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Level3 2010-12-29
This place has been featured in most websites promoting deals and I wonder why do they promote it and some websites even feature this deal more than once!For the prices, don't bother asking the staff as they won't give you a clear cut answer. From what I saw, there are 3 different types of menu.Menu 1: 27.80++ for hotpot only,Menu 2: 27.80++ for ala carte (18 items) only,Menu 3: 27.80++ for hotpot and ala carte (18 items).Menu 1 & 2 can be found on the standee placed in front of the outlet but I could only spot Menu 3 under the table where the sauces are. I'm not sure whether at present they are promoting all 3 menus, since Menu 3 is the combination of Menu 1 + Menu 2, thus it is the most value-for-money. But for the deal I bought, it's 28.80 nett for both hotpot and ala carte (around 40+ items). So basically the difference between the deal I bought and the normal pricing is that more items can be ordered from the ala carte menu.At the start, I was excited about eating though they only had few hotpot items. First round of lemon tea came fast as well. The lady boss seemed like a stern person, asking us not to over-order and waste food. I chose the drunken chicken soup base and it was VERY salty, especially at the end. Their specialty chilli sauce tasted like normal chilli sauce and they dont have vinegar.The vegetables in oyster sauce came half an hour after we ordered and though we only ordered 2 other items, salted egg crab and cereal prawns, they took 1 hour before serving it to us! For the crab, the salted egg is not salty enough and for the prawns, the cereals were satisfactory but if u tasted both seafood without the egg and cereals, they tasted bland as compared to other places. It's as if they cooked the crab and prawn separately from the egg and cereals respectively and were just boiled in water only. They served around 16 prawns for just the 2 of us. I know that though prawns are expensive, serving so many is hampering us from trying other food items. Eventually we only ordered another item, hotplate dory, which did not taste good as well. The texture of the dory which I'd tried at many places was smooth and soft, whereas the meat of these dory pieces were tough and I believed this dish was intended to be black pepper dory but there's only the slightest hint of black pepper.Service no doubt was very slow. I presume this is part of business tactics, but they are surely making it very obvious. Even when I couldn't turn on the gas for the hotpot stove, the waitress just told me to wait without explaining why it couldn't be turned on and she never came back to attend to this matter. It was only when the boss' daughter replaced another stove for me, that I realised each stove could only last for 2 hours!Seriously I don't know what the staff was busy with, since the place was not packed at all and the dirty plates on some tables were not even cleared. Perhaps it will be a different experience if you went there with more people. And you can order more ala carte items to try. Of course those ordering the ala carte menu and paying without the voucher will be rendered with a better experience in service, not food.The dinner period is 6-11pm and I was there for 4 hours! Overall, this place seems to serve only one-time customers and it will definitely need to take much more effort to make me go there again. continue reading
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Level4 2010-11-28
What a disappointment!Website looks great, but place itself just doesn't justify the beautiful content of the webpage. Bought two discount coupons from SgDeal.com at $14 each. Promotion is still on currently. Went there for dinner today and it was a real disappointment, totally not up to our expectations. Therefore, it's not worth the money.The variety of food were so little that I could count with my fingers, they include the few examples - hot dog, fishball, crabstick, seaweed, egg.Service was lousy, the cook took very long to cook our food and kept us waiting for very long. Besides the steamboat ingredients, we will allowed to order fried rice, fried chicken and gyoza. The fried chicken finally came in two small pathetic pieces after countless of chasing for it and very long time of waiting. This place is totally unhygenic, service was bad and variety of food was little. Food were not fresh. I will not recommend this place to anyone. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)