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Poulet; meaning Chicken in French, set its first debut at Bugis+ in 2012. The French-themed casual dining chain offers affordable French classics to the masses in a comfortable setting. continue reading
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Escargots French Onion Soup Rotisserie Chicken Salad De Paris Tiramisu
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Level4 2014-08-05
For full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/08/dinner-at-poulet-bedok-mall.htmlI've heard about Poulét's famous french roast chicken for a while now. I'm not the sort that likes to queue very long for good food, so I waited till there's an opportunity to eat at one of its outlets without queuing for a table. At about 6.15pm on a regular Friday evening, I decided to have my dinner at Poulét, Bedok Mall. No queue.The open concept eatery has an Eiffel tower theme decor like all other outlets. They have a couple of new dishes in their menu now. They also serve fish and pork dishes on top of chicken dishes. No main courses are priced above 31 bucks, pretty affordable.Since I'm here to try the french roast chicken, I picked the Poulét Roti half chicken with their newly introduced cranberry sauce. And added one side dish and a drink to complete my meal.Poulét de Cranberry (half) $17.90++, served with tangy cranberry sauce and double Pommery & Dijon mustard. True to its reputation, the roasted spring chicken is uber tender and juicy...I love it! The cranberry sauce was nicely done which gave the chicken a refreshingly sweet and sour taste. The mustard is quite sour and I'm not a fan of wasabi so I don't know how to appreciate it, luckily there's only a small amount on the plate.Sauteed Wild Mushroom $7.90++, assorted wild mushrooms served with an expertly executed poached egg. Check out that runny golden yolk...another great dish that I liked very much.My drink Raspberry Lemonade $4.90++, it was a lemon soda with raspberry flavored syrup. It tasted quite nice too, no complains.Poulét gave me an amazing first impression, serving delicious and good quality french food at pocket friendly prices. Waiting staffs are warm and smiley and are quick to clear away empty dishes. I'm already thinking about what to eat on my next visit! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Poulet is a modern French-themed bistro and apparently, the open dining area at Poulet is inspired by the modern alfresco setting in France. The French are considered by many to be a romantic lot and the decor and ambience at Poulet certainly keep up with this impression. The charming decor simply ooze class and the additional fixtures like "street lamps" circling the seating area help to add to the romantic feel of the place. Better yet, the tables are comfortably spaced to give a little more privacy for conversations around the table. I came here with a group of (noisy) people, so with everyone yakking away at the same time it can get a bit hard to bask in the environment. This is definitely a place that would be enjoyed and appreciated more on a date or with a close friend or two (think girl to girl talk!)! Poulet mean "chicken" in French, so when a restaurant simply named itself after the poultry then you know you just got to try their star dish featuring it! Most of us certainly did not hesitate to choose to order the Poulet Roti to try.Poulet Roti ($15.80 for Half Chicken) This dish came looking quite appetizing with half a chicken slow roasted to a lovely shade of brown sitting in a pool of homemade Mushroom Chardonnay sauce. It tasted as good as it looked and the chicken meat was amazingly tender while the sauce was quite creamy and tasty. All of us ate the chicken down to the bone except for a friend who left it unfinished as she found the sauce a tad too overpowering after a while.Chicken and Fig Marmalade Sandwich ($8.80)Another visually appetizing dish with a baked crispy and flakey croissant generously stuffed with tender and finely shredded chicken meat dressed with aioli sauce, crispy lettuce and tomato slices. I simply adore the sweet fig marmalade which was especially tasty and went very well with the chicken and croissant. Pity there wasn't more of it for someone greedy like me! This sandwich also came with a side of thick fries and dip for a more filling meal. I liked that the fries were not so salty. Tiramisu ($7.80)This lovely looking dessert in a jar was another winner in my book. The chilled mascarpone cheese was rich and creamy while the light and soft sponge fingers soaked in espresso and rum syrup was not overpowering. I found the entire dessert to be the right amount of sweetness and moistness in terms of taste and texture (at least to my liking). Everyone else also gave this the thumb up although one thought that the flavour of the espresso didn't come through strongly enough (but still liked it irregardless). The portion was pretty generous which made this dessert great for sharing, but a few of us couldn't get enough of it and were tempted to hoard this for ourselves. Definitely a must try! Banana Bread Pudding ($6.80)This was another dessert worth trying, especially if you prefer a warm, comforting dessert to complete your meal. It also came with a scoop of milky vanilla ice cream which went nicely with the warm bread pudding, although it melted a little too fast. The warm bread pudding was quite smooth and "spongy" and there were real chunks of banana in it which added to the overall sweetness of the dessert. This can feel a tad too "gooey" or "mushy" to some, especially when the ice cream melted, but I personally found it to be moist and spongy, and rather soothing on the throat. The portion was also quite decent for the price.Creme Brulee ($8.80)This was a new item on the menu so we also got it to try. The egg custard was very silky smooth with a faint tinge of vanilla while the thin layer of caramelized sugar crust on top was quite crispy and sweet. While I agreed with the rest that this was nice, I wasn't really too impressed with the serving size as the custard layer was pretty thin, especially considering that this cost more than the Tiramisu which was quite generous in portion.Overall, based on group feedback, I would highly recommend the Tiramisu, Poulet Roti and Chicken and Fig Marmalade Sandwich. I actually personally preferred the sandwich over the Poulet Roti, but with the Poulet Roti being the star dish, you won't go wrong with it. I also liked the Banana Bread Pudding but it didn't go down too well with a few others, so if you don't like the wet and slightly "mushy" kind of dessert you might want to stay clear. As for the Creme Brulee, the taste was decent but I thought it was a tad lacking in portion size for the price. Service was also pretty good and efficient, and our orders were promptly served not long after ordering. The prices were also quite affordable and we thought that the quality and taste of the food here in general were worth the money spent. I'd definitely love to come back again for another round, especially with a date or a close friend to relax and soak in the ambience here while savouring the food! A leisurely paced meal is surely the way to truly enjoy the dining experience here at Poulet. Bon appétit! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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