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Level4 2015-10-07
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/05/prata-frenzy.htmlPrata Frenzy was a new recommended place and was indeed a good discovery among the neighbourhood with extensive menu from Prata, Thosai, briyani, murtabak, roti john, Goreng food items (indian style) and even Set Meal.Setup of the eating place was well lighted with white wash paintings, a typical feel of an eating place under the housing estates. Wall mounted fans were there to give the place a better ventilation.Before I can even decide what to have, Briyani was strongly advocated by one of the lunch kakis. Without further ado, we did the standard ordering, just only Mutton and Chicken Briyani. Drinks were served first and while I thought my beverage of syrup limau was just clear syrup with limau (lime). I was kind of surprised by the cherry red cup of drink that came nearer to my sight. Its actually lime in rose syrup. Selections of drinks by the rest were all Teh Tarik (cold & hot).Chicken was coated with thick and yummy curry gravy supported on a bed of long grains rice. Meat was not only tender and easily pulled off from its bone, totally inviting with the crispy texture of disc shaped papadum.Additional curry was given separately on a metal saucer. Do take note that the gravy was a tad spicy.Presentation of Mutton Briyani looked a little more appealing here, revealing its assorted pickled vegetables or in short "Ah Zar". Muttons portion was distinctively proportionate to the amount of rice given and likewise gravy on the meat was sparingly given with additional amount of them in the accompanied saucer.Through the experience of our lunch, service was friendly and smiley. Food wasn't too bad too! Now that we have one more selection for Indian Muslim Food in Clementi for lunch! continue reading
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