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Paddington House of Pancakes or in short, PHOP was born out of the founders’ obsession with ‘pancakes’. They have traveled half the globe to savor traditional pancakes of each country they visited. Call it lady luck, they met a foreigner in Paddington who has a strong passion for making great pancakes. continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-30
I was just like kids who love ice-cream, so I ordered Oreo N Raisin with a scoop of ice cream.Paddington House of Pancakes serves mouth watering pancakes that all of us will love to try and they only located at City Square Mall in Singapore.Have a good laugh with the adorable Chipmunks movie fans and all of us enjoyed the outing last night, for such a weekday!Conclusion: I somehow felt that the overall price for such pancakes was on the high side because all their pricings were more than tripple as compared with their Malaysia's outlets. continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-12
I'm a frequent shopper at City Square Mall but didn't really took notice of this restaurant until my friends chose this place for dinner. Paddington House of Pancakes was halal certified thus attracted mainly Malay customers. The whole place was packed during dinner time and we queued for 25mins to get a seat.There were 100 items on the menu but we only managed to order these1) Monaco $19- Lamb shoulder marinated with herbs and grilled over the fire. Served with homemade zucchini onion pancakes, accompanied by mashed potato and yogurt mint sauce.The lamb was sliced too thin, thus over-cooking causes the meat to taste tough and chewy. The herbs marinade managed to conceal partial of the mutton fats' stench but it's more perfect when you eat it with the yogurt mint sauce. For this dish, the zucchini & onion pancakes was the highlight. Pancakes were soft, with additional crunch from the zucchini and fragrant from the onions, it's more oomph having them alone.(2) Mexican Double Burger $22- This huge tower of meat was made up of 1 chicken and 1 lamb minced meat patty. You do have the choice to choose 2 patties of the same kind. Chicken minced meat patty was tender, flavourful with slight char on both sides. Lamb tastes slightly inferior because of the mutton odour and patty was abit dry too. Homemade buns used in this burger was actually called the "sesame puffins". It is rather bland, definitely a healthier choice and contains buckwheat too. Other ingredients such as pineapple ring, avocado slices, tomatoes, grilled cheese and gherkins are also part of this tall burger. Side was french fries and dip given was salsa.(3) Nice $16- Homemade crepes wrapped with turkey bacon, chicken, prawns, mushrooms and grilled mozerrella. Finished with creamy mushroom sauce drizzled on top. This is my favourite choice among the 3. The eggy crepes were very fragrant, having slight crisp on the outside, it's yum! Pairs really well with all the ingredients, I felt myself as if I'm enjoying cheesy thin crisp pizza!!(4) Fruit Juice- Immune Zoom $7- Fresh juice made up of Peach, apple, honeydew and cranberry. This combination tastes rather sweet but since it indicates to have "immune zoom" effect, I gulp the whole glass down without second thoughts.Verdict: Food was average tasting and took more than 30mins to come. Ambience wasn't great too. The whole restaurant was really noisy during mealtime and not easy to chat with friends too. I admit pancakes, crepes are really their strengths but not the meat. It might take me very long time to come patronize again, unless it's for their pancake desserts. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-19
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/06/paddington-house-of-pancakes.htmlUpon looking at the business name of Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP), it reminds me of the cute Paddington bear and even remind me of a tube station name Paddington in London. Good guess and they name after Paddington as they deemed to have found one of the best pancakes recipes in Paddington, London.Besides having McDonalds Pancakes locally and having visited Pancakes on the Rock in Sydney, I would say I haven't heard of other places famous for their pancakes.Commited to serve quality, hearty, rich and wholesome pancakes meal, we decided to try their pancakes for teatime and every order takes about 20 min as it was cooked based by order. Thus a little patience is needed as time is required for the pancakes to be flipped. So Pancakes lovers, in PHOP you get to enjoy a good variety and authentic pancakes around the world too.Healthy yogurt smoothies with Lychee, honeydew melon & kiwi Fusion was ordered. Even though there were a number of mix fruits, the taste was somehow covered up by the yogurt. However, it was soothing to the throat on such a hot day.The short stack consists of 3 pancakes and we opted for the peaches and Hawaiian coconut with cinnamon and ice creams. Presentation was quite captivating with the stack of pancakes surrounded by coconut flakes, nuts and cinnamon powder, resembling a stranded island in the middle of no where. Maple syrup was separated and you can add them on the pancakes to suit your taste bud.While I'm expecting some fluffy pancakes on the plate, PHOP was far off from what I wanted. Pancakes were about palm size but quite heavy dough like, not like the even texture we got from our friendly fast food restaurant, McDonald's. In fact, the texture was similar to the Chinese kind of "Mi Jiak Kueh" (Chinese Snacks), doughy and chewy, not my kind of style. Vanilla ice cream that topped the pancakes were creamy and melted quickly soon it felt the heat from the pancakes.With all their sundaes uniquely served with dollar pancakes, its hard to to give them a try. If you are wondering what are dollar pancakes, they are actually pancakes with a size of your dollar coin. Taste reminded me of raspberry vanilla ice cream added with biscuit crumbs, one of my childhood ice cream flavours.Overall it was a good experience in PHOP with its availablity of Pancakes. continue reading
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Located at level 2 of City Square Mall is Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP), the world of pancake.If you love anything about pancake, this is the place for you. PHOP serves authentic pancake from all around the world. Kiwi lime and lychee ($5)Yet another refreshing drink that is good for cleansing. The lime helps to boost the overall flavour of the drink that stimulate one's appetite. There was a well balance of sweet and sourness that makes me want to drink it all.Aussie burger chicken ($16)The puffins with homemade chicken pattie, onions, pineapple rings, gherkins, tomaoes, grilled cheddar, sunny side up egg & fries.The sunny side up egg was cooked to perfection with the thick runny egg yolk in it. And if you burst the egg yolk with a fork, you will find the runny yolk came flowing out.Time for dessert:Hot blintzes with banana, cheese and peanut butter ($13)The crepe was filled with banana slices together with cheese and peanut butter. Love it with it is accompanied with ice-cream. I simply love ice-cream so much.Tiramisu Sundae ($8)The sundae was filled with warm mini dollar pancake in it.The pancake was very fluffy in the inner and coated with the tiramisu sundae, it tasted sweet to perfection. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-07
Doesn't the name of the restaurant remind you of Paddington Bear? In fact, this pancake house offers over 100 names of menu, crazy enough? Upon opening the menu book, brace yourself to have a hard time deciding what to order, because you'll get spoiled by their varieties of menu! We wondered how could the chefs master so many recipes?!Cheesy Wedges & Fries - $8We shared this bowl as starter. Firstly I thought those things above the fries were spam chips, but then I realized this restaurant was halal, and those things turned out to be crispy chicken bacon bits. The potatoes were fried properly, they're not oily, and the cheese sauce was superrrrr nice! Ooomphhh!Nice - $16crepes with grilled chicken mozzarella, chicken bacon, mushroom, prawns, pineapple, creamy mushroom sauceThis savory crepes tasted just exactly like its name.Pot of Gold - $10dollar pancakes with nuts, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and chocolate ice creamThese dollar pancakes may look tiny in size, but they gave me a heap! Seriously you gotta share this bowl, don't try eating one by yourself (like me, and I regret having it by myself). The pancake was fluffy and buttery, tasted really good when I mixed it together with marshmallows, chocolate sauce and ice cream. However, I couldn't finish this coz the pancakes given were too many. Imagine munching roughly 25 pieces of pancake!If you're a fan of pancake, come to Paddington House of Pancakes. Once is never enough, you will need probably two or more visits to savor their wide selections of pancake! continue reading
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