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QQ Rice has their own self-compounded mixed grains, with rice rolls that come with more than 20 varieties of especially made delicious stuffing. The customers may also select their own choices of stuffing to accommodate their tastes. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-26
Had the mini snack roll for lunch, purple rice roll with tuna and corn, it is crunchy and delicious, perfect for people on the go! Didnt expect it to be so yummy before I tried, maybe because I have this mentality that healthy food taste like bird food hahaha! So it was a pleasent surprise when it tasted so good! My mum like the ba kwa roll too! Will be back for more... continue reading
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Level2 2013-04-12
For the full review with pictures, visit http://thewulfcam.blogspot.sg/2013/04/qqrice-novena.htmlThe concept of the rice rolls is pretty simple, pick a rice from 5 choices, and select 5 fillings from a wide (and pretty interesting) variety. Then you have the option to add a sauce. They even have a vegetarian section! I tried the purple rice with cucumbers, mushrooms, seaweed, spicy radish and vegetarian floss as fillings. I wasn't asked if I wanted to add sauce and didn't realise I could until later.The roll was served warm and is about palm-size. The purple rice tasted like brown rice, a nice nutty flavour. The cucumbers and floss gave the roll a nice crunch!I also tried their breakfast item - Healthy Rice Porridge. The porridge was the sticky, gooey kind and was rather bland by itself. There was a strong ginger taste that I disliked. You can have 3 toppings for the porridge. I went with peanuts, long beans and mock duck meat. The toppings saved the porridge from being too bland.Overall, I wouldn't recommend the porridge. If you're planning on having breakfast there, you can try their pre-made Snack Rolls or have the Rice Rolls instead. I love the concept of being given so much choice for the fillings - it allows you to make a really healthy dish if you choose wisely!They were having a 10% off for the Rice Rolls - I spent S$4.00 for mine.The porridge costs S$3.60.Do note that some of their fillings have been labelled as 'Premium' and will cost you an additional S$0.30. continue reading
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Level3 2012-10-15
Purple Rice With A Cup of Tea. Interesting way to make an order. Firstly, choose the choice of your rice. After choosing the rice, you will be asked to pick 5 of ingredients of your choice. Inside the shop, they have pamphlets with writeups on the nutrional values of the different kinds of rice. There is Brown Rice, Wheat Five, Red Rice ,Purple Rice and others.Purple Rice with Big Red Beans, Corn and other ingredients inside. Each rice is so full and plumpish. The rice does not have any particular strong flavours and it goes very well with the ingredients chosen.A poster showing Puddings made from rice. The poster provides information on the food nutritional values and the benefits of consuming them. It looks so healthy that you really want to try them out.A variety of healthy drinks. Would like to try their Purple Rice Juice and the Purple Rice Soya Bean.They have triangle shaped rice items with different ingredients inside. Some weigh 100g and some 140g, categorizing them into M Size and L Size respectively. Look at the assortment of ingredients! A good range to choose from indeed!Shopfront with attractive posters on their rice items. A healthy food sign and an" A "grading for the shop gives customers assurance on the food quality.This signboard placed outside the shop attracts customers with pictures of their healthy rice items. This is really a good shop for a nutritious meal! continue reading
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They claim that their QQ Rice are high in calcium and fiber, aid in stronger bones, and low in fat and cholesterol; basically it's a healthy meal. Rice that could be eaten in a different way, you got to try it!There's more than 20 varieties of rice rolls to choose from, or customize your own rice roll with your favourite fillings. The types of rice to choose from for the rice roll are: Mixed Grain Rice, Red Rice, Purple Rice, Brown Rice and Wheat Germ Brown Rice.I ordered the Purple Rice and Mixed Grain Rice with fillings such as ngoh hiang, pork floss, minced meat and ham. There wasn't a distinct taste and it feels like I'm eating rice with side dishes, just that it's all squashed into a packed roll. The taste could be better if specialty sauces were provided. Prices are costly too. Have a go at it, you may like its taste and the best part is: it's healthy. continue reading
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