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Established in January 2013, Plonk is a contemporary and very friendly neighbourhood restaurant and bar located at the heart of Singapore's charming Serangoon Gardens. Offering fresh produce, fabulous food and laid-back Australian vibes, it’s the go-to local for friends and families from within “the ‘Goon Gardens” and beyond. With hearty breakfasts, an extensive range of mouth-watering a la carte meals and regular rotations of chalkboard specials, we’re all about unpretentious and heartwarming cuisine. As for beverages, we serve an eclectic range of organic and natural wines, international beers and spirits, freshly roasted coffees by Bright Coffee Company, and world-class teas from Twinings. continue reading
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Chicken Liver Pate Crispy Lavosh Marinated Calamari
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Level4 2015-08-07
Joining the stretch of bars and eateries along Maju Avenue is none other than Plonk. Plonk has actually been around for good 2 years. With a laid back setting and some dim lightings, one is ready for some tapas and drinks for the night.Beside their printed menu, they do have a ‘Specials’ menu for the night which ranges from tapas to drinks to even some mains. Not only that, sometimes they have One for One pizza on Tuesday Nights too!Food Menu – Good variety of Tapas to Mains to Desserts.Drinks Menu – it should have something for everybody and remember to check out their Happy Hour!Plonk is generally known for their tapas and drinks, so we decided to go for some tapas, mains and desserts less the drinks. While waiting for our order to be served, Complimentary Bread accompanied with Olive oil dip with a big dollop of balsamic vinegar was shown to our table. Very crisp crust and soft lightly dense body with olive oil and vinegar makes it a good starter for the meal.Since they are known for their Tapas, we decided to try 2 of them, one from the menu and one on the ‘Specials’ board. First one from the menu was all time favorite Char-Grill Calamari, Chilli, Garlic, Lemon and Fresh Herbs ($12). Calamari was grilled to perfection retaining the springy and bouncy texture which is not too tough and chewy. The dressing falls a little to the sour side which literally whet up ones’ appetite. Very refreshing with a faint hint of tingling sensation from the chilli.The second tapas that was ordered from the ‘Specials’ board was Hot Buffalo Wings ($14). There’s a choice of Hot or Original and came in a set of 6 mid-joint wings. The sauce tasted somewhat familiar yet special. It has a slight resemblance to the Belacan Chilli from the Zi Char stall, spicy yet aromatic and with traces of kaffir lime being used. The wings was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It’s a delightful marriage of the sauce and marination with the mid-joint wings.The only main that we tried was Seafood Aglio Olio ($22). Linguine tossed in olive oil, garlic and herbs served with fresh and succulent seafood such as the crunchy tiger prawns, juicy black mussels and springy squids. Very good ratio of almost 1:1, seafoodasta. I find it a little too oily but the flavor and taste was really good.Of course to not forgetting a plate of dessert to end off our meal. We went for something that we thought it sounded special – Deconstructed Lemon Tart with Fried Shallot Ice cream ($13). Beautiful plating of dessert was done with cookie crumbs that lay the plate and triangular lemon tart and fried shallot ice cream that rests above. These triangular lemon tart is so sour that it will literally send a chill down your spine. Advisable to not be taken alone but with the cookie crumbs or fried shallot ice cream to neutralize the sour-ness. With that said, the fried shallot ice cream turns out to be quite pleasant, the ice cream wasn’t really heavy or strong in shallot taste and in fact, it’s those fried shallot itself that bring out and enhance the fried shallot flavor and aroma. I must agree, the fried shallot indeed complement well with the lemon tart. This dessert wouldn’t be that perfect if any of the one component is missing.Plonk is a good escapade from the bustling busy town area for a night filled with drinks and foods. Quality wise is good i would say while i may find the price a little on the higher side after all it being in a neighborhood area. But still, it’s worth a trip down!https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/plonk/ continue reading
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