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Savour the best of Cantonese cuisine at the heart of the one-north business park, where culinary allure meets relaxing ambience for a charming and satisfying dining experience. continue reading
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Braised Chinese Cabbage with Ham in Casserole Chilled Osmanthus Jelly Garlic Beef Tenderloin with Maggi Seasoning Roasted Spare Ribs with Honey Steamed Lobster with White Wine and Wheat Vermicelli
Review (4)
Level4 2015-05-28
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/05/28/ri-friends-g20-13pax-dinner-at-peach-gardens-metropolis-on-26may2015/had a fun dinner get together among RI friends at peach garden @ metropolis on 26.5.2015. ^^many of us had not been to metropolis. 1 who had been associated it with MOE as he is a professor at NUS. for another in a brokerage firm, it was CDP that came to mind.i parked at the openair carpark before metropolis building, very well located next to the bus stop & MRT. there was a lift that took me to level 2 right by peach garden. :-)place was new so looked somewhat better than previously at novena & also at miramar. the ala carte buffet menu with 1 free for 3 paying is for steamboat, so we decided to take the ala carte menu instead.we ordered the roast pork烧肉, a recommended dish. it was good, same standard as the usual places like crystal jade, imperial treasure, tunglok & canton paradise.we were deciding between peking duck & roast duck. they were same price , i think S$56 for 1 duck. more went for roast duck, which was also my preference.roast duck was good too, very flavourful & tender, & skin was crisp. it was no better than canton paradise. i think the latter still more fragrant & tasty, my gold standard. haha!^^soon hock was S$9/100g. we had 12pax (+ one who came a bit later on), so we ordered a 1kg fish.i always preferred steam for a very fresh live fish to deep-fried, which is like second best. soon hock was excellently done, very tender, smooth, tasty.i was quite wary i.e. distrustful (& weary) of peach garden’s wasabi prawns. it once came with a ton of green wasabi mayo. but looking back at the 2013 photos actually it was not bad. anyhow we ordered the salted egg prawn, which was very good too, though not quite my favourite. a friend ordered the claypot tofu with naibai 奶白. a simple dish but really quite well executed!^^& we had the chinese cabbage (jinbai 津白i think) with enoki mushrooms. again a very simple dish & very tastefully (both sight & taste) done indeed! egg white dried scallops fried rice is quite a standard dish in many good chinese restaurants. i used to love it a lot at imperial treasure nanbei, especially with the xo chilli sauce.somehow this one didn’t wow, quite average to me, not much wok hae. i think i can do better than that myself. my favourite now is the spicy seafood fried rice at crystal jade la mian xiaolongbao.^^a friend managed to reach when we were down to the second last dish, so he ordered a fried kuay teow. looked ok i guess, like the usual fare.the sesame red bean pancake was another standard dish. it was done pretty nicely – look & certainly taste also.the last item was the custard bun流沙包. pretty good but i kind of tired of them (like i was tired of the crispy charsiew bao at timhowan).a very enjoyable dinner & evening with friends.the price came to S$414 nett for 13pax after a 15% credit card discount=S$32nett. of course we did not order much food too. we did not order expensive ingredients so these were average dishes but very well executed. price was ok, about there i guess. continue reading
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Level2 2012-12-29
This is my first time to Peach Garden, having heard it being said frequently by friends and colleagues. We chose the ala-carte buffet promotion where 1 dines free with every 3 paying adults. I like the round table concept because it allows for easy conversation around the table. The appetizers were very sumptuous. There was fried salmon skin, jellyfish, tofu, goose salad, carrot cake etc. We ordered all 6 appetizers, and ended up with lesser space for main course. The main courses were overall quite nice. There was however less steamed food and more of the fried food. Dessert was only average. The mango sago with pomelo was a bit too sweet with insufficient pomelo, while the rest of the desserts were nothing special. Wish there were more selections such as yam paste or glutinous rice balls, but instead it was soya bean and the longan dessert. There is really nothing much to complain about the food or service because they were all quite ok with some dishes that were more than average. The only tip that I wish to share is that if you are in groups of 6 and above, remember to tell the restaurant to prepare portions for 4 pax, as their portions are quite huge. Also remember not to order too much at one go as the food comes onto the table at almost the same time. Overall, it is a value for money meal. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-29
Abalone lovers may want to try this quite special dish at this Chinese restaurant. The spinach as been cooked till really fragrant with the oyster sauce. The piece of egg tofu has been deep fried till nice golden brown colour before topped on to the fragrant spinach. The abalone is also very fresh and chewy, which you can taste the natural sweetness from itself. The price may be quite expensive but is sure worth the money. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)