, the thickest ever parmesan crackers, slicked with a light horseradish caesar dressing, and finished with soft-boiled egg confit and garlic croutons. This was well-executed, elegant, incredibly balanced, and the best caesar salad I've ever had. A must-try.2) Sweet Corn & Basil Soup ($19) chunked up with charred baby corn, caramelised onion strips, and mopped up by fluffy hunks of pita bread - velvety smooth and nuanced.3) Mud Crab Pappardelle ($29): the sweet flecks of shredded crabmeat complemented the mild Thai curry gravy swirled with coconut milk, dotted with yellow squash, and topped with fried Thai basil leaves. Despite the spice, this was very restrained.4) 48 Hour Barolo Braised Oxtail Strozzapreti ($26): unabashed and bold, the smoky sweet of the wine highlighted by the heft of the meat, and cut through by fresh thyme and parmesan crisps.5) Coconut Laksa Barramundi ($29): outstanding as well, the skin of the fish seared to a tantalising crackling, yielding luscious moist flesh underneath. This was sided by an otah-potato cake blend, blanched bok choy and garnished with chilli oil beads that looked like ikura continue reading
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The Spa Esprit Group has positioned itself as a premier lifestyle brand in Singapore, with its diverse portfolio comprising 17 distinct brands. The Open Farm Community is one such brand, an initiative to reconnect the community to nature via sustainable local farming. Founded in July 2015, Open Farm Community is a 35,000 square feet urban farmland, horticultural hub, and restaurant, a celebration of local farmers, creative chefs, and delicious seasonal fare. The goal; helping Singaporeans to understand the modern eco-system and make the connection between farm and plate.Ambience at Open Farm Community is fantastic. Situated along the outskirts of the Dempsey Hill area, along Minden Road, Open Farm Community is surrounded by lush greenery. You'll feel transported to the countryside, a calm, relaxing oasis, perfect for long, lingering meals. Ample seating options abound within the spacious area, choose from relaxing booths at the terrace, comfortable seats at the small al-fresco outdoor dining area, or modern, functional seats indoors under a light feature resembling twinkling stars. The eclectic mix of furniture, from metal to plastic, to wood, lend a rustic, homely feel. Do note that outdoor seating is prone to visits by insects, this is after all, a farm.Service at Open Farm Community could be so much better. To be honest, we had excellent service from several of the staff, they were friendly, attentive, professional, and efficient at fulfilling requests, or clearing empty / dirty tables. They could also provide basic descriptions of ingredients in dishes, and how it's made. However, this was let down by examples of poor service from other staff, we had 1 instance of a staff totally ignoring our request and walking away. Water is not proactively topped up. They also charged us an advance reservation fee of SGD $50, only to discover when we arrived that there was no record of our booking. These mistakes mar the fine dining status of Open Farm Community, making the experience bitter sweet.Food at Open Farm Community is Modern European Fusion, focusing on modern French and Italian cuisine, with some touches of Asian flavour. Naturally, all dishes contain some ingredients grown here on the farm, super fresh, with a distinctive difference in taste! Generally, I find food here to be fresh, tasty, containing a few key flavours that complement each other. Plates are beautifully designed works of art, it looks good, and tastes good! For a fine dining restaurant, portions at Open Farm Community are large, rather substantial for individuals, and suitable for sharing. Prices are considered affordable for a fine dining establishment, and value for money because the food is so fresh! Budget about SGD $55 per person for a proper meal here.Seldom have I enjoyed a salad as much as I enjoyed the Warm Salad Of Broccoli, Pine Nuts, Sugar Snap Peas Topped With Crumbled Feta And Minden Mint (SGD $19)! Really fresh, with a range of textures; crunchy, juicy, chewy, rough, soft, creamy; along with flavours that work so well together, natural sweetness, savoury, salty, minty, smoky, nutty, sharp, and earthy. I swear I could just eat bowls of this! Highly recommended!Was excited when I saw the Mangalica Pork Collar, Asian Barbecue Glaze, Corn & Speck Ragout With Pickled Cucumber (SGD $35), as mangalica pork is considered a premium meat, like wagyu. True to form, the pork was very succulent and tender, with a nice savoury sweet smoky flavour from the barbecue glaze, save for 1 part which was unusually tough. But the best part about the dish was the corn and speck ragout, almost similar to a Native American succotash, bright juicy sweet corn kernels, tender baby corn, crunchy bean sprouts, salty bacon, in a savoury, slightly spicy gravy. The crisp pork crackling on top was a nice touch! Great dish, very tasty!The house signature dessert is the Lemon Tart With Basil Ice-Cream (SGD $17). Resembling a classic French mille-feuille in presentation, with 3 layers of crisp, flaky puff pastry, the filling within comprises light chantilly cream and a zesty lemon curd. Bright on the palate, with a sweet sour taste, the dish is finished with kiwi fruit gel, and a unique, grassy, floral basil leaf infused ice cream. A very good dessert! Full Open Farm Community review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/12/open-farm-community.html continue reading
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Part of the Spa Esprit Group, Open Farm Community is their initiative to kickstart local farming, letting the diners connect to the great nature and celebrating local spirit. This is a collaboration between celebrity chef Ryan Clift and award-winning food garden specialists Edible Garden City. Thus, it is not surprising to see that this cafe / restaurant is sitting on 35,000 square feet of green land, surrounded by local produce growing on tiny mounds of "hills" or flat green lands. Yes, the greens that you eat would come from these home-grown lush greenery surrounding the restaurant.The Warm Salad of Broccoli, Pine Nuts, Sugar Snap Peas Topped with Crumbled Feta and Minden Mint (SGD$19.00). This dish looked deceptively average and simple, but the first bite knocked us off our socks with the delicious taste and texture of the vegetables.Next, Mangalica Pork Collar (SGD$35.00) served with Asian BBQ glaze, corn and speckled ragout with pickled cucumber - was, to quote *I, "the wagyu of pork". It was utterly succulent in texture, easy to slice through with a cut, almost melty when eaten, light in flavour and it just danced on the tongue. The zesty ragout was fresh and infused deliciously with the BBQ glaze. The pork crackling topping the meat was another addictive delicacy we could not stop chewing on, relishing in its crispiness.Then the Potato Dumpling Gnocchi (SGD$27.00) with shredded pork sausage, sun-dried tomato jus and fresh fennel was served - lovely little pockets of sticky stuffed potato that were both tasty and chewy, engaging the palate immediately. Flavour was substantial without being too overpowering.Finally, the thing I came here specially for - Lemon Curd with Basil Ice-cream (SGD$17.00), a strudel-like dessert with layers of lemon curd piped between sable planks, served with gel of chia seeds soaked in lemon basil oil and of course, the basil ice-cream. The strudel-like dessert was gently crispy, breaking easily and neatly under the pressure of fork point, and the citrusy sweetness of the smooth lemon curd perked us up. The more subdue basil ice-cream was lightly exotic, exuding hints of sweetness between its "raw-er" green taste; and utterly silky in texture.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/12/lunch-at-open-farm-community-dempsey.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)