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Level4 2013-12-11
Thanks to Ladyironchef for inviting me as one of the lucky ones to join his Christmas Party with Pizzahut.The dinner starts at 7pm til 9pm at Pizzahut, City Square Mall. There are bonding session going on while waiting for the foods to be served that night.Here are the ‘Pizzahut Xmas Menu’ that were served that night:-Sparkles Drink (Emerald/ Berri / Summer)- I chose Emerald Sparkles Drink which is a mixture of soda drink.Christmas Platter comes with spicy BBQ drumlets, baked cheesy potatoes and crispy tempuras. The spicy BBQ drumlets truly tasted spicy so beware when you take the first bite. Criss Cross Fries which tasted cripsy and crunchy while it is still serving hot.Double Sensation Pizza which is the highlight of the night. It comes with 2 layers of savory toppings. Pizza comes with 4 types of cheese, turkey pepperoni, adam cheese and turkey ham to name few of it.And you will never expect it comes with mango sauce to provide sweet punch of the overall taste. I only knew about this sauce during the Quiz session throughout the event. Truffle Mushroom Baked Pasta which was served pipping hot and cheesy creamy sauce. There are slices of button mushrooms and turkey bacon dipped into the creamy sauce.Roasted Chicken Leg which looks appetizing from it’s presentation. The chicken texture was smooth and tender with the glossy golden brown roasted skin.Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownies which marks the end of the dinner session. Everyone was served a cup of it and I enjoyed the sinful treat!For more food reviews : http://www.hazeldiary.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-21
Thank you Miss Tam Chiak for the invite and we get to have the first taste of Pizza Hut's Christmas Double Decker Pizza, launching on 20 Nov 2013.Apart from that, we also had criss cross fries that is tasty and crispy, the Christmas platter that has fried prawns (tempura type) which is fresh and crispy, baked potatoes that are well-baked till soft with melted cheese over it and spicy drumlets that is always so nice and tender, followed by Truffle Mushroom Baked Pasta that tastes a little salty yet tasty, the 3 different sparkling drinks from Emerald (Green Apple), Berri (Strawberry) and Summer (Mango) which I don't have much comments as it tastes about the same but just that it has small little cubes of the fruits that each represent plus the colour syrup to differentiate them.Last but not least is the Double Decker Pizza. We saw the demonstration of how it is made and you can tell from the photo how much of ingredients are used in just one pizza. A very different taste with every bite that stirs your taste bud. Most important, mango sauce is used to add on the flavour. Like it is named, there are 2 layers to this pizza and a wrap was used as a 2nd layer to contain the sauces, wrapped cherry tomatoes and so on. The portion is enough to fill 4 persons' stomach. This is one of their feature this Christmas and you may want to try it with your family and friends. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-25
I seldom eat anything that’s not pizza at the obviously named Pizza Hut, so while there was not much of a queue at this branch probably due to the timing we were there. Thought of trying out something different and ordered mushroom soup which was average tasting. Could use a little more heavier mushroom taste. And it was abit diluted as well. Next was the curry baked rice. Baked rice with a local twist as usually I have it in the “western” influenced form. The chicken in it was nice and tender and well cooked potatoes were nice and soft too. Overall the curry looked like it was going to overflow, but I’m not going to complain about “bigger portions” and a simple parsely décor made it work. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-02
Tonite we are introduced to a new phase of Pizza Hut which is called Pasta Hut. In the new menu, there will be more new pasta dishes such as Baked Penne in Truffle Cream Sauce and Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio.We start with the Soup of the day, which is Cream of Mushroom, which I feel it is a bit letdown. There not much natural flavour from the mushroom I feel.For appetizer, we have Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets, which is quite juicy and spicyCheesy Mussels, which I feel is a bit on the dry side.Criss Cross Fries, which is very nice and crispy.For pasta dishes, we try Spicy Seafood ParchmentIt is quite spicy, with quite an amount of chopped chilli padi. But there is also alot of juicy prawns and mussels.Baked Penne in Truffle Cream SauceThis is a very tasty dish. The cream is just right, without been overwhelming. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-28
Went to dine at pizza hut on weekends, not very crowded in fact quite empty. so we gotten our seats fast. but there's only like 3 people working there, when we tried to call someone for order they took quite sometime. we ordered the berries drink, fries and the common ordered Hawaiian pizza (mid size) . asked for tomato sauces, they gave us one bottle but no additional plates to pour the sauces out. we've to take from another table. the fries was served first and waited about 15mins for the pizza. overall, food is still alright. continue reading
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