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Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru is located at the basement of Liang Court, serving fresh sushi, noodles and donburi. continue reading
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Level4 2018-02-20
The restaurant was located at the far end of the basement of the shopping mall. It looked like another rotating sushi restaurant at first sight until one saw the price range of the plates on the belt : from S$1.80++ to S$15.40++. Quite eye popping! Although it was a weekday lunch, the place was packed easily. There was reasonable price lunch set menu, but most were having ala carte. Hot green tea was chargeable at S$1.80++ and was refillable.Kaisen Don Set (S$33++)Served with soup & saladI was kind of surprised to see sea urchin in the dish, as I remembered that the staff who took my order, told me that sea urchin was not available and would be replaced by otoro (fatty tuna). The raw seafood was quite fresh.Mentaiko Scallop Sushi (S$6.80++)It was taken off the rotating conveyor belt. As it was black plate, it was priced S$6.80++ a plate. The rich creamy sauce on the silky juicy scallop was a match.Kaki Fried (S$8.60++)The deep fried oyster was served with mayonnaise by the side. Encased with a thin crispy crust, it was juicy inside, with juicy dipping when bite. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-20
Chanced upon Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru today, while searching for sushi to satiate my cravings during lunch time. Well, okay, perhaps didn't really "chance upon" by accident, but saw the escalator advertisement about this restaurant, and piqued my interest - a rare find within a mall filled with many well-known Japanese eateries all over.The starter was an Oyster Chawanmushi (SGD$6.80) - piping hot and smooth egg custard with a large and juicy oyster lying atop. When one dug deeper, there were chicken and shrimp at the bottom as well, a delicious trove of treasures.The next one was also under the yellow plate at SGD$2.80 - the Salmon with Tartar / Mayo. There was a bouncy bite to the creamy salmon bits sitting atop the sushi; and the seaweed was actually crunchy so it was easy to break the sushi into halves when eating (compared to some other sushi where the seaweed is so hard to break I had to stuff the entire thing into my mouth).Following that, the Aburi Salmon (SGD$2.90) that I ate two plates simply because I love torched salmon. These salmon slices are huge, as you can see here, and definitely succulent and springy in texture. The smoky fragrance of the torched parts only served to enhance the taste of this dish more, hence it was very irresistable.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/05/dinner-at-ryoshi-sushi-ikeikemaru-liang.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-09
We had like 4 plates of this! You can smell them BBQ-ing this and the smell is irresistible. You just want to eat more of these! Best salmon sushi ever! The best thing about Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru is that the rice they give is very little, but the fish/meat portion is huge! So sometimes you can't see the rice and you think it's a plate of sashimi! I love this so much, every bite you take you can crunch into the tobiko!The big eel sushi for $8 is yummy! I know $8 for one piece of sushi.... But it's so good!The salmon was very fresh and the piece of salmon is huge compared to the tiny portion rice Quite generous!All in all, yummy fresh sushi!!! I strongly recommend the aburi salmon, the ikura and everything on the conveyor belt. Also do note that the prices of the sashimi is the same price as the sushi... and sitting by the conveyor belt is the best thing to do, if you can't control yourself and hate waiting for food to be prepared!  continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-31
Always a fan of udon but couldnt find any good ones until my friend brought me to ikeikemaru as to her, i am a food snob. She wanted me to try to see whether its good enough as i am always saying there is no decent affordable Japanese food in Singapore.This restaurant is situated near Mediya, somewhat inside the supermarket. The queue on the weekends is horrendous. The queue will start at 5.30pm and it will lasts till about 8.30pm. The food must be really good else why the queue, isnt it?We were lucky and we were given a table despite the queue. Seated at the counter, and the friend started ordering the usual dishes she eats, while i settled with the hiyashi udon.Its a cold noodle dish, the soup is not salty, and generous toppings. The udon is not the usual thick white udon but this udon is springy and blew my mind away. Its a simple dish but it brought instant joy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-30
Headed to Ikeikemaru cause we had previously seen crazy long queues outside this place. Sad to say, we were pretty disappointed by the quality of food there.It kind of irked me that the chefs in this restaurant were Malaysians. I was honestly expecting a Japanese chef for the prices which they were charging at this place. They were nice and all, but nopes, definitely not trained to serve the best sushi.The mackerel was dry and it didnt taste fresh. This is the kind of dish to remind me of what not to order in future.Salmon sushi was ok, but nothing spectacular.My friend I felt our mouth and tongue getting quite itchy after eating this. We spoke to the chef about it who kind of immediately said that we must have been allergic to something. We told him to try it as well to see if he had the same reaction. He did say he would, but you could see from the body language that he probably though that we are making a big fuss out of it.This is horrible. Soggy seaweed and so little tuna in this. NTUC sushi is of even better standards. continue reading
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