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A rustic cafe that will walk you down the memory lane of good old Chinatown back alley. Bask in the nostalgia as you enjoy the piping hot claypot and zi char dishes. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Curry Fish Head
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Level3 2017-12-11
Was at IMM and revisited this place. The crowds was less as in start of hours of lunch hours. Ordered their lunch combo consists of 3 Claypot disk. The curry fish head which was there signature disk ( Maybe ) , Claypot eggs and vegetables. Add on popcorn chicken etc. The drink and rice are free flow during ordering. Serving of quite fast this time about 10mins. I liked the fish head for it is slightly spicy. Good for everyone. Gravy is piping hot due to gas cooker at bottom. It also have some vegetables toppling and fish is fresh. The Claypot eggs and chicken popcorn is quite normal. But for those children possibly they would like this popcorn chicken as comes in smaller portion and easy bites. Crushing for taste. Add on sambal siting Claypot, served quite hot but not that spicy for my liking. The Sotong is tender with sambal thick graves. Not for spicy lover I think. Drinks have vary soft drinks and hot coffee too. The environment is cool as decoration is very cultural and old times style. Ha. Like it in a modem mall. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-16
Fish Head Curry $17.90The curry was spicy enough and went well with the plain rice. The fish was also tender and fresh. Claypot Cabbage with Mushroom $5.90There was plenty of cabbage in it, enough to feed 4 pax. It is a very simple dishSotong with Spring Onion was quite fragrant.Tofu Beancurd $7.90 soft texture but I find it so-so only.Sesame oil chicken $7.90 recommended because the chicken was quite tender and marinated well.The menu design is in a newspaper format which I find that it is really creative. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-20
Try walking along Level One Of IMM Building and one would find ourselves as if we are winding the clock back into the 60s of Singapore. With the nostalgic design of POT LUCK with its old Chinatown Settings, I bet that one can never gave a miss to this. Moreover its uniqueness had drawn many attention towards its shop, pondering what cooking in their pots by having such a quirky name ? Pillar in front of the shop was eye-catching with its oscillating barber poles and Neon lighting. It's hard to walk pass without turning our head towards that direction.Enjoy a twist in the time machine as we walked into the rustic environment of POT LUCK accompanied by their 'Tao Jie' our 'Mah Jie'. Settings were authentic with formica chairs and tables arranged in the dining area. Into the shop and by the sides, customers get to experience the old looking stretch of shops with Peranakan tilings. The entire area was as good as those olden days that we had seen on the TV.Copies of newspaper was placed on the table. Wait, do not mistaken these copies as the daily newspaper. The piece of thin and flimsy paper is where we get to choose our food from - the menu.A condiments rack was prepared on every table with ordering slips. The ordering system goes like this: Filled up the slip, proceed to the cashier for payment and wait to be served by Ah Huat, their 'rickshaw boy' or even Ali their 'Satay Man'. POT LUCK had also introduced the free flow of drinks (hot / cold) at $2.80 each, as well as rice at $1.50 per pax, these can be self help at the self-service station together with the cutlery. Look at the corner of the dining table. Your table is specially "CHOPE!" by one of their crews (Ali, Ah Huat, Ah Foong,, Tao jie, Mah Jie or Muthu). Looks Cute right?Dishes were quick to served and whipped out from the kitchen. Sizzling hot pot of Ginger Spring Onion Beef slices were tender, well marinated and fragrant. Cost: $8.90Taste the Claypot Cabbage with Mushroom! Simply brought me back to the good old days! The cabbages were sweet & half braised, therefore one can actually enjoy the best of both world, a crunchy & soft bite. Though a simple dish, it was made different by using better quality mushrooms. Cost: $5.60Searching for the "Wok hei" tastes of from a Claypot Hor Fun? Yes, Potluck Hor Fun did have the Charred smell but it was not that intensive as I would have thought. Standard is abit higher than average and would serve as a great replacement to the plain white rice.Cost: $5.90Whet my appetite! Prawn Paste Chicken (4 pieces of winglets) were well marinated and very crispy. Yums!Cost: $7.90I'm quite comfortable with the amount paid. As compared to a normal Zi Char Stall, some of the prices are on pile while some of them were about the same. Factor in its service and air conditioned environment, having Zi Char in Pot Luck isn't a bad choice either. Side Notes1) 10% of Service Charge is not required.(2) Be careful & Keep your hands away from the burning hot claypot, I'm scalded and it had left an ugly mark on my hand. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-24
Fishhead curryIt was a tad too spicy but the taste was alright. Fish meat was tender.Tofu $7.90this dish tasted average, nothing worth mentioning.cauliflower $6.90the cauliflower was too overcooked, making the texture too soft and mushy chicken $7.90chicken was marinated well and gravy was not too salty nor bland.overall, the zi char here tasted relatively average. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-20
This restaurant is still open for business and have been wanting to try out their food. What attracts me is their interior which is so nostalgia on first look. The most interesting will be their menu as it comes in a form of newspaper. I think basically think is quite creative. The whole concept of their restaurant seems like bringing you back to the 50s to 70s of Singapore with those big advertisement boards, old posters and so on.There is no service charge here at Potluck, which means you pay at the cashier first to get your one-time utensils, then get your drinks, rice and condiments then sit back and wait for your main course to be served. It is a free flow of drinks and rice but you have to pay for $1.50 per pax for rice and $2.80 per pax for drinks. This is a little pricey and if you are calculative like me, it is actually not free flow anymore. I don't like this idea. To me, their service charge has been somehow priced through this free flow thing. I doubt anyone will be having more than 3 bowls of rice and the selection of their drinks are so limited to sugarcane, calamansi, coffee and water. Aside from the negative facts, their food are commendable. They are served in claypot and there is this thing that is meant to hold the claypot rather than those which you see at food courts or food centres where they used those conventional straw kind of holder for claypot.Sesame Oil Chicken - Recommended ($7.90)Even before you tuck in, the smell is so alluring when it is served. I must say that the chicken has been properly braised with the absorption of the sauce. The texture is soft and tender that the meat can be tear apart easily. And somehow with every bite, the sauce will burst out from it. I just can't stop eating because it is so appetizing with the sauce drizzled on the rice. One mouthful after another, the whole pot is finished up to the bottom.Sambal Sotong & Black Pepper Sotong ($9.90)Due to my blurness, I ordered two sotong dishes of different flavours. Supposed to get Sambal prawns. But nevertheless, it is hot! The spicy level of sambal sotong is just right. It is actually the one that opens up my appetite for the night. I can't say that the black pepper one is not spicy enough but the spiciness actually comes from the pepper used. So is kind of different. The sotong (both sambal and black pepper) are tender and chewy. By the way, I'm a sotong lover. I cannot resist the temptation of sotong, be it fried, grilled and so on. It is a night of sotong intoxication.There are lots more variety of claypots and we have already picked our choice and Sesame Oil Chicken is like a must to eat even for our next visit. Just a suggestion. I probably think that this is a place which you can actually bring your folks for meals because is all about claypot and not those fanciful stuff which they might not know how to eat. And because of the design, they might be able to tell you more stories about the old Singapore they have seen. continue reading
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