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Opened in 1999 as a cosy cafe hidden within Projectshop clothing store, PS. Cafe’s charming and understated interior quickly gained a following for its hearty takes on savoury cafe classics, truffle shoestring fries and indulgent cakes, puddings and tarts. Thoughtfully detailed interiors, lush surroundings, friendly relaxed service and generous portions have made this homegrown Singapore brand an internationally recognized local favourite. A popular cafe chain for brunches and lazy afternoon teas, romantic dates and friendly celebrations in beautiful surroundings. continue reading
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09:30 - 22:00
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PS. Truffle Shoestring Fries Sticky Date Pudding
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*此廣東話文乃撰自香港旅客**This is by a Traveler from Hong Kong and written in Cantonese* 喺新加坡亂逛完一輪,好肚餓。商場嘅舖頭真係花多眼亂,搵咗一大輪終於決定嚟依間食。味道:✮✮✮✮✮我哋叫咗個 Crab Tart 同 Spaghetti. 叫個 Crab Tart 都係因為上 Openrice.com 見到賣相吸引,最後味道都唔錯!啖啖都食到蟹肉,加埋個汁係非常好食。太太叫咗嘅 Spaghetti,感覺上有啲似香港會食到嘅馬來炒貴刁,味覺上好特別,香港暫時未食過。甜品叫咗個喺Review 度成日見到嘅 Double Chocolate Blackout Cake。好食,但分量比我哋想像嘅大太多。最後我哋好唔好意思咁食唔曬就走。唔好意思 =P。環境:✮✮✮✮✮裝修舒服,而且間餐廳設喺商場高層正中間位置,果種凌空感覺幾特別。服務:✮✮✮✮咁點都唔會見到香港嘅黑面員工啦。佢哋都好 Nice 嘅,係我哋坐喺餐廳嘅側邊,好多時我哋揮咗手好耐先有反應。衛生:✮✮✮✮✮新加坡無猶疑過有衛生問題。抵食:✮✮✮✮✮新加坡本身物價比香港高,去邊度都貴。但佢嘅性價比都好高,抵食! continue reading
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