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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, serving up popular signature fried chicken like the Bonafide Chicken. continue reading
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Cajun Fried Chicken
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Level4 2013-04-18
I've patronized Popeyes for a few years now, and 2 of my must-haves from the menu, are the Bonafide Chicken and mash potato.The size of the bonafide chicken is quite huge. The skin is very crispy; the meat really tender and juicy. When you bite into the chicken the juice flows into your mouth and on your hands too. There is alot of flavour in the meat, and I don't find the meat to be dry, unlike most other fried chicken elsewhere.2 pieces for about $6+3 pieces for about $8+The mash potato is topped with a generous amount of Cajun gravy. This combination is stunning. The gravy gives a very strong and succulent flavour to the mash potato. Also, the potato is soft and easy to eat, which often leaves me craving for more even after finishing a large bowl on my own. Even without the gravy, there is sufficient taste in the mash potato to eat it on its own. I prefer Popeye's mash potato as compared to KFC's which I find to be on the starchy side - it gets me full and bloated too soon.Small for $2+Large for $3+******************************Recent encounters at Punggol outletersonally I find this outlet to be quite dirty especially during the night time. From the recent few months I've been there at night, their tables are mostly uncleared, and there is no attendant around to help.There were a couple of times my friends and I had to clear tables on our own so that we could dine in. The patrons before us did not use a tray, and threw lose pieces of chicken bones all over the table. There were also puddles of water on the table from water, coke, sauces, coleslaw, mash potato, and leftover food all mixed together. As there were no other tables available, my friends and I decided to clear up the entire mess. After that, we went to the cleaner's counter to take a cleaning spray and cloth to wipe the table clean. There were also fingerprints of oil stains all over the seats so we wiped them down too, before eating. Did I mention there were bits of leftover food and chicken bones strewn on the floor too? It was an experience we didn't want to go through again, especially when it involves clearing a mess of leftovers of the food we were going to eat.In one of my recent encounter, my friends and I had some difficulty trying to order food from a service staff who didn't give any acknowledgement during the order process despite us repeating our orders. As she didn't even give a nod, we couldn't figure out if she had gotten our orders. However when she spoke a little after a long while, she was barely audible even though we tried to lean over the counter to hear her. Later on, we received wrong orders. When we finally settled down with the food, the more disappointing part was that our usual favourite Bonafide Chicken was too salty. It was surprising because while we understood that different outlets may serve food that deviates slightly in taste, that particular day's food was just way distinctively salty. Even the Buttermilk Biscuit was tasteless yet too salty. When we bit into it, it disintegrated into a lump of flour goop in our mouths. We gave up eating, and had no idea why our dining experiences at the Punggol outlet kept getting more and more disappointing. It was the first time in our lives we experienced a fast food chain serving food that was so different from its usual standards.I do patronize Popeyes at many of their other outlets too. Those experiences have been good so far, so I guess that's where my friends and I are heading for our next Popeye's craving. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-11
Ordered their special chicken combo meal which consists of 5 chickens, two drinks and a fries. Plus their famous biscuit which taste like bread but it is very crispy. The chicken meat is very tender and the skin is very crispy. The service is quite good, we are able to select the chicken parts to be consumed. Tried one of their spicy chicken and indeed it is quite spicy, the hot sensation with the chicken flesh. Shiok. However, it is very unhealthy to consume it but once in a while, it will be fine. Overall, the whole dish is quite enjoyable. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-10
Nice place with great service! I ordered cheese fries along with calamari rings. Their cheese is the best i've came across compared to all fast food chains. Arnold chicken have nice cheese fries too though. I love their fries as well, it is crispy and tasty! Every piece is well seasoned. Yums! It is my first time trying on their calamari rings and it is not very fantastic. In fact, there's a slight fishy smell to it. Tasteless and feels like rubber. Yucks! continue reading
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Level4 2012-04-12
Although Popeye has been around in the market for quite a period of time, I am still confuse on why there are so many regular fans craving for their chickens. Personally I find their chicken meat is quite tough and totally not tender. Is also very dry which is quite difficult to swallow after your first bite. Moreover the marination for their chickens do not really make their chickens more fragrant and smell good, is just a usual piece of chicken that can be easiler obtain from any coffee shops or fast food outlets near you. The fries are cold and not crispy. Quite a disappointing meal. continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-30
my friend and i had popeye again at punggol.. we had their new popcorn chicken.. it was spicy enough and taste good without the sauce too.. well i yet to try the actual sauce as they gave me another sweet thai chili sauce which i found out it was another type..i will definitely try it with the sauce thats shown on the poster.. =)its basically chicken breast meat .. not the usual nuggets.. but it was soft enough and taste great continue reading
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