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10:00 - 20:00
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Beef Noodles Normal Set (Dry/Soup) Mixed Beef Soup/Dry Beef MeatBalls Beef Brisket Hor Fun
Review (3)
Level4 2013-09-08
Orchard Emerald Beef Noodles 牛肉麵 used to be located at Orchard Emerald Basement Food Court in 1997. I understand that the owner has moved several times before finally settling down at its present location; a coffee shop at Blk 46 Holland Drive. The stall is located at a corner of the coffee shop near the zi char stall. I visited Orchard Emerald Beef Noodles 牛肉麵 on a weekday during lunch hours.There was a queue of around 4 person in front of me. Despite the short queue, I had to wait close to 10 minutes. This was because it was basically a one man show. The owner operate the whole stall by himself. He takes the order one at a time, cooks it upon order and collects the payment. This reminds me of Yilmaz Western (Ang Mo Kio) which was also a one man show. This may also explains why the owner has left a clear indication of his operating hours and the price list for addition of ingredients clearly at his stall front. I ordered the Beef Noodle (Half Set Meal) $4 which consisted of a bowl of Beef Noodles and a bowl of Beef Balls Soup.This bowl of Beef Noodles was delicious. A generous portion of beansprouts, diced salted vegetables, slices of beef and spring onions was served together with the noodles. The owner has also grasped the timing to cook the thinly sliced beef perfectly. Such that they were not over cooked, slightly pinkish and was so tender, so soft. The smooth brownish gravy had the right consistency - was not too starchy nor too fluid. Taste wise, it was great; tasty and full of flavour from the beef stock. As for the Beef Balls Soup, it was as good as the bowl of Beef Noodles. Although there was nothing to shout about regarding the beef balls other than it was soft, the soup was the star. It was rich, tasty, full of flavour and essence from the beef. I doubt that any MSG was added as it did not taste salty and I did not feel thirsty after drinking all the soup.This bowl of Beef Noodles and Beef Balls Soup from Orchard Emerald Beef Noodles 牛肉麵 is easily one of the better if not best beef noodles around. Fans of Beef Noodles will surely love this!After thought: I admire the spirit of the local stall owners (e.g. Orchard Emerald Beef Noodles & Yilmaz Western) who despite the difficulties (e.g. rising rental cost, rising cost of ingredients, difficulty and cost of hiring a helper) have gone to continue operating the stalls themselves. In addition, long hours and hard work are required to cook such delectable dishes. Let's hope that they continue to persevere. I will definitely still be going back to these stalls to continue to patronise, support and at the same time satisfy my stomach. A win-win-win situation.Detailed review and photos: http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/03/orchard-emerald-beef-noodles-holland.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-14
- Coffeeshop housing the stall- Sliced beef noodles with beef ballsI ordered the dry version of the sliced beef noodles set with a bowl of beef balls ($4). The beef slices given were generous in portion, they were scalded only for a second or two before being tossed into the ball of noodles and were sliced pretty thinly and were not tough. The accompanying chili dip goes pretty well with the beef slices. The thick black gravy tasted ok, together with the coriander and sliced salted vegetables added to the mix. The bowl of soup was rather tasty as well, you could taste the beef used in the stock. The beef balls used are not handmade but tasted alright as well. Granted the dish is not the best I have tasted (the soup could be more robust and needed more herbs), but it's definitely above average (a 3.5/5 instead of the 3 stars given in the review), worth a try. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-17
This is the stall at the already closed Margaret Drive Food Centre before moved to its current location. I always ordered the sliced beef noodle. The noodle was cooked well to the right texture then served in the thick gooey sauce. Then, they garnished the noodle with bean sprouts, salted vegetable and coriander just before served. The sliced beef has got a tender pinkish texture that goes with the noodle well. This is easily one of the better beef noodles that i ever tried. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)