Helmed by renowned Chef Jason Atherton, owner of Table No.1 in Shanghai and the Michelin-starred Pollen Street Social in London, Pollen offers innovative, Mediterranean-influenced, modern European cuisine. The 2-storey restaurant comprises of a ground floor dining area exuding sophistication and elegance, while the upper level blends exquisite dining with a breezy garden setting. continue reading
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Butter-poached Lobster Salad Peanut Butter & Jelly Rhug Estate Organic Chicken Roasted Seabass
Review (8)
Level1 2019-02-10
Walked into the terrace by accident while visiting the flower dome two days ago - had a quick afternoon tea - was impressed by good service and surroundings. Came back tonight for dinner. Waiters recognized us immediately and greeted us warmly. Food was delicious- the pear salad, mushroom croquettes and creamy soup for starters, salmon, beef cheek and trout for mains - all good. continue reading
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Level1 2017-09-20
We arrived Pollen at 4:30pm, but no more food provided, only drinks and a little bit cakes to choose, even the waitress told us we can order some sandwiches or some hot food, only the Pollen Tea Set can't order, but when we went upstairs the order waitress told us only drinks and cakes.Don't really understand what is the meaning of ALL DAY menu........ We order Banana Cake, nice, not so sweetThe Lemon Cheesecake also good but we can't taste the lemonThe Drinks here cocktail are nice also, I order Pollen (signature drink) a bit sour Honestly the service here is so far so good continue reading
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The wife and I were both on leave and were eager to try out Jason Atherton's (former protege of Gordon Ramsay) Pollen @ Gardens By The Bay, which is similarly named after his Michelin starred restaurant in London, Pollen Street Social. Expectations, expectations, expectations.Situated within the world's largest glass greenhouse, Flower Dome @ Gardens By The Bay (free buggy ride and entrance), Pollen occupies two levels within the dome, with the upper level (terrace) serving up a selection of dishes in a garden like, cafe setting and the lower level boasting a proper restaurant with a dessert counter where you can choose to have your desserts and/or view them being prepared. I appreciate the novelty of dining in a chilled greenhouse surrounded by nature and sunlight but would appreciate more greenery being incorporated into the restaurant. Still cosy nonetheless.Complimentary Bread - The homemade white sourdough bread sported a crusty surface with a lightly spongy center and came served with hummus and mustard butter; both of which I'm originally not quite a fan of. However the mustard butter surprised me; smooth and creamy with an ever so slight hint of mustard. Pretty decent.Amuse Bouche - Our amuse bouche for the afternoon. a steamed bun with Gorgonzola and truffle oil - fluffy and chewy with a hint of truffle oil and a mild pungency of the cheese. A rather interesting and decent start to our lunch.Cured Trout, Dill Sago, Japanese Cucumber, Ikura, Yuzu - Topped with frozen (by liquid nitrogen) cucumber (tasted like sorbet) for that smokey visual effect, the cured trout had a delicate sweetness to it coupled with firm, mildly chewy flesh. The saltiness came courtesy of the ikura (fish roe), balancing out the mild rawness from the cucumbers. Nice.Seared Foie Gras, Poached Quince, Walnut Cream (+$12) - Though quivery, the foie gras could do with a little more searing on the surface whilst the sweetness of the walnut cream and walnuts helped to cut through the gaminess. The latter also provided a nice crunchy element. What was new to me was the quince, which tasted a little like peach to me, albeit a little tougher. It apparently belongs to the same family as apples and pears and can't be eaten raw. Most interesting.Roasted Barramundi, Cauliflower, Grapes, Curry Cream - The roasted barramundi was pretty good; crisp skin coupled with firm, flaky flesh and drizzled over with a non spicy curry sauce, all on a bed of deliciously roasted cauliflower. I'm usually not a huge fan of fish but this was interestingly good.Roasted Butternut Risotto, Honey Croutons - Although I liked the butternut risotto for its creamy al dente-ness, chewy honey croutons and crunchy pistachios, I couldn't quite get over the fact that there was no protein in it; a vegetarian option. Portions were quite substantial and too much proved a tad nauseating, to me at least.Salted JAAL Chocolate - The JAAL in this dish presumably stands for Jason Atherton Andres Lara, the name of the owner and the pastry chef. Not that it had any bearing on this dessert, which featured an overly salty salted caramel fudge mixed in with chewy rice krispies, peanut powder, cocoa soil and topped with a scoop of unsweetened cocoa ice cream. The end result? Lots of drinking water required.At ~ $143 for 2 pax, lunch was a pricier than your average set lunch affair but I guess the complimentary entry into the Flower Dome ($12 for residents) and buggy ride does make up for it. Food overall leans towards fusion and comes across as competent but not wow. I was honestly expecting a little more in terms of flavours. Service was good though and I personally like the relaxing feel of the restaurant. Will I be back? Maybe, but probably not in the near future.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/12/pollen-dining-in-cool-comfort-of-flower.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-13
STARTERS: BALLOTINE OF SMOKED HAM HOCKIt looks as good as it taste! Light in flavours. Definitely get you excited for the 2nd course!POACHED COD FILLET(Pasnip cream, savoy cabbage, light curry sabayon)Probably the best cod fish I have ever taste. Tender soft with a light curry flavored sauce that doesn’t threaten to overwhelm its the cod.DESSERT: CHESTNUT(Cranberry, cherry, Pollen 46% chocolate, hazelnut, creme fraiche)The white shavings you see there is ice cream which is made to look like snow! Melt in your month goodness!Petit FoursSmall bites for you to end off the meal, the cookies were lovely!VERDICTA decadent lunch affair marked a great year for my work team. We had the new year meal which was pricier than usual their usual offering, you can check back on their website to see what are their offerings.The food was perfect. It was the kind of meal which blows you away with flavours that you wouldn’t be able to get from anywhere else; as each beautiful plated dish was probably a work of art for the chefs as they beautifully balance the flavors.Definitely a place I would recommend for those who are in the mood to indulge, anniversary dinners, birthday celebrations or even a company lunch. It is probably a little out of the way, but there is a buggy to pick you up at the taxi stand to get to the restaurant directly.For more reviews, visit RoundTumTums.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-11
Housed in the Flower Dome of the new Gardens by the Bay, POLLEN features modern European cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Since we are in the area, we decide to check this place for hi tea. It offers a Pollen Afternoon Tea set for $38++ which comes with a choice of coffee or tea, served free flow. Reservations are recommended as the bistro at the second level is quite small with about 10 tables. Please note that the first level's dining are is closed during tea time. At the door, I am greeted by my first name which leaves quite an impression on me.We start with tea which I select Flower Power which tastes flowery and light, while my dining mate selects Earl Grey. It is each served in a pot and is refillable, which is done often by the staff.From the Savoury side, we havePotted wild trout with horse radish cream, capers and lemonScotch eggswith piccalilly relishSeared Rangers Valley beef,celeriac remoulade, onion briocheThe brioche is very soft and buttery. The plain looking horse radish cream spread on the toast, just makes us think of seafood with a bite. The scotch egg here has a rather salty taste which reminds me of duck egg. From the Sweets side, we have cones with home-made jamSeasonal éclairsAssorted tea cakesMacaronsThe eclair which is filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, is simply heavenly. Light and juicy. The tea cake is very unique too, decorated with metallic and sweet tasting rocks on top. The marcaron is a disappointing one as the filling has melted and quite sticky to eat.It is quite relaxing having tea in a place surrounded by flowers. I have spotted a bird flying arcoss me. After the meal, we also take a visit around the Flower Dome as Pollen is located inside the dome. Pollen also offers free buggy transportation to the nearby MBS hotel, which we take up after visiting the dome. Overall great services and good food. I will be back again. continue reading
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