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Established in 2004, Peperoni Pizzeria is part of the award-winning Les Amis Group. Peperoni in Italian means bell peppers, a reflection of their culinary heritage. As a testament to their culinary excellence, Peperoni has grown today to four outlets across the island serving their signature pizzas and pastas. Their restaurants also come with an in-house bar, serving a stellar collection of wines, spirits and imported beers. continue reading
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Level1 2015-04-21
This place is always packed with people, they have a very strict policy of sitting their guests. Only when all guests have already, do they allow you to be seated. It seems only smart from a business point of view, since turnover rate is high. They have a wide variety of pizza and the seafood flavour is so far my favourite and they served the best calamari ever. Not only is it crunchy and flavour, they do not have the oily after-taste. Overall I would visit this place again, but queuing is inevitable. Definitely avoid this place during weekend, but what is sacrificing queuing time for good food? continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-22
When we went there at 7.45pm on a weekday, the queue was super long! Had to wait for at least 30minutes and they would not let you in until all are present. No reservations too. It was my second time trying Peperoni. Once we went in, there were a huge variety of pizzas on the menu. We had 4 of us, so we decided to take the XXL ($50) size while choosing 2 types of pizza. We ordered Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (Pork), which consisted of parma ham and rocket salad, and Quattro Formaggi, which contains Mozzarella, taleggio, scamorza & gorgonzola cheese. It took around 15 minutes for the pizza to arrive, which was fine. It was sliced into 52 slices for our convenience. The latter was good, for those who love cheese. The former was better in my opinion, as the ham and rocket salad mixed up to be really delicious and appetising. The crust of the pizza was not too thick like pizza hut, but they were not too thin like skinny pizza. Suits me perfectly!The only downpoint was that an XXL pizza was not quite enough for 4 guys as we went to have desserts elsewhere thereafter. continue reading
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The menu runs the range from entrees, pastas and mains such as risotto and wood-fired pizzas. We ordered the potato wedges as appetisers and they came piping hot and done the way wedges should be. A good start.All pizzas served here are thin-crust, but the Family size 21-inch pizzas are the ones truly worth going for. These pizzas - the width of the pizzeria's table and the length of 2 people, are visually stunning when served up in front of your eyes. If you happen to come with a large group (>4),do not think about ordering multiple small pizzas for the different flavors. Just order this Family sized pizza even if only 2 kinds of pizzas are allowed to be mixed because it isn't everyday that you get to see and eat from a ginormous pizza like this, which is actually quite fun.The cheese on the pizza isn't as stringy as Pizza Hut's (their pizzas' cheese are the stringiest I have had by far) but it is still pretty good. The thin crust was crispy and the texture resembled that of a cracker. I enjoyed the pizzas, though perhaps the anchovies and olives combination in the Napoletana were a little too salty for our taste. The Parma ham and rocket made a very good combination - salty but balanced by the peppery and pungent flavour from the rocket.Peperoni Pizzeria is a safe and pretty good alternative to your usual pizza joint. The thin crust is also a plus point for those who don't fancy carb-heavy meals. It is pretty ideal for big groups and the novelty of eating from the family size pizza (which might just be the largest pizza you can find available in Singapore commercially) just adds to the fun experience. Prices are on par with usual pizza places, so why not? continue reading
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So far we have visited two locations of Peperoni Pizzeria: Greenwood and Frankel. So this time around Little Devil and I are on baby sitting duties, and we brought our niece and nephew to Suntec City. Our little naughty niece decided she wanted chips for lunch, so we decided to go for Peperoni.Located in eating area around the Fountain of Wealth, this branch will see a lot of human traffic. Like other establishment three main colour of Italian flag were used to light up this place. The pizza oven are located in the front of the shop with open kitchen concept. This will definitely pique the interest of passer by to dine in Peperoni.Based on our previous two visits at other Peperoni outlets, we know the standard of food to expect. Since I was not very hungry, LD & I decided to share an entrée and one pizza. The little one got her chips, with condition she need to finish the fish as well.Entree was Calamari Fritti ($14), fried calamari served with lemon, mayo and arrabiata sauce. The calamari is lightly coated with seasoned flour, has an moist and tender texture. Slightly resilient but not rubbery. The lemon add a bit of twang, and combine well with either mayo or arrabiata sauce.We ordered half/half Diavola (pepperoni) and Margherita (buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil & oregano) - $24 for large. The toppings on top of the thin crisp pizza are simple generous. Half meat and half cheese are just perfecto.The little one had Fish & Chips kids meal ($14), however the portion given is just too generous. Served with salad, the size of this meal can filled a stomach of one adult. She managed to wallop all the chips and half of the fish. LD polish off the rest of the fish. The kids meal come with drinks as well.Although the food is good, it was not all a pleasing dining experience. LD and the kids were greeted by the grumpy receptionist. When I arrived, and try to keep my nephew stroller, she was rude and giving orders in the commanding tone. Although no service tax was charge, I am sure this is not the proper way of service. A few of the customers with kids that came after us also face the same problem. To be fair, the rest of the service staff were very professional except for the grumpy reception staff.Overall, we found that Les Amis group really did a great job in maintaining the food standard across its establishment. The pizza was good and the food here are value for money. Service really need improvement, as this is not the first outlet of Peperoni that I found inconsistent service standard. Cheers!!For the complete chubby botak koala experience, click / copy the link below to your browser:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/06/peperoni-pizzeria-suntec-city.html continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-22
Looking for affordable pizzas or pasta? This is the place. All prices on the menu are nett. Service is alright but you can't fault them given that no service charge is charged. Ordered the 9 inch pizza and the Aglio Olio. For those who likes the strong smell of garlic in their pasta, this dish does it nicely, making it one of the nicer pasta I have ate. Pizza was good too. They offer different sizes for different party sizes. So, with a small or large group, you can be sure they have something for you. continue reading
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