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Ramen Santouka started off as a modest shop, with only Shio(Salt) Ramen on the menu. It skyrocketed the shop to popularity and the owner then decided to develop a classic ramen for all to enjoy, made with a simple soup that could be savored to the last spoonful and topped with a fabulous Char-siu pork. And till today, with many shops located throughout Japan and other international cities, the fundamentals of Ramen Santouka remain unchanged. continue reading
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Hokkaido Ramen Shio Ramen
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Level3 2017-12-30
Behind Centrepoint, this place have good recommendation for ramen from friends. So try out today. Ordered their best seller “Spicy Shio Ramen and Karamiso Yasai with pork Gyoza. The decoration in this place look traditional Japanese style from the photo. The quite crowded at this time. Finally our food arrive and first site for spicy shio ramen was great and top with a lot of different vegetables. It is fresh. The chilli sauce is just right and don’t be cheated from the soup images. Karamiso ramen was also one of their signature ramen. The receipe include thick pork and Japanese Tamago eggs. Very soft and fresh throughout. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-24
I was surprised to received an email from Ramen Santouka. It seem that being a follower of Ramen Santouka, I will receive a free bowl of ramen on the week after my birthday, which was quite a great deal considering that a bowl of ramen costs about $13.50++ at the ramen outlet.There was 2 ramen outlets in Singapore, Clark Quay and Orchard. I decide to visit the Orchard outlet as I had not eaten there before. The outlet was lcoated next to Harry's in a row of shophouse, behind Centrepoint Shopping Centre. There was both indoor and outdoor dine in area, but most prefer indoor as it was air-con. I was showed to a table indoor. While it was cooling, I could not feel the air-con. Could be due to the place was packed.There was 4 choices for the free ramen : shio, shoyu, miso, and kara miso (spicy). I decided on the miso version.Food was served swiftly together. Water was served free of charge.Miso Ramen ($13.50++)The ramen was served topped with fish cake, sesame seeds, shredded black fungus, bamboo shoots, and shredded spring onions. The soup base smelt quite porky. It tasted quite rich and flavoured, but porky too. Although the serving looked small, I was quite full after having it.Sake Ikura Gohan ($5++)Grilled Salmon & Salmon Roe Rice BowlThe salmon flakes was just a thin spread of layer on top of the rice. Felt disappointed in the serving. The salmon flakes was a bit too salty.Overall the food was not bad. The place was a bit too warm with barely any air-con. I was seated by the wall, which seat was rather worn out and sunk in. Think its time for the place to get a makeover. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-05
I have heard some good things about its well-raved pork cheeks ramen, hence it piqued my curiosity. So, upon stepping into the quaint little Japanese ramen restaurant in Cuppage Terrace, I knew what I wanted before the waiters came with the menu. It was claimed to be "very valuable parts, only 200 - 300g entire pig" and "served daily in limited quantity".So I had the Roasted Pork Cheeks Ramen (SGD$21.00 for small portion) with Kara-Miso (spicy) soup base. There was an additional SGD$1.00 charge for the spicy soup base.This spicy soup base was a little more spicy than I remembered since my last visit (albeit at another branch), but it suited me better. It was thick and flavorful. The ramen noodles were springy but rather nondescript, similar to the Chinese yellow thick noodles.The pork cheeks came with bamboo shoots, chives and black fungus strips, all of which I deposited into the noodle soup together with my Komi Tamago (flavored / braised egg at SGD$1.50). The pork cheek slices were smooth and tender, rich in texture but light in flavor. It was good, and the pork slices were thick enough to give a very good "mouth-feel" (known was "kou gan" in Chinese), simply to say, the palate agrees!For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/04/lunch-at-santouka-ramen-cuppage-terrace.html continue reading
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We were at the Centrepoint – Orchard Road area and looking for a place to dine for lunch.We walked past the Cuppage Terrace and came across a ‘1 for 1’ deal for ramen and their set lunches.We decided to go with the ‘1 for 1’ deal for their set lunches. The set lunches have a total of 8 options:- Chicken Karaage- Deep fried Prawns- Deep fried Prawn and Fried Salmon- GyozaFor each of the above, you get a choice of:- Rice ball wrapped in sweet tofu skin or- Salmon rice ball with seaweed.In addition, each set comes with a bowl of ramen. You have a choice of flavours for your ramen soup base: Salt, Soy sauce, Miso or hot Miso. You can also upsize your noodles to medium size for an additional $1 or large for $3.As there were 4 of us, we ordered 1 each for the sets available, and chose both the rice ball and salmon rice ball, so that we can try both.Here’s the verdict:- Chicken Karaage: The chicken pieces were quite large and deep fried to a dark brown. Chicken were juicy.- Deep fried Prawns: This is of the frozen kind. Nothing much to shout about.- Deep fried Prawn and Fried Salmon: Prawn as mentioned earlier. The salmon was rather dry for my liking.- Gyoza: 3 pieces of gyoza. It was ok.- Rice ball wrapped in sweet tofu skin: The tofu skin was sweet and this is eaten like a sushi.- Salmon rice ball with seaweed: cooked salmon that has been flaked and mixed into the Japanese rice together with furikake. It is pressed into a mould to ge the triangle shape and a piece of seaweed is placed on the outside. This was delicious and my lunch group loved it. Must try!- Ramen: Each of us ordered different soup base. I had the miso and it was just salty enough for me. Loved it.For 4 pax, we spent $45.Try it! continue reading
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This bowl of Special Mixed Soup ramen(priced at $10.60) is really yummy and value for money.  My friend brought me to this Japanese restaurant and was really glad that I have come here and get to know about this place.The restaurant staffs and chefs are all very friendly and polite, keep on greeting you when you enter the restaurant.  The restaurant is small and squeezy, but fortunately is still cooling enough.  For this bowl of ramen, the soup base is my favourite.  Super thick and creamy, and can really taste the thick pork meat flavour in it.  Ramen is very chewy and portion is generous as well. For the thin slices of roasted pork belly , with no doubt they are very chewy and fresh, fragrant and tender.  Half cooked egg is equally yummy and the egg yolk is really smooth and good.  After the meal, you can also grab a free cup of hot beverages near their service counter from the vending machine.  continue reading
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