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Saveur prides herself as a restaurant that offers quality yet affordable French cuisine to the masses. Saveur aims to serve her own interpretation of French food, bringing French cuisine to everyone using local products. Thus, bringing a whole new gastronomic experience to all. continue reading
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Seriously the most surprising part is the food amount out of our expectation, especially the fries. And we do appreciate that. So, yes, the taste is nice. Soup is comforting, and worked well with fries Pork and Duck in main courses are tasty too.Marked in my small map now! continue reading
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Founded in May 2011 by enterprising young chefs Dylan Ong and Joshua Khoo, Saveur had a simple premise; provide tasty yet affordable French food for the masses. Ambience at Saveur is simple, clean, and functional, though not that comfortable. Dark wooden tables and plastic chairs line the small space in the flagship Purvis Street outlet, lit by bright fluorescent lights. There is minimal decor here, and the cramped space is made stuffy and humid as a result of the open kitchen, and a weak air-conditioning. Definitely not a place to linger over meals. The other newer outlets tend to fare slightly better in air-conditioning, at least it's not uncomfortable.Service at Saveur is decent, with staff offering greetings / goodbyes to diners. Guests arriving are quickly seated, and when asked, staff do display good product knowledge, able to describe in simple terms the various items on the menu, as well as offer recommendations. Orders are fulfilled quickly, usually within 10 minutes even during peak periods. Staff also turn over and set tables quickly. However, they're not proactive or observant, you'll usually have to prompt them to serve the next course, and there is minimal engagement.Food at Saveur is rustic, straight forward, classic traditional French dishes. Dishes may not look pretty, but they pack good flavour and are tasty, with the main ingredient being the star of each plate. Portions are medium small, nicely sized for individuals. Prices are more affordable as compared to elsewhere, and Saveur is possibly among the cheapest, good quality French food in Singapore. Budget about SGD $33 per person for a 3 course meal without drinks here.The lovely Salmon Confit (SGD $10.90) features a medium sized, half confit fillet of fresh salmon, served on a bed of crunchy chives, kombu, apple slices, and fennel, tossed in a zesty citrus lemon vinaigrette, with capers on the side. The beautifully pink, half-cooked salmon fish flesh is tender, clean, and smooth, and the crust of pepper and spring onions lend a burst of flavour. The salmon skin is fried till crisp, and crunches satisfiyingly. More than art on a plate with its beautiful presentation, it's deliciously light and extremely tasty. Highly recommended!The Pork Belly (SGD $12.90) features thick yet tender slices of pork belly, savoury with a silver of fat between the layers of succulent meat, topped with a crisp skin. Served on a bed of Garbure French ham and vegetable stew, consisting of soft melt-in-your-mouth cannellini beans, salty pancetta ham, cabbage, peas, carrots, along with a sous vide egg. A dash of pepper, and a streak of sharp mustard, and this delicious, hearty, French comfort dish is complete. Loved it, would order again. Highly recommended!Full Saveur review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/03/saveur.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-05
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/03/05/excellent-food-at-saveurs-purvis-on-1mar2015/ eldest daughter organised a 3pax family dinner at saver @ purvis on 1.3.2015. we had very good family dinner recently at concetto (another saver restaurant) on 18.1.2015. & this place was just as fun. the next day i came with my godsis & a good friend’s daughter for the set lunch at S$22.90, & it was just as good. the set lunch menu here is more attractive than that at concetto, which really had very limited choice (they really should review that!). the restuarant had 2 adjacent dining area. this one was absolutely packed. we were not able to get sitting at the other side where the sitting was more spacious even though we booked beforehand. i booked the next day lunch, making sure i could get the other, but that turned out to be unnecessary as we were the only table. what a difference lunch & dinner! this saveur pasta was different from concetto pasta. that had crab bisque & ikura, this one minced pork sauce & sakura ebi & priced cheaper at $4.90 (vs S$6.90). i liked both (& was quite happy to take it again the next day). one reviewer said it tasted like bakchormee? it didn’t to me, but it was nice, very al dente & flavourful.^^ the belly pork was excellent, very tender, moist & still having the texture, excellent low temperature cooking. the crackling skin was not crackling like the chinese roast pork, but totally edible. love the lentils. the seabass was excellent too! this was really a very good pan seared seabass! liked the potatoes too. the duck confit was very good, just like that at concetto. the cookies & milk ice cream was good, but no wow factor for me, & it was more expensive. the pistachio panna cotta was lovely. my doughtier liked it very much. maybe i will try this at home. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-20
Visited Saveur for the first time and wow, we had to wait for an hour for a seat! This seem to be a place popular with teenage groups. We went to a nearby coffeeshop for some drinks before our seats were ready.We ordered the Crispy Duck Confit with orange. The orange taste was negligible in my opinion. The duck leg tasted average overall. Its skin was crispy and its meat was not too dry. Barely filled my stomach after finishing it!My friend ordered Salmon Confit. It tasted soft with a mild taste and the salmon was fresh. Once again, a small portion served. We then ordered Angel's hair pasta to share. The portion was not huge either but it was then enough to fill our stomach. The pasta tasted flavourful and being a pasta-lover myself, i loved it. We also ordered their Foie Gras which was awesome. Soft and flavourful, we enjoyed this dish the most!I was told that french food outside would cost way much more, hence this is a more economical option for french-food lovers.The cafe was just filled with people and with everybody shouting to one another in the enclosed area, it was simply too noisy to speak to even the one sitting next to you! Not a very cool place for gatherings in my opinion. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-18
Saveur is a restaurant that offers quality yet affordable French cuisine. The restaurant is decorated in a minimalist way with unfinished flooring. After my not so filling dinner, I decide to stop here for a dessert break. As it is quite late, there is not many customers in the restaurant.PISTACHIO PANNA COTTA ($6.90)Pistachio-flavoured cooked cream, topped with ground and caramelised pistachioServed in a small cup, it tastes quite thick and creamy.COOKIES & MILK ($9.90) Cookie dough ice cream, milk soil, honey cloud, cherries kirsch & peanut butter It looks like a pool of foam when served. Below the foam, there is brownish solid piece. It is crunchy and tastes of honey and peanut butter. Not only that, it has a poping effect in the mouth. Kind of reminding me of a sweet which I had when I was young.Overall it is quite an enjoyable meal. Although we are the last few customers in the restaurant, the staffs do not rush us out. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)