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Lobster Broth Ramen with Clear Soup Lobster Broth Ramen with Rich Creamy Soup Miso Lobster Broth Ramen Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen Prawn Gyoza
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Level4 2016-06-22
This outlet is the 10th outlet of the well known Ramen Keisuke chain in Singapore. It is a 62 seater with alfresco dining. With such big dine in area, it was a great choice for those coming in groups. As Clarke Quay is known for its nightlife, this outlet only opens at night, from 6pm to 5am. Now one can get ramen even when it is midnight.The outlet was easy to locate, as it was just behind the taxi stand. There was free wifi available. Bag baskets were also available too. Remember to help yourself to the free flow marinated bean sprouts and hard boiled eggs. The marinated bean sprouts tasted quite strong of black pepper in it, which was different from other outlets.There was also various condiments available on the table.One could customize the ramen as similar to other outlets.Lobster Broth Ramen Special ($19.90++)In clear broth with all toppings, which includes lobster balls, wantons, and chicken char Siew.The lobster ball was juicy and bouncy.The wanton was disappointing with its thick skin and barely there filling.The chicken char siew tasted like soaked in sake.Miso Lobster broth ramen ($14.90++)The miso was quite distinct in the soup base, but the lobster flavour was not that distinct. The noodle used here was quite thin and similar to mee kia. Overall the ramen dishes felt more like expensive versions of the local prawn mee soup. continue reading
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Ramen Keisuke has launched its 10th outlet at Clarke Quay - Lobster King. Nope, you will not find full lobsters in your ramen but you will find that the broth is brewed from lobster shells. The lobster broth is meticulously simmered for 6 hours and is used when you order your ramen. Was told that its opening hours are till 5am. So for the clubbers and chillers, this is the place to get your hunger pangs satisfied after a couple rounds on the dancefloor.Below, we had the Lobster Broth Ramen (Clear Soup) and the Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen. First thing when the ramen was served - lobster! That scent of lobster broth filled the air. Grab a spoon and dug into the soup and it was very flavourful. A tad salty but very delicious. Besides the ramen, the omu rice (egg fried rice) was one of my other favourite dish. Grab a frozen beer to wash down the noodles and you're in for a great meal. overallreview @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2016/03/ramen-keisuke-lobster-king-clarke-quay.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)