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Paik’s Bibim is the brainchild of Chef Jong Won Paik, a renowned celebrity chef from Korea. We offer a modernised version of everyone’s favourite Korean dish - Bibimbap. This traditional dish is interpreted into a healthy yet hearty meal of fresh vegetables with your choice of meat, seafood or tofu. continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
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Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap Marinated Tofu Bibimbap Seafood Bibimbap Terriyaki Chicken Bibimbap Warm Noodles with Soy Sauce
Review (3)
Level3 2014-02-18
For full review and more photos, please visit http://thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg/2014/02/paiks-bibimbap-bedok-mall-thumbsforfood.htmlBeing a Korean food lover, I was quite excited when Paik's Bibimbap opened in Bedok Mall. It's signature is non other than it's fusion-style bibimbap. Paik's is located at the side of Bedok Mall. As renovation works are still ongoing, it might be a little bit harder to spot Paik's. It is right next to Mr. Bean. I have visited the eatery twice - once during lunch and once on a weekend early dinner slot. It was quite empty both times. Paik's is a simple bistro that boosts a small seating capacity with quite a simple menu. We tried the signature Terriyaki Chicken Bibimbap ($8.90) which was chicken stir-fried with soy sauce and a dash of Tenkatsu (rice crispy) and vegetable with special mayonnaise sauce. I added the hot pepper sauce in as well. Really, the dish is not photogenic at all. Like many of you reading this, I thought to myself "What a plain dish!" when I saw it. However, I was so surprised at how naturally flavorful it was after I mixed everything up. The various textures from the rice, tenkatsu, cabbage, vegetables made the dish alive.Warm Noodles with Soy Sauce was another choice. The first time when I was there, the warm noodles were al dente. The soy sauce was so fragrant that it made the dish really appetising. However, I was a little disappointed on my second visit as the noodles were slightly soggy. Nevertheless, the Soy Sauce made up a little for it. Hope to see the noodles improve the next time around!Overall, Paik's Bibimbap boosts a simple, fuss-free, self-service concept. I liked that the bibimbap tasted naturally flavored. It made me feel that my meal was wholesome with a balance of both proteins and vegetables. I would think that I will return here again for some simple yet healthy meal! And of course, I would love to try their steamed egg and Anchovy Noodles next time! continue reading
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Level1 2014-01-18
This restaurant is tucked away in the alley to the right of the entrance to Bedok Mall (From the bus stop). Space in the shop is limited, about 30 seats but i had no problem getting a table for 2 at 12.30pm.I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Bibimbap. The food looked just like in the pictures; well presented. Food tasted excellent, exceeded my expectations. The chicken was tasty and the crunchy vegetables added texture to the rice. Loved it! continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-11
This shop was quite hard to find as it is located outside the mall and it was quite small.It is near Mr Bean and Subway.It has limited seatings as it is a small shop and i waited for about 10 minutes to get seated. I ordered the chicken rice cup and warm soup noodles.The food are specially prepared by native Koreans aunties in the kitchen as i overheard them conversing in Korean language.The rice is yummy and interesting as it is served in a disposable paper cup with crispy chicken bits and crunchy seaweeds,i loved the sauce that goes with the rice.Price was about $4.90 for a cup.The warm noodle soup cost about $7.90,it tasted home cooked with no tinge of msg,it is a very healthy meal.I will come back again. continue reading
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