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The recipe for PUTIEN is a combination of serving authentic dishes which feature quality seasonal ingredients and keeping prices affordable to everyone. Heavy emphasis is laid on drawing out the innate goodness of these ingredients by using a gentle and easy hand during the preparation process. continue reading
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Level1 2022-12-02
幾年前,在香港的莆田食過一次,覺得選擇唔多,味道又唔太出色,但今次黎新加坡試左源於新加坡的莆田。其實都算多人等位,大約等了20 分鐘(但於新加坡,好吃的是要等位或訂枱的),20 分鐘可以接受呢。服務員態度好到加零一,為我們介紹菜式,又為我們所選的菜式給了點意見,服務100分!然後我們叫了幾個小菜:煎蠔餅、福建湯麵、炒蜆、荔枝肉,全部都好好味。而且在新加坡的莆田,菜式選擇很多,有不少都是我喜歡的,食到我Lam Lam 俐。讚 continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-13
Original Review at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/12/putien-clams-festival-2016/Putien Clams Festival is back. Putien is introducing 7 Clams dishes. The cooking method range from boiling, steaming, stir-fried to even deep frying. For each and every dishes, the objective is to retain the juiciness and flavours.The golden-shelled succulent goodness are air-flown from Duo Tou Village in the Fujian province of China. The coastal area of Duo Tou Village is rich in a rare black mud that is rich in nutrients for rearing the clams. In addition, it is very pure with little sand particles. Hence these clams are plum and meaty, growing up to 6cm in length.Among the dishes, Salted Spicy PUTIEN Clam 椒盐蛏 ($20.90-S / $31.90-L), a deep fried dish is lightly salted to enhance the fragrance of the Clams. For those who enjoyed the similar Chicken dish might like this.Next is the PUTIEN Clam Omelete 蛏炒蛋 ($20.90-S / $31.90-L). It is great for egg lovers. It was fried with abundant of eggs.The most common way the Clams are being cooked and enjoyed in Dou Tou is the Stir-fried PUTIEN Clam with Ginger and Spring Onion 姜葱炒蛏 ($20.90-S / $31.90-L), as it retains much of the clams natural flavours. Hence, Putien brought this dish to Singaporean.A highly flavoured dish among the diners of the night is the Steamed PUTIEN Clam with Minced Garlic 蒜茸蒸蛏($20.90-S / $31.90-L). The light garlicy scent didn’t mask the flavour, instead it brought out the best in the Clam. It took the kitchen staff lots of steps to produce such a standardized chopped garlic.Another dish which retain the natural flavour well is the Baked PUTIEN Clam served on Hot Plate 铁板盐炬蛏($20.90-S / $31.90-L). The clams were baked in a bed of sea-salt and Szechuan Pepper. Remove the flesh from the shell and dip it with some sea-salt to savour the goodness of the Clams is the best way to savour the clams according to the Executive Chef of Putien, Li Wenbo.A soup is available for soup lovers, the Boiled PUTIEN Clam Soup with Tofu Meatballs 豆丸蛏溜 ($20.90-S / $31.90-L). The balls slightly larger than the ping pong ball are made of tofu. One could savour the bean flavour and it was smooth. These were made with special recipe. The soup was boiled with clam releases the sweet seafood scent together with the vegetable sweetness and the parsley fragrance.Lastly, the must order, the Steamed PUTIEN Clam with Wine 酒蒸蛏 ($20.90-S / $31.90-L) is full of clams goodness and Chinese Wine goodness. This is one of the best dish among the 7 dishes. The soup is the essence of the dish. Make sure you finish even the last drop of the soup. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)