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The Original and Authentic Live Lobster Porridge in Singapore. All our Seafood including Lobsters are fresh from the tanks unlike any others in Singapore! continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-29
It was our monthly dinner again and we decided to have some cze char for a change. Being the pampered strawberry generation (草莓族) aka Gen Y we were, an air-conditioning prerequisite was thrown into the equation. And we finally settled on Orchid Live Seafood or OLS for short. InteriorWe opted for the outlet at Jalan Kelulut, in the sleepy Seletar estate just off Yio Chu Kang Road on a hectic weekday evening. Parking posed a problem as the parking lot in front was rather small and there were quite a fair bit of vehicles but we managed. The interior of the place is like any typical heartland Chinese restaurant with just the basic decor and pictures of the food adorning the walls. Deep Fried Baby SquidThis was an additional order on top of our set menu and got us off to a decent start. A rather miniscule portion of extremely crispy squid mixed in with tons of onions made it more of a snack than a main in my humble opinion. And it honestly tasted very similar to the packets of dried squid snack that are sold in supermarkets. Smoked DuckThe smoked duck was a tad too thinly sliced and rather lacking in chewy fats. The meat also lacked a certain smokiness that made this dish pale in comparison to that of Wo Peng. Mixed VegetablesOur quintessential greens for the evening; Decently stir fried mixed vegetables with a tinge of wok hei. Steamed Patin FishThe fish was fresh but the meat wasn't really sweet. Decently executed but doesn't really stand out.Steven's ChickenOne of the signatures of OLS, the Steven's Chicken was unique, I'll give it that. A crunchy exterior coupled with a mildly savoury/sweet flavour that belied its rather dry texture. A decent eat but nothing spectacular in my humble opinion. Lobster PorridgeAnd the undisputed star of the evening, the lobster porridge. The broth was watery yet tasty with the individual grains of rice still visible. Cooking the lobster in the broth infused a crustacean sweetness to the latter and made for a very homely and delicious porridge. Only small gripe I had was that we had 1kg of lobster to share between the 5 of us but as lobsters have pretty heavy shells, neither of us got much meat. BillDinner for 5 pax coupled with a couple of drinks cost us just shy of $230, which wasn't really expensive per se but food quality, for the most part, hovered around average (save for the lobster porridge). Service was decent but I'm not sure if I'll return, especially with other air conditioned cze char places offering better quality cooking at around the same price point. Unless I develop a craving for lobster porridge of course.Final Verdict:Ambience: 6/10Service: 6.5/10Food: 6.5/10 (7.5/10 for the lobster porridge) Value for money: 6/10Overall: 6.25/10Address: 16 Jalan Kelulut & 1 Bah Soon Pah RdContact: 64842495 (Jln Kelulut) & 67560311 (Bah Soon Pah)Opening Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm dailyWebsite: http://www.orchidliveseafood.com.sg/ continue reading
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Hidden Gem at Yio Chu Kang area, Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant was an ideal option especially for Seafood lovers. Although the location was not that conveniently remarkable, yet it still attracted lots of patrons also dozens of celebrities, photos were visible on glass facade. Decor was stylish modern, comfy cozy in general. Service was rather attentive, staffs were all knowledge-able about their Menu.Healthy version, ladyboss told us their culinary of seafood was less oil without adding msg. Just like their fish, it was steamed under high temperature with light soy sauce which tasty but not overpowering. Caught and cooked on the spot, freshness was undeniable. Effusively contained of protein and collagen which good for our skin, fish was my favourite choice always.I had 2 bowls of this, just simply love the thick flavourful broth. The seafood essence was aromatic and delicious on the first sip, Teochew-style fully mushy like congee. Lobster had been cooked in rich soup, texture was soft yet tender. Help of spicy hot ginger was awesome, indirectly maximized the savour.Normal looking for the dish, the mixture was stir-fried until perfection. Super light platter was refreshing, fragrance of garlic filled intensely within. Portion was average, enough to satisfy our taste buds too. Goodness of variety veggies was appreciating, simple homely.Prawns were very fresh and juicy crunchy, easy to remove its shell. Straightforward without complicated, naturally sweetness of flesh and mildly saltiness of taste was delighting. What I can comment was we enjoyed for more than we paid, furthermore there was totally no service charge or GST. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-15
The first time I tried the famous Lobster Porridge at Orchid Live Seafood, I knew I was head over heels in love with it. I had visited their Beer Garden outlet near Sembawang.I decided to bring Charmaine* there for a sumptuous, unconventional dinner (usually we frequented Western-themed restaurants), and we decided go to the outlet near Yio Chu Kang as it was nearer for us. t was a simple Chinese Restaurant concept, complete with stark white walls and wooden furniture, nothing fanciful or too elaborate. One could totally relax here and enjoy the attentive service and great food - no worries about dress code or falsified mannerisms / dining etiquettes. Yes, just let your hair down and the rest shall fall into place.The main star - the Lobster Porridge itself - came onto the table next. The porridge is what I believe is cooked Teochew-style - in which the rice grains are still visible in the soup base itself? It is piping hot, and tastes awesome of the sweet aroma of lobster. It was love at first bite for Charmaine* as well. The lobster portions were rather generous - two whole lobsters served by the side - but eventually we dunked them into our own bowls of porridge as well. Fresh and tender, the succulent lobsters along with the aromatic porridge filled our hungry bellies very readily and happily. For that large ceramic pot of porridge, each of us had about 2-3 small bowls of porridge.Steven's Chicken Wings - another one of their specialties - look very different from the usual chicken wings, do they not? Extremely crispy and tasty, tinged with sesame seeds on the skin, this juicy chicken wings dish was memorable as well. For more detailed information and more photos, do drop by:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-orchid-live-seafood.html continue reading
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Level1 2013-09-16
Sometimes, we might feel a bit too bored with the typical dining ambience in Singapore. Eg, where should we have our dinner tonight? Typical answer: Orchard? Central? Malls around heartland areas? Perhaps, it is one of push factors that spur us to go overseas to enjoy a different dining ambience. Fortunately, I managed to find this quaint restaurant at Sembawang-It is a very kampong kind of restaurant that makes me feel that we had turned back the clock of time. Furthermore, it faces an organic farm, so we are pretty assured that our vegetables are of the top best quality. This restaurant is really famous for its porridge. Yes: every time we think about porridge, we would assume that it would be blend, boring and it is only suitable when we are feeling ill. However, this restaurant really adds a twist to the typical image of porridge. Yes: It is lobster porridge. They added lobster into the porridge to give a sweet and aromatic taste to the soup base. To ensure you that they really add in the lobster: they will retrieve it out from the porridge and place it to a plate for you to consume. So, we decided to take on the set meal as it is more price worthy than doing it ala carte. I would like to comment on the drumstick. It is really designed for lazy people to consume. They actually remove the meat from the drumstick and stick it up to fry. Advantage: We don’t have to sink our teeth into the drumstick appearing unpolished. Neither do we need to hold on to the drumstick with our bare hands: dirtying our hands. All we need to do is to munch on the meat that has been removed yet attached to the bone itself. The chef is so thoughtful!For full review and more photos, please visit http://mintyqueen.blogspot.sg/2013/09/orchid-live-seafood-at-sembawang.html continue reading
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