Relish is a burger joint located along Maju Avenue, serving burgers with quality and fresh ingredients. Most of the burgers are priced around $14 - $18 each. Relish also offers an array of desserts on its menu. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Fri
12:00 - 15:00
18:30 - 22:30
Sat - Sun
11:00 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
BBQ Char Siew Open Pork Burger Curry Chicken Burger Poached Pear & Walnut Butter Strawberry Cheesecake Wild Rocket Beef Burger
Review (14)
Full Review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/relish-by-wild-rocket-myvillage-traditional-food-with-modern-touchFollow Lepak With Yaops on Instagram and FacebookModern and elegant, Relish is a casual eatery that serves local traditional flavours with Western and modern touches. Popular for their quirky and over-the-top burgers, Relish by Wild Rocket also serves gastronomical pasta and other tantalizing appetizers.Firstly, Marmite Wings. This creation was brilliant. It did take me a while to appreciate its peculiar flavour. It was salty and tangy at the same time! Unlike those that I've eaten which were sugar loaded, I guess this is the pure taste of marmite. Acquired taste I must say!Underneath this coat was one of the crispest and juiciest wings I've ever eaten. Just like eating American Buffalo wings, this was the oriental version.Succulent, mildly charred and tender through; the marinate was deeply penetrated into every myofibril possible! This Char Siew burger was orgasmic!I had a portion of blue cheese patty too. Acquired taste too, and I love it! Hint of blue cheese infused in the finely minced beef patty, one word - SHIOK!Overall, each of us had to spend about $30 for a lunch, but the quality and creativity justified its value. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-08
Ordered the Chilli crab burger, as well as the pork belly burger. Both tastes slightly above average, but nothing to die for, in my opinion. The chilli crab gravy seems too little, since it is the only reason why i have ordered it.  The pork belly burger looks more like a toast and taste like an average chinese meat. The ambience is nice since it is located at a quiet part of serangoon and there are full length windows which allow natural sunlight to enter the restaurant. The burgers were over-priced though. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-04
Burgers not really my kind of food. I take McDonalds very occasionally & once when i was travelling with son at lake tahoe. i guess i am quite ok with them at US$1 a piece for breakfast (lake tahoe in 2007) or if it is S$2. i have tried gourmet burgers sometimes. guess they are ok but not what i do when there is a choice. we had this groupon voucher at relish gardens expired 30.11.2014. i called some days before they agree to honour the voucher for dinner on 1.12.2014 as the other days were fully booked. quite sensible for the restaurant. if you want to promote the restaurant why be rigid & negative & upset the customers. unfortunately most restaurants do not think that way, so 1 point to relish. anyway post promotion on 1.12.2014, restaurant was empty only 2 tables occupied at 8pm. we ordered the rocket beef burger & char siew burger. beef burger was ok, but honestly both my wife & i thought we each made a tastier burger than this. wife made a nice one recently, & i tried one maybe 1 year ago (the very first time) & both my daughter & her friend liked it. i think it was tastier than this. wife thought the one at toast much better than this. probably. anyway i not so hot on toast kind of food either. if anything i would go for the S$11 D-I-Y steak sandwich at nassim hill bakery (after 1 for 1 promotion when they have it). char siew burger? no char siew here…a sweeter tasting kong bak??? wife said like eating kong bak pau. the braised belly pork was good, but again honestly kong bak pau tasted a lot better, both the braise (not so sweet) & the combination more to my taste. fries ok la…. they forgot we ordered 1 fry & 1 salad, so they gave us a free mesclun salad. another point to relish(unfortunately no points for food). nothing to comment this salad. they should do some japanese ponzu sauce. wife wanted mojito. it was not included in the voucher, so we ordered separately.& wife remembered the deconstructed strawberry cheese cake we had in wild rockets of old, must be like 15years ago? well this was very good. the biscuit felt like there was caramel in it. there was the cream cheese with hint of strawberries & the cream & strawberries. excellent. think i am going to try this at home.See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/12/04/ok-food-relish-gardens-on-1dec2014/ continue reading
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http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/relish/ for the full review with pics.Once again bought a groupon voucher for some good food at Relish by wild rocket. They have two branches, first branch at cluny court followed by the one at myvillage. We went to the one at myvillage. The one at myvillage has the ‘outdoor’ laid back atmosphere with an open dining concept.The food and experience there is good. We ordered Spam Fries with Kaffer Lime Mayo ($8.80) – Spam coated with rolled oats and deep fried. Could not really taste the oats flavour, a little salty due to the nature of spam but its not greasy and oily.Soft Shell Chilli Crab Burger ($18.80): Fried soft shell crab with chilli sauce, lettuce and tomatoes between squid ink bun. One minus point is bun hardens when it gets cold, so better eat it while its hot. Very crunchy mouth feel from the soft shell crab, tomatoes and fresh lettuce! Chilli sauce is more of the sweet chilli not too spicy.Seafood Arrabiatta Spaghetti ($16.80): Thumbs up for this dish! It’s really good. Dry arrabiatta style. Thick chunky sauce with hint of spicy note to it. Spaghetti is of thinner strands compared to the usual kind, well mixed together with the sauce. Served with prawns, scallops and i could taste strands of fresh crab meat too! A very flavorful dish.Strawberry Cheesecake ($9): Their signature dessert. A good rendition of the typical strawberry cheesecake. They had the biscuits layer in chunks and generous servings of strawberries in syrup that sits at the bottom. Topped it with semi vanilla cheese ice cream alike. Good distinct burst of flavor, a little sweet, a little salty, a little sour, one after another.Pretty good food served with friendly staff! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-07
Whenever I had cravings for burger, Relish will be a place I consider. Their burgers usually don't disappoint. Last night after swimming, I was at Serangoon Gardens so I went to the My Village branch. Haven't try their Chicken Satay Burger before so I opted for that immediately!! Smell really good when they served me the burger. Chicken fillet was tender and I like the peanut sauce that comes with it. They did a pretty good job for the fries too! Portion was just nice for me too! continue reading
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