Nestled in the cozy neighborhood of Bukit Timah and the bustling street and food paradise of the east, Penang Kitchen is famous for serving delectable Penang food. Its tasty and authentic Penang fare is the haunt of local and foreign celebrities and food loving Singaporeans. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-30
Back to Penang Kitchen for lunch cos running out of ideas what to have. I ordered a seafood mee sua soup for lunch cos I have tried most of their main dish. Mee sua is served from a claypot and fresh prawn and fish can be found, there is crabsticks too. Soup is very sweet and really a very homecooked style of mee sua! continue reading
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Penang Kitchen is a small cozy restaurant located along Tanjong Katong Road which serves authentic Penang fare at wallet friendly prices.The interior of the restaurant is cozy & welcoming with a seating capacity of only about 30. A great place to have a small family gathering but maybe due to the place being small, chatters of neighbouring diners seems rather loud throughout the meal.We started off the meal with a refreshing classic Penang drink but rarely seen in Singapore - Nutmeg Lime ($3.20). This is the first i had ever tried Nutmeg and I would say it's a rather interesting experience. The Nutmeg lime is kind of like Sour Plum drink without the sourness and with a hint of cinammony taste.One of the must have starter you must have at Penang Kitchen is the Penang Sampler ($13) which consist of their Homemade Penang Lor Bak and Belacan Chicken Wings. Their Lor Bak is not your usual Lor Bak but more like our Wu Xiang.. something you must try at Penang Kitchen! Their Belacan Chicken Wings are nice & crispy, though a little salty, but delicious nonetheless.I am a big fan of Assam Laksa and I must say the Assam Laksa here is really good! Spicy and Sour but not over the top for both. Definitely one of the best I have tried, I cant help sipping at the soup even after I have finished the noodles.Another one of my favourite dish is their Penang Char Kway Teow which unlike our usual Singaporean Char Kway Teow, have thin Kway Teows and a generous amout of ingredients like chinese sausages, beanspouts and prawns.One thing I really like about this Char Kway Teow is that they dont have the greasy uncomfortable feeling that you sometimes get when you eat a plate of oily Char Kway Teow. The Penang Char Kway Teow here is light but still bursting of flavours. very nice!For dessert, we had Hot Almond with Tang Yuan ($4.80) which is outstanding as well. The Almond paste is super smooth and the star for me is the Tang Yuan itself.. Soft, chewy and bursting with black sesame paste. Super Yums!Overall, Penang Kitchen left a great impression on me with their delicious dishes, wallet friendly prices and fantastic service. I will definitely bring my friends here for some authentic Penang food again. continue reading
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Level1 2013-10-21
Restaurant Environment: Cosy and warm homely feel.Overall Dining Experience: Pleasant experience Accessibly: Pretty accessible to the restaurant (2 bus stops away from Dakota MRT Circle Line)Service: Could have been more prompt. Quite hard to capture the attention of service crew and serving time may take a bit of time Crowd Suitability: Good for family gathering or a group of small friends Drink: Nutmeg lime – A good beverage to have before meal as its sourish sweet and refreshing taste will wake up your eating appetite.Appetizer: Fruits Rojak – Very unique mix of fruits platter (star fruit, apple, jumbu, green mango, pineapple, turnip, and cucumber) blended with the spicy sweet sauce, really crispy homemade “You Tiao” and topped generous spread of peanut bits! Shiokness!Penang Special Platter: Lor Bak which I called it special “ngoh hiang” allow you to taste the big chunk pieces of meat while the belachan chicken wings is non spicy, ideal for non spicy eater!Main:Assam Laksa: A thick assam fish broth which the additional special sauce and mint leaves added fragrant and neutralizes the assam sourness in it. One of the more unique savory laska tasted!Penang Char Kway Teow - Every mouthful had triple taste of sweet, spicy and salty on its chewy thick noodles! Nice!Penang Nasi Goreng Kampung - Heavenly blend of the light salted belanchan mix with the really well stirred rice and fresh ingredients! Full of nostalgic flavour in the each mouthful! The achar side make you crave for more rice! One of my personal favourite! Penang Prawn Noodle Soup – A pungent prawn soup base that leave a sweet tingling aftertaste. Generous portion of prawns and meat with mixture of yellow noodles and thin bee hoon is definitely a portion that assured value for money!Herbal Duck Mee Sua – Strong aromatic herbal smell but it tasted really light and savory. The soup base is really good that you would ask for more! And the duck meat is really tender and juicy! Great for one that hopes for something flavorful yet light for your tummy! Desserts:Chendol – The Gula Melaka used in the dessert is really a sure killer! It made this bowl of chendol taste really fragrant and yummy when mixed with coconut milk. The boiled red beans had right softness and the green little chendol bits neutralize the sweetness taste. Not a bad dessert at all to satisfy your sweet tooth!Almond Paste with Black Sesame Dumpling – Not a fan of almond but visually the paste looks really smooth. Believe fans of almond paste would like it very much as some friends gulped the whole bowl and even pack some back home! continue reading
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Level1 2013-10-20
Nested in tanjong katong district, you might easily miss this restaurant with so many food eateries in the same vicinity, so spot its bright orange signage when you are here.Personally I have not been to Penang and The meal started with a Nutmeg Lime Drink at first the taste was unfamiliar and tasted like preserved fruits but not only was it a thirst quencher, it thoroughly cleanses the palette between dishes.Next was the Penang Fruit Rojak ($7.80). I am not a fan of rojak due to its strong tasting sauce, but this unlike others, the sauce was light and refreshing.Following up the Asam Laksa ($8.30) . This was my favorite dishes of all, i have ordered this dish at the coronation outlet a year back and it was too sour for me to handle. However this time round, the tuna and mint leaves neutralised the sourness in the laksa, and the soup was a flavorful mix.Up next the Penang Sampler ($13). Consisting of belachan wings and lor bak, this dish failed to impress. The wings were nice and crispy however lacking the belachan taste. While Im not familiar with lor bak, it did not create a strong impression. Special mention to the Penang Prawn Noodle Soup ($8.30). At first sight, the soup was deep brown, hinting the hours took to cook the broth. The soup was light on the palette, very fragrant with a strong yet not overpowering prawn taste.Another surprise was the Nasi Goreng Kampong Penang ($8.90). One of the better fried rice I have tasted, it was fragrant yet not oily. The achar complements the rice very well. Will definitely return for this. Last 2 mains were the Penang Char Kway Teow ($8.30) and Herbal Duck Mee Sua ($9). The kway teow was a bit to dry and overcooked for my liking while the mee sua, though the broth which have been cooked for 6 hours was rich, the mee sua failed to absorb the taste of the broth.The meal ended with handmade Chendol and Almond Tang Yuan. Both were fragrant and a perfect closure to this meal.The overall dining experience was a good one with hits and misses, after all everyone has different preference. This place is perfect for a nice family dinner but do make a reservation as seats are limited. I would definitely return again for another authentic penang experience, not forgetting the other outlet near coronation plaza which is more centralised. continue reading
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We visited Penang Kitchen at Tanjong Katong Road to taste authentic Penang dishes.The location is along the main road and transportation to this place is easily accessible. This is their second outlet with the first nestled at Bukit Timah neighbourhood. Upon arrival, I was welcomed with a glass of cold Nutmeg Lime Drink. At the price of S$3.20, a great quencher. Slightly sourish and believed to improve digestion and reduce flatulence.The first dish of the night was Penang Fruit Rojak. With a combination of different types of fresh fruits and vegetables such as green and red apples, star fruit, pineapple, cucumber, turnip and in- house keropok smashed into bite pieces with a good mix of special prawn paste and generous amount of peanuts and sprinkled chopped ginger flower. Taste was good with a strong thick flavour of the special prawn paste. Priced: S$7.80Nasi Goreng Kampong Penang was next on the menu. The not too spicy fragrant fried rice served with a big piece of Papadum and small portion of Achar pickles. The flavorful pickles goes well with the fried rice. The ingredients for the fried rice includes a few pieces of medium size fresh prawns, a good mixed to Grago (small shrimps) and beaten eggs topped with a good sprinkle of deep fried shallots. Priced: S$8.90The Penang Sampler dish of Lor Bak and Belachan Chicken Wings served with sweet sauce and chilli. The skin of the Lor Bah was not crispy but the taste was delicious with a good balance of both lean and fatty pork and went well with the sweet brownish sauce. I could not taste the belachan from the chicken wing. Priced: S$13.00I was impressed with the Penang Prawn Noodle Soup. The accompanied ingredients consisting of fresh prawns, sliced of leaned pork, hard boiled egg, crunchy bean sprouts and water spinach. The not so spicy broth was flavoursome resulted from the pork stock and pulverized prawn heads and shells. Priced: S$8.30Penang Assam Laksa, the staple of Penang hawker food. The gravy supposed to be hot, spicy, sour, pungent and full of fish broth was mild and lack of richness. I was a little disappointed with this dish. There was no trace of Ikan Kembong (Mackerel). The noodles were springy with a good serving of mint leaves and shredded lettuces topping. Priced: S$8.30Another popular legendary dish was the Penang Char Kway Teow. There was a good mixture of sliced Chinese sausages, fresh prawns, eggs, ku-chai (Chinese chive) and crunchy bean sprouts. One missing ingredient was cockles. The presence of small lard pieces has added a fragrant taste to this plate of flat noodles. Priced: S$8.30Hmmh Herbal Duck Mee Sua which is Penang traditional soup with broth herbs simmered for many hours. There was a large piece of the duck drumstick combined with a good tasting soup of various ingredients including wolfberries. This soup reminded me of the Pig Kidney and Liver Mee Sua.Priced: S$9.00We had Chendol and Almond Tang Yuan for desserts.The Chendol definitely cool me down. The shaved-ice and thick rich flavour of the Gula Melaka and coconut milk has an extremely smooth and creamy consistency. The black sesame Tang Yuan in almond paste was smooth and nutritious. Cooked with grinded almond into a paste together with egg white. Indeed a wonderful dining experience with Penang cuisine in the company of friendly OpenRicers, meeting new friends, sharing food experiences and taste buds. continue reading
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