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Samy’s Curry was founded by the late Mr. M. Veerasamy, back in the 1950’s. Its quaint setting and taste for tradition makes Samy’s Curry the ideal getaway for those seeking a blast to the past. continue reading
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Chicken Masala Curry Fish Head
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Yay: Well cooked, fresh and fragrant fish head curry, served on banana leaf!Nay: A bit on the Spicy side; Parking is a bitch.Samy's Curry opened its' doors some 30-ish years ago in Dempsey Hill, serving up a full menu worth of curries, breads, tandoor meats ... and fish head curry. I'm a big fan of Indian-style fish head curry - I like the more robust spice and flavor compared to Chinese-style. And perhaps there's also just that something about free flow rice and vegetables on a banana leaf. I'm glad to report, then, that the fish head curry in Samy's Curry is very good! The snapper head itself is fresh and well cooked - flesh is moist and succulent. I liked the curry itself as well - had the right balance of tanginess and spice from the curry. The other dishes we tried were a little hit and miss, though. Tandoori chicken and the Fish Cutlets were par for the course; and the dry-cooked lamb while being chock full of flavor was a little too spicy for our taste buds.The Masala Chicken also a mixed bag - nice taste on the sauce but the dry parts of the chicken were simply too dry to appreciate and enjoy.If you're in the mood for a nice, solid fish head curry then Samy's Curry is a no brainer! Do turn up early though - parking in the area can get quite annoying once the crowd starts building up. Dinner with drinks should fall in around $15-$20/pax. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
One of the few places that serve Banana Leaf Rice & Curry Fish Head, Samy's is quite a classic. For first comers, Samy's is like an army of ants as the waiters are bustling about serving food. To order, you need to go up to where the food is displayed and point out what sort of meats you would like to eat.Thinking that I have lived in Singapore for a while, I thought I could handle the Indian Spice..I was wrong. The Curry Fish head was hot and spicy-- the portions were quite big and fulfilling and the pieces of the fish was quite thick.The waiter will come around asking if you would like plain or briyani rice and then there are reflow vegetable sides. I was particularly fond of the creamy looking vegetables which I was trying to make out to be wintermelon, though it's texture was similar to pumpkin. It turned out to soothe the spice much better than the Lime juice that I had ordered.The chicken unfortunately quite spicy, and the lamb meat rather oily and tough for my liking.My tummy is growling with spice just by looking at the pictures.Curry Fish HeadMy 'plate' / banana leafSides of Chicken and Lamb continue reading
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Dempsey, an area obviously developed without any consideration for the needs of those without cars, has an uppity vibe that I'm not fond of. Which is why the interior of Samy's - well ventilated and unpretentious - came as a surprise. A quick scan of the menu revealed that prices were reasonable, so that gave us free rein to do that overordering thing. The two of us opted for briyani over white rice (duh), one fish head curry turned into three protein-based dishes, and of course we had to get a coconut each to quell the spicy.Briyani Rice, $3.60 - The chickpea-laden basmati rice, tinted yellow and orange with saffron, was fluffy and smelt of star anise and lemongrass. It was good, especially with the creamy dal and lightly spiced fried potatoes, but just shy of brilliant. Still, I was glad I had it on hand to combat the eye-watering spiciness of the fish head curry.Fish Head Curry, $20.00 for a small portion - A concoction of chilli powder, tamarind, mustard seeds and other spices, the spiciness of this powdery curry was of the eye-watering, airway-clogging variety. Tomatoes were used for thickening the consistency of the gravy and gave it a slight tang. The curry also contained hints of the sweetness of angkoli (the colloquial term in this region for red snapper) used.As the dish was served steaming hot and the curry had numbed my tongue, I wasn't sure how the fish actually tasted at first. Having been cooked together with the curry, the fish head here was less tender than what one would find in a typical Chinese fish head curry, where the fish head is steamed first before ladling the curry on top. It was only when the curry had cooled down to near-room temperature that we detected a slightly fishy odour when eating the flesh, which indicated that the angkoli used here wasn't all that fresh.Mysore Mutton (dry), $10 for small portion - Although it shouldn't be a good thing, we were quite relieved when the serving of Mysore mutton turned out to be tiny. Our opinions on this dish were divided. My friend complained that the mutton was dry and tough. I have to agree that the meat could be more tender, but I really enjoyed the aromatic dry curry paste that the mutton had been cloaked in. Consisting of mutton stock fried with (what else but) a whole load of spices and herbs, including powdered turmeric, coriander, fenugreek seeds, cardamom and chilli, the marinade was intense and permeated the mutton thoroughly, and the meat bore no trace of its signature gamey smell. Now I'm curious to try the wet version of this dish - perhaps that would solve the dryness problem?Masala Chicken, $5.00 a piece - What we could agree on was that the masala chicken here was outstanding. Marinated with - you guessed it - too many spices to list, the chicken here was moist and flavourful. There were notes of paprika, garlic, ginger, tomato, cumin, and curry leaves. Flavourful might be putting it lightly; this was a flavour-bomb and an absolute marvel. We threw caution (along with our distended bellies) to the wind and scraped all the meat off the bones.Judging from the numerous tourists we saw in the restaurant, Samy's Curry is the place to go if you're looking to give your foreign friends a 101 on Indian cuisine. Service is quick without being brusque, and the food's above average. You can pop by one of the neighbouring establishments for after-meal drinks as well.For pictures and complete review, please visit: http://theyummyyak.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/samys-curry/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-07
Read more reviews at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comDespite the fact that Dempsey has become a lot more touristy, it's really good that Samy's hasn't watered down their curries. Bear in mind that there's no air-conditioning, so casual tees-and-shorts ensemble are the norm here.Must-try signatures here are the masala chicken, fish bergedel and curry fish head. We had:1) Curry Fish Head ($27 for medium): Samy's version has got sourish assam undertones. The gravy's still lemak with the rich creamy essence of coconut milk, but the sour elements makes this a little piquant, a little lighter than the usual lemak versions. The fish was huge (so there was a lot of meat to go around) and fresh. The high turnover of this place is a good indicator that the seafood's bound to be fresh. 2) Curry Mutton ($12 for large): fresh, soft and tender. great spice level. 3) Masala Chicken ($4.70): seriously the best masala chicken anywhere. No contest. A definite MUST-TRY. It's potent and sweet and spicy as hell, but the thick paste will have you licking off every inch of this moist and tender chicken. Ask for the thigh bit, it's juicier continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-23
The indian rice at same's curry restaurant are really good! The rice are serve in their big banana leave, which i feel it helps to enhance the smell and flavour. And it also helps in recyling as it saves water! You can choose between white rice or yellow rice, but since it is indian food i would recommend trying the yellow rice. Their meat are really tender and tasty. They use lots of spices to cook their dishes, but not too empowering. Good! continue reading
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