PastaMania is the largest Italian restaurant chain in Singapore. They have proudly carried our Singaporean brand to 48 outlets in eight countries, with 29 locally in Singapore. They offer a relaxed, informal environment where freshly-cooked pasta and handmade pizza that are served quickly and efficiently. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-18
PastaMania at Nex always has a chill vibe, and it's rarely packed to the point where you barely have any breathing space to chat with your dining companions and it's quiet enough in the afternoons PastaMania currently has a Pacific Rim set meal from Mondays to Fridays, where you can choose from a range of pastas and pizzas, complemented by a drink (Italian sodas and coolers such as Apple Mint!), a soup and a scoop of gelato/an appetiser... All for $14.90 nett!We each ordered different pastas, soups, drinks and gelato flavours to try!The Clam Chowder was relatively watery and you can hardly consider this a chowder, but the taste was acceptable. It wasn't as creamy as we would have liked and it was more like a watered down cream of chicken with added clams. You do get what you pay for!This is a Vongole with clams in their special broth (one can choose also a cream or tomato base but we agreed that this broth really brought out the flavour of the clams). My friend chose penne but I would recommend a pasta choice of linguini or spaghetti -the penne would go better with heavier sauces! While the broth was relatively tasty, we did agree that the clams were a little sandy.The Chicken Cheese Salsiccia with a pasta choice of fusilli surprised me because it was surprisingly spicy when I had opted for it to be spicy. While the tomato base was generally tasty, with chunks of tomato and onions, it was slightly watery for me and a creamier/thicker sauce would really have done this dish justice. The 6 mini cheese sausages went well with the spiciness of the sauce and when eaten hot, it gives a comforting, homey vibe that makes you want to chow down the entire portion.The Minestrone Soup was as watery as its clam chowder counterpart, but we liked that the soup had sufficient chunks of vegetables inside, giving it texture. Add a dash of black ground pepper to give the soup a fragrant aroma!The Chicken Sausage with Penne was a generally good choice. The penne held the (somewhat) creamy base well, and the thickness of the sauce wasn't overly cloying. When left until it was cold though, the cream started to thicken and the dish was best served hot! I like this dish with a dash of Tabasco sauce as the sharp spiciness really adds a dimension to the cheesy taste of the pasta. It's a safe choice of pasta and would sit well with cheese lovers.The Passionfruit Soda had a distinct fruitiness of passionfruit although the initial sip reminded me of mango more than the lightness that passionfruit possessed. The strength of the initial flavour was a bit strong given that the tropical tastes of passionfruit are more subtle. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing drink -not too sweet too.The Apple Mint Cooler is personally, my favourite. Presentation wise, this comes out tops! With mint leaves crushed right at the bottom, placed in a elongated jar/pitcher, it makes for a really pretty-looking drink. Taste wise, it was deliciously refreshing, subtle yet tasty. The apple didn't taste overly artificial and the mint brought out its essence. Highly recommend this!The Lychee Soda tasted a bit more artificial than the rest and reminded me a bit of longans. The taste wasn't completely unpleasant, and the mix of the syrup and soda water was of a good ratio. Maybe it's because I'm not a huge fan of lychee but I'd rather have the Passionfruit or Apple Mint Soda anytime!We ordered 3 different gelato flavours to try: Chocolate, Vanilla & PistachioThe Chocolate Gelato was surprisingly good -the texture wasn't overly dense to the point where it was powdery. We would have liked it slightly less sweet and a bit more bitter -that would have been perfect. The Pistachio is my personal favourite. There are nutty bits in the gelato and it tastes like Kinder Bueno's filling, only much less sweet, and with a more distinct taste of nuts. The creaminess did justice to this flavour! We recommend this flavour if you don't mind nuts. It's definitely worth a try.The Vanilla Gelato was good -you can see the bits of vanilla pod scraped in with the blacks pecks all over the generous scoop of ice cream (UP for 1 scoop is $3.90 but you get it thrown in for the Pacific Rim meal!). It wasn't too milky nor too sweet. My only gripe is that it was slightly icy at some bits so it wasn't a smooth, creamy texture throughout.Overall, we would recommend Chicken Sausage and Chicken Cheese Salsiccia for the pastas. The soup isn't much to rave about as it's diluted and disappointing. The sodas however weren't too sweet, had adequate flavour and was delightfully fruity. We recommend the Apple Mint! The gelato is also decent, and they offer toppings as well as add ons for your scoop. Pistachio surpassed our expectations, but if you're not feeling adventurous or if you don't fancy nuts, you can go for the classic Vanilla or Chocolate.Service is also warm and friendly -they take the time to explain what is included or excluded for the set meals, and they're patient with attending to your requests. Less olive oil, pasta choice, no olives etc. Ambience is also lovely for catching up with friends! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-10
This pasta costs $7.90 and is the soupy type with quite a mild tasting soup. The soup is not spicy at all, in fact it taste like tomato soup with diced prawns and squid rings in it.The seafoods given are quite generous and the squid rings are very springy, but the prawns are small though.For those who don't like rich creamy type pasta, you can give this pasta a try for its light soup. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-14
This is the first time I'm trying dishes from Pastamania. After studying the menu, I decided to try their Spicy crayfish pasta and crispy Chicken bites.Spicy crayfish pasta with clams in jalapeno tomato sauce with olives $14.90My choice of pasta is fusilli (the 'screw' pasta)...other choices includes spaghetti and penne. The fusilli was cooked al dente tasted very good with the spicy tomato sauce. The packaging is very thoughtful, with pasta packed in a separate container from the sauce...and I did not have to pay extra for this takeaway container.One whole crayfish and 4pcs of clams soaked in tomato sauce with black olives. The sauce is MSG free and tasted really good.Chicken bites $4.50This is like the KFC pop corn chicken...crispy bite size chicken cubes, served with coriander chili sauce. The chicken is good but the sauce is a tad sweet though..This place is self service, no service charge on price...great, I will be back. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-28
Pasta Mania gives me a very familiar taste of comfort. I love pastas, and have never met anybody who doesn't yet! So one of the very commonly-agreed dining venue with my friends is none other than Pasta Mania!Turkey Bacon Cheesy Crumble, $8.10Creamy Chicken, $9.10+ Combo Set A (soup, garlic bread & drink), $5.50I'd have to say that while I do love the food from pasta mania very much, my experience so far has been that prices increase and portions decrease with each visit.My order of Turkey Bacon Cheesy Crumble pasta sounds complicated, but it's really just a small portion of turkey bacon in cheese sauce topped with parmesan crumble. My friend's order of Creamy Chicken is also really just a small portion of Chicken in cream sauce. I've tried to opt for the upsize choice to make my meals more filling, but really, paying an additional $2.50 for a handful more plain pasta (I don't feel there's any increase in amount of ingredients or sauces because my food is often rather dry) is really quite expensive! Ingredients and sauces are generally also lacking even for normal sized portions.For having to pay about $20 per pax per visit for a decent meal now, I'm afraid the Pasta Mania I've been all along so acquainted with, is fast becoming a luxury that I can only afford to visit once in a long time. continue reading
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Level1 2012-09-29
Pasta can be so simple, but many restaurants can't do a good job with it. They don't understand the meaning of al dente (just cooked).Pastamania does a good job and the price is also very reasonable.I had Aglio and my friend had the Funghi. Service was also great. If only they can get rid of the oily smell in the restaurant.It will be a bonus if they have wine on their menu! continue reading
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