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Born out of a love for crustaceans and seafood, Pince & Pints has been delighting our customers with our premium live lobsters and lobster rolls since 2014. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-18
Pince and Pints opened with much fanfare and rave reviews some one and a half years back and has apparently been very popular ever since - so much so that they have expanded upwards to the second floor and overseas to KL. We were intrigued by the limited offering of Truffle Lobster Roll so dropped by one Saturday afternoon for lunch.The place isn't big (first floor seats 46 while the upper level seats another 30) and is a hotbed for noise due to the rather crampish and enclosed interior. But by virtue of a reservation, we managed to snag a rather nice corner seat with a fish tank (complete with a singular lobster) as a backdrop.Lobster Roll - To do a comparison, we started off with a regular lobster roll. Served with a rich but not too heavy garlic aioli sauce, the lightly chilled lobster meat came across as crunchy and sweet, on a mildly crisp and sweet bun that could do with more time on the grill and definitely alot more butter. The accompanying regular cut fries were decent.Truffle Lobster Roll - For $10++ more, the truffle lobster roll was only available for a limited period of time (till end January). And in contrast to the regular lobster roll, the crunchy and sweetly succulent lobster meat was served warm instead of chilled, with truffle shavings, a small dollop of caviar and a truffle sauce that boasted a fair amount of truffle oil and bits of the real stuff. I personally couldn't get enough of the rich truffle sauce that went extremely well with the fries. However, as with the regular roll, the bread wasn't crispy or buttery enough for my liking.Two lobster rolls cost us ~ $148, which is relatively expensive given that The Naked Finn (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/04/the-naked-finn-home-to-deliciously.html) serves a slightly more delicious rendition of the regular lobster roll at ~ 40% cheaper. A pity the rolls are only available during lunch. Maybe The Naked Finn could consider offering it for dinner as well.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2016/01/pince-pints-its-all-lobster.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-27
I opt for the Lobster Roll ( comes with chef salad, fries which i find it good too and garlic aioli dressing ). Very enjoyable with a good portion. Quite a lot of lobster meat ( it better be with the price i am paying. Haha ) and goes well with the buttery soft bun. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
I wanted to visit Pince & Pints since its opening; there were so many blog posts and Instagram pictures raving about it! And finally, I seized the opportunity to "ka-doh" my hubby to give me a treat on my birthday which was 2 months ago. No reservations allowed and my hubby was there earlier to queue slightly before 6pm (dinner time starts at 5pm on weekday). He couldn't go in and chop a seat first as the staff only allow entering when everyone was present. I reached at about 615pm and still we got to wait till close to 7pm before we managed to get a table. I reckon best to come either very early or very late, otherwise be prepared to wait. I will love to bring my parents but the wait sure can kill. It was pretty hot & tiring to stand at the corridor while waiting for a table lor.... Hopefully by now, either the restaurant has expanded to a bigger seating area or the crowd has became more manageable? Menu is simple - Lobster of coz! 3 varieties all at $48++The Lobster RollSuper meaty lobster, shelled and stuffed into the bread. Great for ladies, and even guys, who dont want to get their hands dirty. Completed with fat fries and salad. Live Whole LobsterChoose between grilled and steamed, and I chosen the former. One word -> shiok!The feeling of eating lobster in chunks, and I meant, big chunks was simply shiok. And you felt so blissful that after eating so much, there was still so much remaining... ^____________^ Big grin literally.Click on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/11/pince-pints.html to read more & view more pictures! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Lobster, lobster and more lobster. Yeap that is what you'd find in this new restaurant at Duxton and one which is similar to that of Burger and Lobster in London. Basically, you get to choose from a very wide menu of 3 dishes - Live whole lobster, Lobster Roll and the Chilli Lobster at $48++ a dish.The live whole lobster Naturally the most popular of the 3 dishes. Comes either Grilled or Steamed. imo, grilled would be the better choice. You can taste the freshness of the lobster, yet having that slightly charred after taste. Really good value for the dish. I'd come back anytime just for this.Lobster Roll Lobster chunks marinated in mayo and salt, served on a bun, it was good but definitely not worth the price when compared to the fresh grilled lobster above. Worth a try though, if you are in the mood to splurge.crediting @rachelxie for these lobster rolls pictures because the lighting was too badChill Lobster The dish that divided opinions. Personally (and because i am not a chilli person), this dish was a win. Perhaps suited more towards the western palate, the chilli sauce isn't as authentic as those we find in our seafood joints. Still, i liked it due to the very tangy and lesser chilli-ish taste. Dipped with the deep fried man tou, the mix of flavours would satisy the hungriest of person. I was also impressed by how the lobster was cooked just right, tender and not too tough.Overall verdict: read more on my blog.To read my full review: http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2014/09/all-about-lobster-pince-and-pints-duxton.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-09-22
When there's seafood and good bargain, there are bound to be queues. It's no surprise that there are often 2-3 hours waiting time as no reservations is allowed. Dining at Pince & Pints is really a hassle free with only 3 choices on the menu - Live Whole Lobster, The Lobster Roll and Chilli Lobster. All lobster dishes are priced at $48. We had all 3 dishes but the live whole lobster was my fav. With a choice of Grilled or Steamed. Serving it along with Mesclun Salad, Sour Cherry & Balsamic Dressing, Shoestring Fries and Herbed Butter Sauce. We were recommended to go along with Steamed to taste the natural sweetness of the lobster meat within. Though it looks really pale on the picture but the sweetness taste of the meat really got me 'Wow'.The only obstacle to beat is the long waiting time before having an awesome lobster feast. But I must say, it's definitely worth a try especially if you're dining for the first time. Just avoid busy hours as the waiting time can get really long.Review on individual dishes on http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2014/09/pince-pints-restaurant-bar-duxton-road.html continue reading
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