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Privé Café’s laidback atmosphere and simple yet wholesome café fare has cemented its position as one of the best places in Singapore to enjoy a casual meal or to grab brunch by the water’s edge. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-05
Prive is another place you can dine in for a casual yet romantic ambiance. Special thanks to my pal, Doreen for having me as her dinner partner during the cafe week. If you have visited Keppel Bay, this place should be of no stranger to you. If you have not, the place may seem inaccessible for those who are taking public transport. It takes about 15minutes walk from Harbourfont MRT to Prive Cafe.Prive Cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating. And if you enjoy having with a good view of the docking bays with private yatch, ferries around, similar to Raffles Marina, this will probably fits the bill.StarterClam Chowder caught me by surprise in their squid ink bread bowl with bacon. I would have thought its another charcoal bread again if I have not read the menu details. Chowder was chunky, thickened by the use of Idaho potatoes. Celery, parsley and clam stock were also part of their ingredient.An interesting start to our dinner with a healthy salad. Broccoli was charred to slight brown on the stalks yet still retaining its green and water content without being too dry. What I like best was the healthy mix of virgina ham, baby gem lettuce, avocado, spiced almonds, spanish onions, coupled with blistered grapes and shaved parmesan, drizzled with sweet honey-garlic dressing.MainGoing into the mains, we had pasta and duck leg. Aglio Olio was meant to be spicy with bird's eye chilli included. Pasta was kind of under done and still abit away to achieve from the ideal texture. Chilean scallops , wilted spinach, smoked bacon and sundried tomatoes was in the right portion.Another Main Course we had would be the tender Duck Leg Cassoulet served with carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts, Garlic confit and bacon.It tasted abit at a salty side but what I like best was the combination vegetables used and the fork tender meat in its luscious gravy. It would be perfect at a lighter taste.DessertIt was the best Sticky Date Pudding I had so far, I swear. It lives up to the name as their signature dessert served with housed butterscotch and vanilla bean ice cream sprinkled with walnuts. The warm spongy pudding was awesome!Creamy chocolate served in a glass jar with summer berry coulis and pistachio biscotti. Similar to sticky date pudding, both desserts were filling and if you were to asked for my choice. I will cast my vote to their signature sticky date pudding without much consideration. continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-22
This month Nom's is organising its first Cafe Week which is happening over 2 weekends on 10-13 Dec and 17-20 Dec 2015. There is 14 cafes participating in this event, offering Brunch/ Lunch at $25/ person, Tea at $15/ person, and Dinner at $35/ person. To promote this event, OpenRice has organised a contest which I have won a dinner for 2 at Prive Cafe. The cafe is located at Keppel Bay, which is about 10 minutes walk from Harbourfront MRT station. The place looks like a different world from the nearby noisy and packed Vivocity. Here there is a spread of yachts anchoring around by the bay with expensive looking Condominiums in the background. Sounds like a place for the rich and famous. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor alfresco dining. Most prefer alfresco dining as it is quite cooling with the wind blowing gently as well as the nice view around. As the night falls, the place also looks quite romantic. But we decide to dine indoor as there is air-con and it is also less crowded compares to outdoor.The cafe week dinner is a 3 course meal which consists of a starter, a main course and a dessert. For starter, there is 2 choices available.Boston Clam Chowder ($14++)Served in squid ink bread with bacon, Idaho potatoes, celery, parsley and clam stockThe chowder is very rich and thick. Best have it with the crispy squid ink bread which balances the salty bacon's taste in the chowder.Charred Broccoli Salad ($17++)A healthy mix of Virginia ham, baby gem lettuce, avocado, spiced almonds, Spanish onions, blistered grapes and shaved parmesan, drizzled with honey-garlic dressingIt is quite a light and refreshing, although I would prefer the vegetables to be chopped into smaller pieces with more dressing added.Next for the main courses which also come with 2 choices.Linguine Aglio Olio ($18++ for spaghetti version)Linguine Aglio Olio tossed with Chilean scallops, sundried tomatoes, bird's eye chilli, wilted spinach and smoked baconThe pasta is quite tasty with the sweetness of the tomatoes balancing the spicy taste of the chilli and salty bacon.Duck Leg Cassoulet ($28++)Duck Leg Cassoulet served with carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, garlic confit and baconThe serving is quite huge. The duck meat is quite tender and flavourful, although I feel that the sauce is a bit on the salty side. The sourness taste of pearl onions quite stimulate one's appetite.Lastly for dessert, there is also 2 choices for us to choose from, although we are both quite full by this time.Sticky Date Pudding ($12++)Sticky Date Pudding served with housemade butterscotch and vanilla bean ice cream with sprinkled walnutsIt is my all-time favourite dessert which I will always order when I dine here. I am so happy when I notice it on the menu. The story behind this dessert is that the co-owner of Prive used to operate a restaurant called Brown Sugar which served great Sticky Date Pudding. Since then it is a well known fact that it is the must order dessert here. The sticky date pudding is served pipping hot. It tastes sweet, soft and moist, although I could not taste the bites of dates this time round. A great well done dessert.Chocolate Posset Served with summer berry coulis, pistachio biscottiIt is chocolate mousse, served in a jar. It tastes quite rich and creamy. However it is wasted on me who is a non chocolate lover. It tastes a bit jelat after a few mouthfuls. Overall the food is not bad. Comparing with the ala carte prices, having the $35 nett for the set dinner sounds like such a great deal. The place is packed during the weekend. Getting the staff to refill the water takes quite an effort, although they do check with us on the food from time to time. continue reading
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Level2 2015-11-06
Privé Café – A little closer to the sea After a nice and breezy stroll along the bridge, it leads you to Privé café, a blue “ocean” themed café makes you feel even closer to the sea. Privé is very kid-friendly and you can be sure your kids will be well entertained, all the way from the Cartoon Network to a mini playground! Café week at the Privé café consist of their Brunch menu ($25) and Dinner menu ($35). Food is amazing and I think it is best to go in groups so you can try more varieties of their food, right? Taking a look at Brunch, if you are hoping for your regular Eggs Benedict, this rendition would be perfect – Baked Eggs in Bread Bowl with Melted Cheddar. They have it in mushroom & spinach (Vegetarian option) or ham & sausage. My personal favourite would be the former, and they do a really good bread bowl with oozy flowy eggs. Mains are even better, {Pan-Roasted Seabass} and {Baked Squid Ink Rice}, they were both amazing in their own way. Fish being very fresh and goes super well with their garlic-butter sauce, you just want to have more! And the Squid ink rice is surprisingly not overly oceany, I love that it is tomato based and rice al-dente. Not free for Brunch? Fret not, because Privé has come up with a great Dinner menu, think Boston Clam Chowder, Aglio Olio, Sticky Date Pudding….. Squid Ink bread made in-house wasn’t an easy feat but they did it – dip the bread together with boston clam chowder and you will feel warm in the inside almost immediately. I personally liked the Charred Broccoli Salad because all my favourites are in there, avocado, blistered grapes, parmesan and of course I want my broccoli! There is also Virginia Ham in there for you meat lovers. A basic Aglio Olio comes with chili padi, sundried tomatoes and the usual drizzle of olive oil. THIS comes with Chilean scallops and smoked bacon, definitely not that basic an Aglio Olio… Anti-pasta Meat lovers, pick your favourite Duck Leg Cassoulet, meat comes off the bone easily and it’s pretty tender although slightly gamey in my humble opinion. Sticky Date Pudding VS Chocolate Posset, I’d run for the chocolate posset, slightly rich and tangy, thicker than a chocolate mousse, very smooth and there… you will see the whole bowl polished clean. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-03-07
Went to Prive Cafe at Keppel Bay with bf to celebrate our 7th monthsary. The place looked quite packed when we came (since it's Friday night), but thankfully there's no need to wait to get seated. We chose to sit at outdoor non-smoking area and got perfect seat overlooking the dock. We came at around 6.30pm, so we could catch the sunset while enjoying our dinner.Plain water is complimentary (cold water by default) and they promptly refilled our glassesRaspberry & Banana Smoothie - $9The smell was 100% banana but the taste was 90% raspberry haha. It was a nice and refreshing combination. Anyway, don't you think it's too much to pay $9 for a glass of smoothie?Spicy Meat Lover Pizza (10-inch) - $20chorizo, salami, chili, tomato, mozzarellaIt's written on the menu that pizzas would require 15-20 minutes of preparation time. After 15 minutes, a staff with rather weird and influent English (guessing she's Korean) came and told us that the chef had accidentally spilled our pizza (wth? hahaha) so she requested us to let them make a new one within an extra 15 minutes. After this incident, we joked around that we wouldn't forgive them if they spilled the rest of our orders later. The pizza was the thin and crispy type, it was decent but not the best pizza I've eaten. The amount of meat could be more generous.The Ultimate Fish & Chips - $22beer-battered dory served with fries, tartar sauce, malt vinegarThe portion was humongous for me! Even though I came here with empty stomach, I still needed bf's help to finish those 2 giant fillets of fish. I don't really like thick-cut fries as they're usually tasteless, but this one was an exception coz it was well-seasoned and crispy.Red Velvet Cake - $7By the time we requested the cake to be served, it was already dark and I needed to use flash to take the pic. Different from typical red velvet that I know, Prive's version only has cream cheese frosting on the very top layer, and the rest they just use chocolate cream. It tasted more like normal chocolate cake to me, kinda dissapointed! It was also my first time trying red velvet cake with shredded coconut topping, and my verdict was I didn't really fancy this version.This pic is different from the very first one. This was taken just a few minutes before it's all dark.Overall, this is a place you gotta visit even for once! Come here for the food and the view! The view is just superb, I can forever sit there, relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere! With white colored yachts and cruise ships parked at the dock, I felt like I was somewhere in Europe instead of Singapore haha. Once again, Prive is one beautiful place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. continue reading
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Privé is a multi-concept F&B lifestyle venue encompassing a Waterfront Bar, a Café and a modern Grill at Keppel Island. I'm here for the brunch at Prive Cafe. Prive cafe is a casual dining getaway and kids-friendly with indoor or outdoor seating.Eggs Royale: English muffin, smoked Norwegian salmon, poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce. This was an excellent Eggs Royale! The poached eggs were cooked to perfection, runny with very tasty smoked salmon and the hollandaise sauce was just nice. I've tried some places that the sauce was a little sour.. A Must-Order brekkie!Privé’s Ultimate Brekkie: 2 eggs (any style), I chose scrambled eggs. With a 6-inch chicken Frankfurter (Hotdog), maple-roasted bacon, roasted Roma tomato, sautéed button mushrooms, potato rosti and housemade wholemeal toast. I thought this was a little pricey for the quantity and quality. The scrambled eggs needs some improvements. It was a tad over-cooked, not melt-in-the mouth type. Overall this was a decent breakfast...For full review and photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2015/01/brunch-at-prive-cafe-2-keppel-bay-vista.html continue reading
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