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Headed by Executive Chef Valentino and assisted by his mother, Alma, in the kitchen and father, Gianpiero, and brother-in-law, Alberto, at the dining area, this Ristorante takes pride in serving authentic Italian cuisine in the most Italian way. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-14
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/06/13/still-good-but-far-too-pricey-valentino-on-11jun2015/had an early father’s day family dinner at valentino on 11.6.2015. i had not been to valentino for many years. my impression had been that food is good here, but just too pricey & not justifying the quality of food. this evening was no exception, nothing to change my mind.we had a complimentary focaccia. it was warm, & good!we had a bottle of amarone. we were told S$145, but when the bill came it was S$168. anyway it was father’s day dinner & wine was good. we just paid up.i remembered the burrata was a very good dish here. & it was! ^^very light & went well with the palate. i thought there was prosciutto accompanying the dish, but there wasn’t. later i found on my earlier post that senso indeed served it with parma ham, however my memory had been that valentino’s was still better! we added a beef carpaccio. it was good too. sweet, tasty cut.& just great with the parmesan cheese & rockets. & i always love the crab squid-ink linguine in pink sauce.it was still very good, and i guess i still liked it. it was very creamy, a lot of crab meat, and linguine was done well, al dente!but for me it has lost a bit, or maybe most of the wow factor. my daughter, who is rather discerning with food & has a better palate than i, though liked this quite a lot. goes to show taste is a very individual preference. that it was a very good pasta & the price was quite ok is not disputed. the carbonara – my first taste was that it was good. but then immediately, i agreed with my youngest daugher that it did not taste like the usual carbonara.yes, valentino’s was a good pasta, the dry creamy kind & tasty maybe from the cheese. but i think i like the alfresco gusto version of carbonara with an egg much better. i liked the parma ham porcini cheese pizza – good! nothing so special but just a good pizza. what was a very pleasant surprise was the pan-fried veal with parma ham, about S$37. it w2as the best dish of the evening, and we ordered a second.^^ for me, the pistachio penna cotta was a complete flop. we all said it tasted like a poor chinese almond jelly. & it cost S$15.50. i was not expecting lake como’s pizzeria balognett standard, but this was just plain poor dessert. overall we paid like S$528nett for 5pax. the wine alone cost like S$195, so about S$325nett for the food for 5pax.we asked the price of every dish that was the special not on the menu. the prices of specials though like S$258 for 1kg T-bone steak & S$168 bisteca florentine steak were just not on for me leh! ….al borgo used to serve the florentine steak at S$60, maybe it is S$80 now?? there was no lobster pasta this evening & the special was king prawns at S$58. i guess i woud order it if i have faith in the restaurant where transparent pricing & price matching the food is concerned. well, i didn’t. i guess i will call it just my personal lack of faith. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-07
See more reviews at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comI've been wanting to try Valentino for the longest time. But its previous Binjai Park locale was really far away from the city. Plus, its tiny shop space ensured you couldn't get reservations unless you were the type who planned what to eat for dinner at least 2 weeks in advance. Now that it's at The Grandstand (previously known as Turf City, which previously housed the old Turf Club), a slightly more centralised (and consequently closer to the the city center) location, it's less of a hassle to drive out to the suburbs to try this famed and much raved about Italian restaurant. And, with its much bigger premises, we didn't have a problem scoring a table despite the lack of reservations. A tip is to turn right into the side road, instead of heading straight into The Grandstand's carpark up ahead. This side road will lead you straight into the entrance of Valentino. Plus, if u feel like it, Valentino has valet parking as well. The restaurant is charmingly homestyled, with service that was animated, reactive and genuinely friendly. We also loved the food. LOVED. Valentino boosts refined home-cooking, both rustic but elegant. We got:1) Fettucine al Granchio ($25.90) perfectly al dente squid ink fettucine slathered with a tangy and sweet creamy tomato sauce layered with generously huge chunks of sweet shredded crabmeat. A little chilli helped keep this sharp and spicy2) Ravioli Beef ($28.90) stuffed with minced beef and creamy ricotta cheese was tossed in a tomato and garlic sauce, while slices of porcini provided texture and an earthy taste3) Risotto al Funghi Porcini ($24.90) al dente rice with gourmet porcini mushroom and bright sunny saffron was an exercise in restrained flavouring.This was a great balance of starchy elements and light simple flavours continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-14
When I first heard of this restaurant and was told that they were so good that its full house every night. I did not believe.I thought the person who shared about this restaurant was just kidding.So one day, I decided to walk in. It was a tuesday evening and I was surprised that there are no more seats available. The staff advised that I make a reservation in future at least 3 days in advance.So I did and managed to finally try it. The restaurant setting is very cosy. Staff were friendly and attentive.We ordered a beef ravioli and squid ink fettucine with crab meat.Food was served to us pretty quickly despite a full house. The beef ravioli was tomato based and the sauce had lemon and hints of mint leaf. It was really tasty and of good quality.Squid ink fettucine sauce was super awesome. Its rich and creamy but it doesnt leave you feeling 'gelat'The crab meat in it waa succulent and fresh. It was indeed a very good meal. The only disappointment was with the dessert. We had a dark chocolate sponge cake. It was nice but not as good as we imagined a $10.80 piece of cake should be.All in all it was great experience to be soaked in the nice ambience Valentino offers.Will definitely visit again to try the other dishes especially those that requires pre ordering. continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-22
Cosy little place, serving good italian food. Valentinos has somewhat of a cult following in singapore and i cant understand why. Yes the food is decent though not spectacular, the restaurant is warm and charming, as to the service. Is very difficult to find really good Squid ink pasta. Will order more for sure..For a quick preparation taste add some grilled calamari or little squids and just add salted butter continue reading
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Level2 2012-04-16
Good friend and tennis mate, Glad's birthday falls in January and she had wanted to try out Ristorante da Valentino whom she has heard good reviews about. So off we headed to the placid suburbs of Bukit Timah for some highly authentic Italian food at the restaurant helmed by owner and executive chef Valtulina Valentino.Step into the restaurant and you will be instantly hit by the homely and cosy settings of the place that reminds you more of a family's dining room instead of a high end restaurant. Framed pictures of their who's who clientele and multiple accolades adorned the walls. The warmth and amiability of their staff whose cheerful bantering sets you at ease and paves a comfortable mood. You'll see them freely mingling with their customers as if everyone were old friends. We also caught a glimpse of Mr. Valentino himself who came out to speak to a customer or two. That is probably the beauty and speciality of a family business where that personal touch differentiates them from the corporate bigwigs.We got started on a bottle of sweet and sparkling Muscat and warm crusty loaves that comes accompanied with pesto. I wonder if it was due to my hunger but the pesto was so good that we went for seconds.We got the wait staff to provide recommendations and he cheekily mentioned that their recommended dishes are not in the menu. On his suggestion, we picked a starter of assorted mushrooms sauteed in butter. The fungus were served warm in a butter-laced brown sauce, which was slightly salty on its own but was good for mopping up with more bread. Alv mentioned if they laid off the butter slightly and served this with red cut chilli, this could passed off as a Chinese dish.I was torn between risotto and pasta but decided on the latter. One of the specials was Linguine with Mussels, which came with a generous heap of the shellfish. 36 to be exact and yes, I counted. The mussels were small but naturally sweet and were definitely given a good scrub and wash-down as I didn't detect a single grain trapped in any of them. Glad chose the Linguine with Monkfish, where the fish was sliced and cooked to a soft and tender bite. Monkfish isn't a common type of fish; at least not one that I eat often so that was a pleasant experience. Coupled with juicy olives halves, I find this dish an intriguing one.Alv went for the grilled seabass, which the waiter promptly deboned for him when it arrived. It was an entire fish which was grilled whole that yielded a crisp golden browned skin. It was just lightly seasoned with salt to allow the natural freshness of the fish to come through. That is what I call being back to basics.We were joking that Jeff's orders always come in a pot. This time round, he ordered a chicken stew, which was rich without being stodgy. The chicken flesh fell easily from the bone with a gentle swipe of the knife, an act that was probably achieved through slow simmering. The meat was soft and nicely moisten with the thickened gravy. The supplements of potatoes chunks and olives further liven up the dish. I especially adored the olives, which after absorbing the essence of the stew, explodes when in your mouth.And the Tiramisu came accompanied with a lighted candle and a birthday song! The staff burst into melody with gusto, that got the entire crowd clapping their hands and joining in spontaneously! Apparently, this is the restaurant's tradition for anybody celebrating their birthday there. It was a pleasant gesture for Glad that made her grin from cheek-to-cheek and once the candle was blown off, our spoons moved in fast succession. The soft and creamy texture of this ubiquitous Italian dessert possessed an airy and light feel to it, putting a perfect end to our dinner celebration. continue reading
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